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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. craftyhack
    I don't remember my first Oppo, but picked up PM1 and HA-1 (both with Oppo stands, getting an HA-1 stand was definitely a trick to accomplish) at launch which were incredible... especially for the money... IMHO. When UHD players came out, picked up a 203 because no brainer, no other company has a player in the same league, until I could afford a 205. Picked up a pair of PM3s which turned out to be excellent for LAN parties with a modmic. Had a Sonica DAC on the list to use with my HA-1, and the 205 as I mentioned... but by the time I saw the announcement, both of those were already sold out :frowning2:. I have already been looking for a spare HA-1 just in case, mine gets many hours of use every day as my desktop DAC for my PC and there isn't anything out there like it in this form factor afaik.

    Basically I have loved every Oppo thing I have purchased, RIP.
  2. hannahjherself
    Quick update on this. Regular powered hubs attached to the phone with an adapter do not help but USB-C hubs with Power Delivery (i.e. a USB-C socket in the hub to provide pass through power to the connected host) do work. So you have:
    • USB hub connected to phone
    • Cable from power brick into USB-C PD port
    This gets the phone charging.
    • AB cable from hub port to DAC
    This gets the DAC to appear as an audio device.

    My Samsung Galaxy S9 still says "charging connected device" but the S9 battery is actually being charged through PD.

    The only problem is that all of these USB-C hubs come with little 10cm wired-in cables. Ideally, I would want to add a USB-C extension to that so I can hide away the wiring, but it looks like after market USB-C extension cables are very hit and miss.

    I think technically a larger USB-C docking station with PD and a USB-C port for the host rather than the fixed cable would work, but those are expensive.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2018
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  3. Mp0wer
    I'm so sad Oppo is not making these wonderful products anymore :triportsad:

    I'm glad I own the UDP-205, HA-1, and ounce owned the BDP-95..all great products :gs1000smile:
  4. jole68
    I am very sorry also for oppo decision. I have HA 1 and im very satisfied. These days dacs development is very rapid, but prices of equipment and specially headphones became high. Oppo gave us reasonable prices and quality that is difficult to match with others. Probably schiit is similar but I hate their design.
    I have red a lot of studies about formats cables etc with my age i could not hear diference with cables and I sold them all.
    I decided to invest in better than mine head amp and with oppo i got more than i expected. I used deembeder from my marantz UD7007 which also has nice analogue section to compare PCM and Sabre but no need for that...both are good and i decide to use oppo with headset with balanced cable and i enjoy. Become hot in certain moment but its ok if u give him space to breath...
    Thats why i am sorry that fair price and very reliable and innovative guys went from scene. With them you shouldnt sell house to enjoy with good equipment. At least my impression....
    Last edited: May 4, 2018
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  5. LarryMagoo
    I am too am very sorry of their demise...I still love my Oppo BDP 105 (though with my MAC Mini and Roon, don't use it much) and my HA-1 ..(use it almost daily!) (though I don't use their DS onboard DAC). I think the HA-1 is such a tremendous value and really hope mine last a real long time. Their Cell Phone division will continue however I only get iPhones and have for the last decade. BTW....I only use the XLR balanced connection for my Headphones.
  6. WildStyle-R11
    I have Obtained one! New at that. Was casually browsing stuff and decided to google the HA 1, first thing that poped up was amazon with the HA 1 @ 699£ Went to the page, also says new Buy, buy, buy, buy. :D When it arrived, I sure wasn't the first one to open it up, but upon cleaning the surface of the thing. it sure does look clean enough to be a fresh unit. I contacted the seller as well and he said they tested it. Now I don't know in the end if it really is New or not, but for the price I paid even a used one would have been good, Especially if it looks like this one, not perfect, but near enough, Most importantly it functions as it should. Unlikely for me to find even a used one at that price seeing how ebay sells them used starting at 800+ and going as high as 2K...
    Been looking to get one, since I saw it in all it's beauty, at the time I also saw the price which was a bit out of my league. :D Was sad to hear it being discontinued was peeking to see cheaper units to pop up, but couldn't catch any. And now after oppo is tossing Audio aside I am happy I stumbled upon this one. As it runs well with my DT 1990, I am happy.
    Funny how, I only found out about the unit, because it had spectrum analyzer and as soon as I saw it I was like, I want one. :D It just so happens to be good as well. More companies should include spectrum analyzers and VU meters in audio units. Bring back the classic design with knobs and switches that feel like launching a nuke. :D Talking about that, Source knob feels so good to use. :D
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  7. Audiofiend1
    Hey Oppo herd! I'm seriously considering buying an oppo Ha-1. How does this combo compare to say a Gungnir/MJ2, HDVD 800, and other gear in it's price point?
  8. jole68
    Dear friend I have read a lot reviews and was confused sometimes with comments... couldn't here differences...etc and after all aware that I am 50 I simplified my hobby and accept advice to listen music not equipment.
    To answer you - I own OPPO and if you want excellent headamp very good dac and even preamp you will be ok. Sometimes all in one box isn't solution but not case with oppo. I have Marantz with nice analog and digital section ud7007 with PCM i think... and oppo has Sabre....believe me i cant hear differences even with headphones.
    Thats why I use oppo also as.dac (accept dsd and dxd files also via usb and listen sacds and dvda also). deembedder i have to got digital signal to oppo....but thats my willing to play games like kid...
    Conclusion I like OPPO and recomend.

