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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. jonstatt
    Many thanks Mike. I appreciate that. However there is one major difference here. The HA-1 achieves 1.79 Watts RMS into 50Ohms when using a balanced XLR connection. It will be more like 450mW with a single ended connection. The Burson achieves 1.96 Watts with a single ended connection. As I move my LCD-3 between my Hi-Fi rig and my Yamaha digital piano, I think I will have to buy myself a 4 pin XLR to stereo 1/4 inch jack adapter so that I can leave the balanced cable on the headphones.....If Audeze are to be believed and 1 watt is a minimum, then the HA-1 will not provide enough output power with a single ended connection.
  2. zilch0md
    ^ Makes sense if you want to stick with single-ended cables.  [​IMG]
  3. craftyhack
    Agreed, but IMHO there are more affordable options if SE is the only intended usage.  If planning to use both that makes sense to buy this swiss army knife, but perhaps it doesn't when you have mainly cans capable of balanced input where the cans even come with balanced cables OOB or you can add balanced easily.  I haven't even opened my SE cable for the XC's :D.  That said, I will do a separate set of impressions with the gear combos I mentioned above using SE outputs as well for the cans that have balanced cable options if anyone is actually considering running that way.  I was going to try a couple of SE cans (the Sony XB1000's and UltraSone Pro900's), but thats it.  The exception is all cans going SE into the SE only Valhalla(not a WA7 which would be more fair, but I don't have a WA7, but will take one if someone has one available for a good price or free :D), where my only purpose of including a class A tube amp is to determine which combo sounds most like a decent tube amp if that is what someone is looking for to tame some of the brighter cans out there (like me).  I will make my impressions very simple to consume in this case, measuring on a tubiness sound from a scale of 1-10, vs. a plethora of adjectives that make it quite difficult to extract the information you want to know (if tubiness is that info).
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I don't simply buy gear because it is the buzz of conversation (although that is often a starting point for my investigation). If you actually read what many knowledgeable users say about the Gungnir it is quite respected which means the DAC chip makes the excellent implementation in the Gungnir possible. So I think your point that as a chip the DAC from Gungnir isn't discussed doesn't really factor in that much. Frankly, the analogue stage of any DAC kit is just as important as the raw chip specs. I had an Audiolab 8200CD with the same Sabre chip in it which I sold to pay for my Gungnir. I can assure you I was quite happy with the move. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my question, but I was clear that features alone don't really matter a great deal to me and while I respect your thoughts I am unclear if you have actually heard a Gungnir or Asgard 2. Either way, you are of course welcome to share your thoughts and you do make some good points. Cheers. 
  5. Sonic Defender Contributor

    That is exactly the type of opinion/information I am hoping to get, thank you very much. There is still a part of me that likes the one unit solution over two units, however; I also wonder if the separation of devices sometimes yields slight sonic performance improvements? It sounds like the folks at Schiit know what they are doing. So I now have one well informed opinion on the subject and I very much welcome anybody else who has some experience with both gear kits. Bad timing as the Oppo has just been released so there aren't likely as many users of the HA1. Thanks agai aamefford, greatly appreciate your input.
  6. craftyhack
    THe folks at Schiit DEFINITELY know what they are doing :).  Mike and Jason alone are legends, not just for quality, no-compromise designs, but for creative genius, Mike Moffet invented the DAC for goodness sake :D.  That said, while Schiit is outstanding gear at great prices, there is still the question of user preference, which is the purpose of my getting the HA-1 and auditioning other gear as well till I get the sound I like.  If I have to deal with a higher noise floor or THD+N, so be it.
    On that note, I plan on disassembling the HA-1 to see if there is any possibility of modification (AKA RWAK) as I am ECE and know my way around electronics modifications, I know of one improvement already in the power delivery componentry that may make a difference.  At this price point for these features and this quality there must be some sacrifices made somewhere where making a few tweaks will still be much cheaper than going to the next level of audio gear.  I will post what I find with pics and options, perhaps reach out to folks like Vinnie at RWA to see if he is interested in upgrading my unit while he is RWAK'ing my AK240 (which will require yet another round of testing!).
    EDIT:  Spoke to Vinnie, I will be sending the Oppo HA-1 once I have used it a bit to see if I like it and have run it through my combo's, and then if I find any area's lacking with my go-to cans he agreed to look at it for ways to mod it to get it closer to the sound I am looking for.  Vinnie is one heck of a great guy BTW :).
  7. meetoo1
    I recently purchased this amp from Oppo and noticed that it gets very, VERY hot if left on for more than a few hours.  Is this normal?  It is so hot, I think you could fry an egg on the top of it.  I'm a little concerned.
  8. aamefford
    Mine gets hot enough that it is uncomfortable to leave your hand over the vent for long. Fry an egg - no. Keep your burrito nice and warm - definitely. My Asgard 2 got hotter. Class a runs hot.
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  9. Hooster
    Yes, it will work with any power amp you like. Dunno about the sub...
  10. meetoo1
    So I should not be concerned?  It is so hot that I can only touch the top for 1-2 seconds... anything more is too painful.  I don't have a thermometer but would bet the top surface is over 120 degrees.  This is normal?
  11. craftyhack
    Depends on the sub inputs and outputs.  Some subs are designed to introduce to a system with no sub output (they have RCA in's and out's and/or amped ins/outs, where the sub crossover feeds low freq to sub (usually adjustable) and can pass the signal back to mains(crossed over or full freq, also sometimes adjustable).  Definitely can be used as DAC to external amp, that is on my list to pick up an Aragon 8008BB to put this into to feed some Veritas 2.8s, will be a beautiful thing I think, what a bargain for a preamp/DAC combo of this caliber with these features to drive a 2 channel setup!  And the home theater bypass mode makes it even sweeter, as you can have both a great 2 ch setup and surround setup with the same gear that is easily controlled in both configs.  That was a great idea by whoever.
  12. Stereolab42
    I measured my HA-1 with a Fluke... after running for a while, the area around the grill is from 100-110 and on the grill is from 110-120. This is in a room between 65-75 degrees. Not really worrying to me, except I need to strategically put objects on top of it to prevent cats from getting comfy. I can leave my hand on it all day for sure. If you live in Houston without A/C, though, (are there such people?), I would suggest either moving or buying a different amp...
  13. Smarty-pants
    If you live in a warm climate and do not have a temp controlled room, any class-A amps are going to get very hot.
    You need to keep your room under 75 degrees, otherwise it is going to get hot.
    You also need to make sure that unit has plenty of ventilation around it, and no shelves near the top of the unit,
    and no other warm/hot electronics below it as well.
    All of those things are going to make the amp even warmer than it already is.
  14. aamefford
    Sounds about the temp. range for mine as well.
  15. ghibliss
    Has anyone compared the Oppo tothe Mytek Digital which lists at $1500.00?  Mytek uses the same ESS Sabre DAC and offers a number of neat features.
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