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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. SpudHarris Contributor
    ^ Nice. You are a funny guy. Thanks for the smile [​IMG]
  2. Canadian411
    haha, I honestly think 1 should be enough but again there is no one amp and one dac can do all.
    I thought Oppo was good enough to drive HE6 but ffail big time.

    I read that as Oppo 1 DAC isn't good enough ? is that why 2 dac chips are required to fill the gap ?
  3. Dixter
    The " Native " option in JRiver MC19 is " None "      if you choose DoP then there is a conversion taking place prior to the DSD DAC
    FYI...  JRiver is now MC20 
  4. olegausany
    Foobar2000 with SACD plugin playing DSD files in native mode without problems
  5. MattTCG
    Same here. 
  6. Herueyes
    When I have None option it doesn't play at all on the fly... I have to manually change to DoP to hear anything...
    but that's with JRiver MC19 - time to put the laptop on the net and update...
    Yeah I haven't tried foobar at home yet... Have all the plugins/components installed but have been lazy... My coworker at work was having issues with foobar playing the .DFF files with the HA-1. The SACD.iso files where no problem but the .DFF files required a switch/change in the driver settings... I'll get around to foobar sooner or later as I continue messing with all these various DSD formats and such...
  7. Herueyes
    Are you trying to drive the HE6 through the TRS jack or the 4-pin Balanced output? If you are using the TRS jack then invest or borrow a friends Balanced cables and try again... You might be surprised... I'm pretty sure you can adjust the gain via the EQ settings (computer software) as well... (Also adjust the gain on the HA-1 if you haven't done so already)
    I like the HA-1 so far - gets warm pretty fast even with all the vents especially underneath! With all this heat dissipation going on you would think that power would not be an issue...
    The Dac in the HA-1 is good enough... (remember these are the BluRay Player guys)
    My Burson Conductor has the Sabre dac as well... correct me if i'm wrong but the Benchmark DAC2 HGC utilizes 4 balanced ESS Sabre 32-bit D/A converters per channel... (Methinks that's eight in total)[​IMG]
    The Teac uses the BurrBrown PCM1795 Dac (one per channel) but no 4 pin Balanced output only TRS...
    This is where the Schiit Mjolnir picks up the slack - if the UD-501 or HA-1 comes up short then it's XLR time!!!
    You might need to give the HA-1 some more burn in time and perhaps change the usb cable, along with your headphone cable, and then the power cable and perhaps get a power conditioner, and then a voltage stabilizer and then... Enjoy...
    Unfortunately here in America and spreading to the rest of the planet... Patience is becoming a lost art. The immediacy of things and expectations is driving people insane... Everybody wants "it" and they want "it" NOW!...
    "It" usually is the latest and greatest gizmo or format... DSD format - 8K TV's - Octacore CPU's - Dolby Atmos - Gigabit Internet - etc... Ask someone what they possess and they can run down a list of gadgets and techno babble... Ask them how they "feel" and you might get the BSOD look on their face...  (and no I'm not a luddite!)
  8. Herueyes
    I did the deed and updated to J River MC20 which now has more DSD options under the Output Encoding...
    My other Laptop still has J River MC19 and the Output Encoding for DSD wasn't as Robust...
    I'm still not getting/understanding the "None" option you suggested...
    If I select "None" under Output Format then I'm back to PCM XXX.X/32
    In this case PCM 352.8/32  for a .DFF file (1X DSD)
    I still have to switch drivers and the Output format to get the HA-1 to readout the correct bit depth...[​IMG]
    To play DSD the same is required (switch to ASIO Driver and Output Format Change)...
    No Biggie onto Foobar2000 - well maybe tomorrow... 
    - Peace...[​IMG] 
  9. rambotan
    To be frank, it is very hard to hear the difference between PCM 352.8/32 vs DSD2.8/5.6. Might be a problem with my ears,
    But it just feels good to see DSD appear on the display [​IMG] 
  10. j0ewhite
    I'm not at home now so couldn't check the settings.
    IIRC, there is a setting somewhere which says 'bitstreaming - OFF (recommended)'.
    If you changed it to 'bitstreaming - DSD', it will show correctly DSD 5.6XXX...
  11. Herueyes
    You Hit the Nail on the Head... I turned the Bitstreaming to DSD... No Need to switch the Output Formats and Change Drivers!!!!!
    I went to Tools-> Options -> Settings-> Bitstreaming: Yes (DSD)
    Medasi... May Lewis Hamilton Win The Singapore GP Come Race Day!!!!
  12. j0ewhite
    BINGO! [​IMG]
  13. Herueyes
    Aight Now that's what I'm talking 'bout!!! Hit'em Where it Hurts.... Below the Belt!!![​IMG]
    Aheeem!!!! A moment of Silence Please as the Oppo has gone Dark!!!
    Nothing technical... Just because the "Blacks are Faster!" [​IMG]
    You hear me Hastur!!! I ain't forgot!!!
    24 Days and Counting till RMA!!!
    You better send me my Schiit!!
    You on thin Ice old yella!!!
  14. Herbie151
    Advice from Knowledgeable people PLEASE!!
    Oppo HA-1.
    Denon 5000 with balanced re-cable.
    Three Ipod classics.
    One Ipod Touch.
    Desktop PC Windows XP containing:
    1TB of ALAC music. (mostly 16 bit 44khz CD rip)
    55,000 Tracks.
    Traditional wireless router for the household.
    Itunes 10.7
    Android smart phone.
    I love the HA-1 amp. That seems to be the consensus of opinion from those that know - i.e here!
    Please can you recommend a way for me to dispense with my capacity short (and old!!) ipods and stream wirelessly to the HA-1 upstiars (too far for a cable) with an use interface (on my smartphone?)  OTHER THAN SONOS which seems a) Expensive b) isonly 16 bit and therefore not really future proof c) Seems to disappoint some users
    I am not a huge techno guy - i renew once every 10 years - just completed - and the technical jargon and three letter abbreviations, and sheer consumer choice is just bewildering. I just want to have availble to choose from - my whole itunes library when I'm upstairs listening to the awesome HA-1.
    I'd really appreciate some advice!
    Thanks in advance.
  15. Herueyes
    Off the top of my head I would suggest you purchase and ipad.... wait a minute you have an ipod touch.... Hmmm....
    1. connect to your wireless network (via ipod touch)
    2. make sure you have home sharing turned on in itunes & on your itouch
    (Click the above Link for how to set up home sharing)
    3. your entire itunes music library should appear on your itouch now
    4. connect your ipod touch to the HA-1 through the ipod/iphone/ipad port (I haven't tried this out yet)  or do it via Bluetooth
    5. Enjoy...
    6. Lose that Android phone... [​IMG]
    7. Get an apple phone and have your intimate photos appear on the web [​IMG]
    8. Skip number 67 and Stay with Android...
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