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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. mrscotchguy

    Dear god... when I had friend over and they were gushing over the HD800... they let slip the price.

    DOG HOUSE! she thought I paid $150-200
  2. akhyar

    I pity you man.
    My wife knows how much I paid for my TG!334 and CF Roxanne as she was with me when I purchased the iems, but for HA-1, I knocked-off $300 from their purchase price
  3. HasturTheYellow
    Unfortunately we only have black available for review samples as the silver units were manufactured after the black units. Surprisingly, no one has returned a silver unit for a refund. Hmm... maybe we should stop selling black units...
  4. Dixter

    Every one knows the black ones are faster..  :wink:
  5. mrscotchguy

    I figured as much... a boy can dream. Is it bad that I checked my tracking number every 20 minutes today to see if it'd come in a day early (my day off)?
  6. HasturTheYellow
    Anticipation makes the heart grow stronger.
  7. Badas

    Thanks for the laugh this afternoon. I needed that.
    Wives are just so universal aye! They think their soul purpose is to treat us like naughty little boys.
  8. rambotan
  9. zilch0md
    Hey Nigel!    
    I hear you regarding the HA-1 > PM-1 - that pairing grew on me, too!  
    Have you tried the PM-1 with a Sansa Clip+?  
    (I'm not kidding!)  Forget about listening for shortcomings and just enjoy the fun factor - it's a very relaxed ride that invokes a lot of emotion - and it's thoroughly forgiving.  Play your worst recordings - it's amazingly detailed but smooth in the highs, with increasing slowness as you go down in frequencies, until it's getting pretty sloppy in the low bass, but still punchy and again, very organic, natural, fun, immersive, involving, all those good adjectives.  [​IMG]  You (or I, at least) just have to let go of the HD800 mentality and let it happen.  It's kind of like watching a bad sci-fi movie - with a story line that breaks all the rules of physics - but lot's of fun when you stop judging it.
    But the HD800 is another story - maybe because I've spent too much time with my LCD-2 and PM-1 on the HA-1.  It's still a little too bright and fatiguing for my tastes, especially with the HA-1's ESS9018 DAC vs. something warmer.  
    Which cables are you using with the HA-1 > HD800?
  10. x RELIC x Contributor
    Man, I guess I'm a lucky guy.

    I say: "Wife, there's a new Oppo amp I've been waiting for, just released moments ago!"

    She says: "You work hard and deserve some relaxation and enjoyment."

    I say: " :eek: "

    She even ordered it for me as I was at work and didn't have the available time.

  11. avraham

    Does she have a sister?
  12. mrscotchguy

  13. olegausany
    Do annax mod and get Norne cable with 4 pin XLR . I was thinking about letting them go after trying HE-560 but after getting Vanquish cable i have changed my mind
  14. x RELIC x Contributor

    Nope. She's one of a kind! :D
  15. zilch0md

    Thanks for that advice. Others have recommended the mod in response to my similar posts, so I finally ordered the materials a couple of days ago...

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