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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. alpovs
    oldmate, if you read a few posts up you will see that iPhones have problems with the HA-2(SE).
  2. adrift02
    Using a DAC (lightning connector) you'll be able to output 24/96 (not sure about anything higher). You'll need a third party player because iTunes won't do FLAC (unless you're using ALAC).
  3. PDC3
    My HA-2 (and I believe the SE as well) has a two-tier volume control system: it responds to the iPhone's digital volume and then also has its own analog volume control (its knob). So if you're concerned about "bit perfect" then turn the iPhone's volume all the way up. At that point, the digital volume control "drops off" from the flow of digits from iPhone to HA-2 (or any DAC). Use the analog volume knob of the HA-2 to control your volume. Personally, I couldn't detect enough difference to overly worry about it, but then my most critical listening is on my desktop system.

    Now a separate issue is which file types the iPhone will handle using its native "Music" app. I just read that iOS 11 will/should incorporate support for FLAC files because, it seems, the patents for FLAC have run out and its now in public domain. We'll see. Head-fiers who use their iPhones as their mission-critical listening device seem to like the Onkyo iOS app, which works with any DAC, not just Onkyo brand.

    The HA-2 plus PM-3 combo, which I own, seems quite lovely to me, sonic-wise. I don't always choose the bass boost, it depends on the tune (I nearly wrote "the cut", revealing how old I am). However, there are occasional interruptions in the flow of music that require me to turn off-and-on the HA-2. Doesn't happen often enough to dissuade me. My other portable DAC is the Soundblaster E5, and the HA-2 is clearly superior in clarity of sound, to my ears. But my desktop Schiit optical DAC seems a bit more open-sounding than using the HA-2 as optical in to line-out to the same Schiit Asgard 2 amp.
    There - that'll teach ya to ask others to chime in <whew>.
  4. alpovs
  5. Maleckii
  6. oldmate
    Cheers mate - might have to hold off.
  7. oldmate
    Thanks for the reply. I will give it some more thought. As the old addage states, if it ain't broke......
  8. adrift02
    Just to be clear, the main issue people were having -- where playback stopped and the connection needed to be re-initialized -- was mostly fixed (for me and others, AFAIK) with the 10.3.3 update. I assume iOS 11 is fine too, though I've only tried the beta. There's still a very slight stutter on occasion that happens when playback would have normally stopped, but I don't consider it a deal breaker and would still recommend the HA-2SE for iOS users. Before 10.3.3 I absolutely would not have recommended the pairing due to the re-initialization being a major headache.
  9. mandrake50
    Maybe because they had to bow to popular demand. Even though, Apple usually thinks that they know better than their users.
  10. PDC3
    Yup, my bad. Sorry, had read about MP3 patents expiring, not FLAC. But iOS support for FLAC via v11 has been reported, but not confirmed that MUSIC APP will allow playback.
  11. Giullian
    Hello everyone,

    Coming back to update my complains about iPhone + HA2SE breaking out the sound. Just updated to iOS11 and apparently the issue is gone. if anyone has the problem solved with the new iOS, let us know.
  12. Cuenca John
    For FLAC files I use VOX for iOS, works quite well. Automatically changes to whatever the sample rate of the recoding is.
  13. swesko
    The oppo is nice and bright indeed so if you listen to some pop/badly mastered tracks it can become sibilant and hqrsh with the highs unless you pair it with darker iems i think. I can hear some difference with the mojo but i dont think its worth the price difference (i own both). Im listening on my s8 but i heard theres some issue with ios devices mainly iphones
  14. DrunkSaru
    how have you avoided the reverse charge issue with your S8 and HA-2?
  15. swesko
    Bought a cable from ebay it costs 7 usd, if you look for usb cable oppo you will find it. Took a month to get it but its not charging the oppo anymore :)

    Look for yourcharger seller he has a few variations of the cable
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2017
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