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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. elvergun
    LOL.   Did you forget to take your meds today.  [​IMG]
  2. elvergun
    Well, then...with this statement you just negated the very reason for Head-Fi to exist.
    Lets all pack up our stuff and go home.  Jude, time to close up shop!!!  [​IMG]
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  3. bbfoto
    @craftyhack, thanks for posting the link to the measurements. I knew that I had seen them somewhere but could not remember where. Cheers!
  4. achristilaw Contributor
    Mytek doesn't do as well in head to heads.....
  5. bbfoto

    Pretty much. :p I'm much more interested in objective data when it comes to audio gear. This place is filled with thousands of threads that just go back-and-forth (forever), and end up nowhere, LOL. But it's fun to peruse, and gives us something to spend our time and money on, so...
  6. olegausany
    Thanks for info never heard about it since it mostly used by professional studios
  7. olegausany
    I think Mytek is very interesting product but as it often happens in high end world has features most users will never use and this creates too high price . Also it's not clear if it supports native DSD. Also would be very interesting to know how good it's headphones amp section is
  8. keanex Contributor
    I don't know what people expect people to say about the amp. It's transparent and powerful. I believe that anyone commenting on the sound of it is really stretching things and I'd love to see them ABX it from another transparent SS amp. 
    You want to know how the HA-1 sounds? Look at the quality of your recording and the signature of your headphones.
  9. olegausany
  10. Pier Paolo

  11. bbfoto

    +2, Well said.
  12. jonstatt

     Well said but totally untrue! So we are saying that all reasonably built SS amplifiers will sound exactly the same?
    I have my Burson Soloist sitting here next to my Oppo HA-1, volume matched, receiving the same signal, and they do NOT sound the same with the Audeze LCD-3. I mean it's not looking for more subjective details like soundstage, or "feeling like you are there"....they are simply not the same tone! The HA-1 is darker sounding with the LCD-3...a little less crisp in the treble which has the obvious effect of making it seem like the bass is more pushed.
    I am not saying which is better or worse, good or bad yet. I will give a considered opinion after evaluating for some time. But I really had to post to say how strongly I disagreed with some of what is being said in this thread!
    By the way, anyone buying this or thinking of buying this, please check and note the depth of this unit. It is very deep and much larger than you would ever imagine a headphone amplifier to be (or at least it was a shock for me after the Burson Soloist which is tiny in comparison)
  13. Pier Paolo

    Thanks God!

    THIS post is helpful.

    Is your audeze fazored or not?
  14. olegausany
    Give it minimum 20 hours of burning in before making any opinions
  15. ogodei
    I have both units. Tested the Gungnir balanced into an audio-gd master 8 v. the HA1,  both fed by USB2, both fed into HD800 SE, OPPO PM1 balanced, or HE 560 balanced cans.  I did not test the OPP DAC into an external amp because I don't think I would every use it that way.
    After several days of casual listening I am unable to find any significant differences.  The HD800 and PM1 sounded identical in every aspect, except when I drove the amps up to to ear-bleed levels.  On the 560, the Gungnir\audio gd combo tamed some of the treble spikes slightly better, but only slightly.   Don't know if that was the amps or dac though.  If you put me blindfolded in front of the systems I couldn't tell which was playing.  Sacrilege, I know.
    The lack of DSD I did notice.  I have enough DSD tracks that it became annoying to when switching between the units, and Schiits answer so far is the un-balanced Loki unit, so the HA1 wins there.
    As far as other native mode DSD playback units, the Mytek Stereo192-DSD, Yulong DA8, and Benchmark HGC DAC2 are all balanced and out there, the first two at comparable price points.  More units are supporting DSD every day.
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