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  9. Canadian411
    I used Oppo as the main dac to my speakers, and also used to drive HE6 and other headphones, an excellent DAC and headphone amp.
    I was sad to see Oppo leaving :frowning2:
  10. Audiofiend1
    How does the Oppo Ha-1 sound with an HD800S or LCD 3?
  11. Youry

    Two quiet computer fans on top opening plugged into the front USB port. They will go ON and OFF when you turn the amp ON and OFF



    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  12. bbfoto
    Perhaps a good idea, but I would be careful with what fans you choose. I might also want to power them from a separate, isolated power supply, or at least put a simple noise surpression circuit in line with the fans to mitigate any electrical motor noise from going back into the USB circuit since it is connected to the HA-1's digital audio path and isn't simply a power source.

    Some people would go so far as to use a Portable Rechargeable Li-ion USB Power Pack (like the ones used to extend or recharge your smartphone or tablet battery. This would eliminate any Power Supply noise from getting back into the power mains that supply otherwise clean power to the rest of your audio gear. Cheap power supplies are notorious for this.

    You may also want to create a tall-ish shroud or rectangular "air tower" out of something like a shoe box to move the fans above & away from the HA-1 chassis. These types of fans can & do emit EMI noise.

    I've owned my HA-1 since it was released, and you shouldn't have any heat-related issues with it as long as you keep the bottom and top vents unobstructed. I also would not place or rest anything on top of the chassis. It should be a "top-of-shelf" component, like a turntable.

    Enjoy your HA-1. For being an all-in-one unit, it's an exceptional & versatile piece of kit.

    I was also sad to hear that Oppo are discontinuing these as well as the fantastic BD Disc players. :frowning2:
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  13. Youry
    You’re right about using the front USB to feed the fans, didn’t think about it. That was more like a suggestion as I have mine plugged into the wall. I only have to remember to turn it on and off
  14. WildStyle-R11
    Really just gotta be mindful of where you place it and what you place around it, other than that there is no need for a fan.
  15. Audiofiend1
    Hey guys can i get an honest opinion from some of you. I'm about to pull the trigger today or tomorrow latest on an Questyle CMA 600i OR an Oppo HA-1 but i can't decide which will be better for me. it will be used to drive an HD800s and an LCD-3. Honest thoughts on which i should pick? I'm so stuck between these two! :xf_eek:
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