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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Maxx134
    I don't want to bother with what seems like a tiny dust sound in very end position of volume pot. I checked today and it not actually like a dust sound.
    A tiny scratch sound at very end of max volume position makes me think it's just the electrical sound of the pot contact rubbing over the unused end of dial.
    Rather than dust it may be extra substance that make the dial move smooth. .

    Has no effect on sound though and only noticable when moved with no music or I would blow up my headphones lol.
  2. Canadian411
    How do you set the gain level ? I must be a dummy, I had this amp for few months now and not knowing you can do this.
    thks in advance,.
  3. mithrandir38
    go through the menu options and you'll see the gain options
  4. Badas

    Press the source button (don't turn it). It operates as a menu button. Keep pressing until you get to the gain menu. Then turn to high gain. Press source again. You will hear a click. That means Hi-Gain is set.
  5. Canadian411
    oh !,,, thanks guys !
  6. Herueyes
    Hey Hastur err Derek... Why this thing took a whole week (7days) to get from the West Coast to the East Coast???
    Ordered a Teac UD-501 mid week and it showed up same day as the HA-1... and the Teac was via USPS....
    Here the Teac is feeding the HA-1 via XLR... (DSD baby DSD!!)
    Yeah I know blasphemy in this thread but I'm using the Teac
    to test out the HA-1's various inputs and outputs and vice-versa...
    Ya gotta do a proper shakedown...[​IMG]
    Badas likes this.
  7. rambotan
    You will love the Teac as a DAC. Used to have the UD-501 and in my opinion it sounds better than the Sabre DAC in the Oppo, and not as tiring to listen to.
  8. Herueyes
    I hear that... I already have the UD-H01 feeding my Mjolnir... only reason for the UD-501 is for the DSD feature...
    I actually let my co-worker unbox and test out the HA-1 in his office...
    He was doing a head to head with his ifi nano idsd dac
    He bought in his Audeze's & trusty SuperLux HD 681
    I bought in my Senn HD 800's and Grado PS 500
    (you can barely make out the ifi next to the HA-1 in the pic)
    Meanwhile on the otherside of the office building I was wayyyy
    too busy enjoying the Teac with my SoundMagic HP100's...[​IMG]
    Hey old yella'...I mean Hastur/Derek... can we get some EQ'ing
    or tone settings (bass + treble) like my Teac NP-H750 & FIIO E17
    or perhaps a DSD analog FIR filter like the Teac UD-501 has?
    You know A little Something to Take the Edge Off...
    - Peace...[​IMG]
  9. Herueyes
    Now ya'll know I couldn't let the above slide....
    Hey Hastur you say no one's returned a silver one yet?
    Hmmm... and to think I just got my silver one Yesterday....
    30 days Huhh... Well old yella' methinks you might see one 
    coming your way sooner than that... Derek RMA Please!!!![​IMG]
    I mean all could be forgiven if say I were to receive a nice
    new jet black(non-demo)  HA-1 with a matching stand or
    perhaps a BDP-105D - you know the Darbee Edition or
    perhaps a matching set of Headphones...you know The
    PM-1 and PM-2 with Balanced cables and Headphone
    Stands - Yes everything has to come with it's own stand..... 
    I told you before Hastur...  [​IMG]
    P.S. You can ask Derek where to send the Schiit!!!
  10. HasturTheYellow
    FedEx Ground is 5 business days, starting with the day after the package is physically picked up, to reach the East Coast from California. USPS may be faster in some cases, but they also are less reliable in terms of quality of service (tracking, tracing, redirecting, etc). So we prefer FedEx over USPS as our default courier.
    No, there have been returns. I was just having a little fun with the fact that we could only send a black unit for the Head-Fi meet because the all returned silver units have been claimed (either for in-house use or for reviewers who find them more photogenic).
  11. Herueyes
    I've been getting PCM XXX.X/32 on the display for everything using the following drivers
    OPPO USB AUDIO 2.0 ASIO Driver [ASIO]  & the OPPO HA-1 USB AUDIO 2.0 DAC [WASAPI]  (via JRiver MC19)
    did some reading about the audio path and tried the 
    OPPO HA-1 USB AUDIO 2.0 DAC [Direct Sound]
    and that correctly gives the PCM XXX.X/16  and PCM XXX.X/24 on the Display
    I clicked on a DSD file (.DFF) and got back
    Hope This Helps....
    P.S. I have some 48/16 files that show up as 44.1/16 and that's with the [Direct Sound] driver...
            Maybe a firmware update will cure all this or not??? [​IMG]
    Peace... [​IMG]
  12. rambotan
    DSD files should read DSD 2.8XXXX or DSD 5.6XXXX if set up for native mode
  13. Canadian411
    I do not understand the need of Teac UD-501 or am I missing something ?
    Oppo play DSD no ?
    Only thing I can see is having two DACs for separate channel, can you explain the benefit of having Teac DAC ?
    thanks !
  14. Herueyes
    With JRiver MC19 - I have to change the Output Encoding to "DSD in DoP format (requires DSD capable DAC)"
    There's No "Native" option - only DoP for DSD 2.8XXXX  
    For DSD 5.6XXXX There's two options "Native" and "DoP"
  15. Herueyes
    What The??? Are you serious????[​IMG]
    Have you ever been skiing?? You see all these people going up the mountain just to come back down right???
    and then they go up again to come back down again... and then the Empire...
    OK scratch that bad analogy....
    OK How many headphones/iem's/dacs do you have?? Now ask yourself - Why do I have more than one of each???
    If you still don't get it then perhaps you should take the Pepsi err...
                     Headphone Challenge!!
    Head-fiers who possesses no more than 1 dac/headphone can cast the first stone!
                              (Blindfolded of course!!)
    Disclaimer: In no way should this be attempted by 1 dac/headphone Head-fiers...(if any actually exist)
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