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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. MRC001
    To put "barely" in perspective:
    The HE-6 is a 50 ohm headphone and 20 mW drives it to 90 dB SPL (according Tyll Herstens measurements). The HA-1 balanced outputs can drive at least 1.5 W (continuously) into 50 ohm. That's 75 times more power than 20 mW, which is 18.8 dB louder. So the HA-1 can drive the HE-6 to about 90+18.8 = 108.9 dB SPL continuously, loud enough to cause hearing damage with extended listening.
  2. vigotone
    I've noticed lately that when connecting an iPhone or iPad to the HA-1 via lightning connector (using the "Mobile" input), all files are displaying as 16/44.1, regardless of bitrate. The iPhone should be capable of passing 24/48 files natively, without using a CCK. I've tried multiple apps (iTunes, AVSub, VOX, VLC, etc.) but 24/48 files are always downsampled to 16/44.1. I could SWEAR that 24/48 used to display properly using the lightning mobile connection. Could an iOS update have killed this functionality?

    Luckily, when using the CCK and the USB DAC input, all resolutions play perfectly. But my fear is that if the lightning connection is always downsampling without a CCK, then all my portable listening is getting downsampled as well. I use the HA-2SE for portable listening with just a straight lightning connection. They claim this preserves native resolution, but without a display on the unit, it's impossible to know for sure.

    Curious to hear other people's experiences with this issue...
  3. hannahjherself
    Has anybody had success connecting the rear USB input to a recent Android phone that uses USB-C? I have a new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and when I use a standard A-B cable with an OTG A-C adapter, the phone keeps trying to "charge" the amplifier. There are various short micro cables out there to help with this on mobile DAC/amps such as the Oppo HA-2 but I haven't seen anything about sorting this issue out with a longer cable to a desktop DAC. So far I have tried more than a few different adapters all claiming to be OTG with no luck.
  4. zilch0md
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2018
  5. MRC001
    Oppo makes high quality products, sells them at reasonable prices, their products are popular and enjoy a well-deserved reputation.
    Why go out of business? At least sell the brand to another company so Oppo engineers can continue doing what they do best.
    It just doesn't make sense.
    April fools joke?
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  6. zilch0md
    I think not. They waited until April 2nd to make the announcement. :frowning2:
  7. swmtnbiker
    This is not an April Fools joke. Oppo IS shutting down it's manufacturing operations. No more new products.
  8. gPope
  9. craftyhack
    Well that just about REALLY sucks :frowning2:. Oppo is my number 1 company for awesomeness :frowning2:.
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  10. MRC001
    "High end" will always exist because there will always be people who will spend 5-6 figures on turntables and boutique tube gear.
    But the the rational engineering-based high end is a different thing. I hope that's not dying.
    Looks like Oppo is going to focus on their mobile phone business.
  11. once
    Love my HA1. Really sad to see Oppo Digital hang up the towel. They really have a no compromise approach to their products. They build the best that can possibly be built, period. No cost cutting. No compromises.

    The HA1 permanently satisfied the position in my rig for delta sigma DAC and solid state amplification. They achieved the best possible product, and that was that.

    Amazing company with amazing products. Sad to think we won't see anything else new come from them.
  12. gb21011971
    I am using an S8+ with an audioquest dragontail OTG USB C to USB A adapter, works like a charm. Have also used other, generic OTG adapters previously, all of them worked. Not sure what's the problem with your connection. Must be in the settings of your phone, apparently it does not send audio data its USB port.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2018
  13. hannahjherself
    Thanks, I will check that out. What I am seeing - using the adapter that was included with the phone and others - is that my phone tries to charge the HA-1.
  14. MRC001
    On recent versions of Android, when you connect a device via USB, for security reasons it defaults to "charging". You may need to pull down the notification and select a different USB connect option.
  15. LarryMagoo
    With the announcement that they are closing up....makes me glad I found the HA-1 before they stopped making it....I don't use the DAC but really love the amp with all it's performance AND features...It's a real shame they see a better future with Cell phones instead of making great equipment. Love my Oppo 105 Blu-Ray player as well...
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