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Mar 17, 2014
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    Music Preferences:
    All types of music! My Current Favorite: Female Jazz Vocalist/Guitarist, Steph Johnson Trio "Nature Girl" album. CD/Downloads available at www.stephjohnsonband.com


    DAPs: iBasso DX90 & DX220
    HEADPHONE DACs/AMPs: iFi ZEN, OPPO HA-1, Audio GD NFB-28 (OG), Mytek Brooklyn ADC & Bridge.
    HEADPHONES: ORA Sound Graphene-Q, Beyerdynamic T1 OG Balanced, Beyer DT880 Premium (250 ohm), Grado SR125 w/ Senn. Pads. IEMs: AKG N5005 CAR AUDIO: SOURCES: Kenwood DDX-9905S Hi-Res via USB & iBasso DX220 via coaxial & analog line out. SPEAKERS: Focal Elite Utopia WM, Gladen Aerospace, Audiofrog, and Infinity Beta Drivers. PROCESSING: miniDSP C-DSP 8x12 v2 DL and Audiotec-Fischer Helix DSP Pro Mk II processors.
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