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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. SharpEars
    I also see mp3s play back as 44.1/32, so it's not just you. I think this is correct, but not sure why. If you load an mp3 file into Adobe Audition it also shows it as 32-bit, btw.
  2. SharpEars
    I think both sound about the same, I am wondering especially from a jitter perspective if S/PDIF is better than USB with a computer that has "noisy" USB ports. My S/PDIF out is pretty low jitter in comparison, but I would like to know how the HA-1 handles USB, post USB receipt by the USB transceiver. Does it send it as S/PDIF or I2S or what to the Sabre?
  3. BobJS
    I hope it goes the same for me.  I've had it out of the box a few hours now, and find the feature set wonderful, but the SQ a bit underwhelming.  A/B'g with my Conductor, I find the bass a little subdued and the sound a bit bright ..... the highs maybe a bit 'tizzy'.  The Conductor is known to be a little bit warm, though.  At this point, the only balanced cable I have is the one included with the LCD-3.  It sounds very nice however.... its dark sound complementing the bright sounding Oppo.  I hope it breaks in for me like it did for you.
  4. Peter_S
    Bob. Keep us informed. I'm also considering purchasing for my LCD3's.
  5. BobJS
    I spent a very enjoyable good part of the night listening with the LCD3s.  I think you'd be very happy with the LCD3 - Oppo combo.   I DID find them a little too dark on the Conductor.
    They're now sounding pretty good with my T1s (single-ended), though they sound better on the Conductor.  And I find it hard to listen to my Grado PS500 on the Oppo (too bright).
    So, at this point, the unit seems to have broken in a little, though I fully recognize I've probably just begun to acclimate to the sound signature which is different from the Conductor and Lyr I've been used to.
    From what I've read, there's more power head-room on the the balanced output, so I'm going to outfit the T1s, HD800 and TH900 with balanced terminations and go from there.
    If you're looking for something for your LCD3s though, I find the Oppo the best match for it that I own and would have no qualms recommending it, especially at its price point.
  6. wgb113
    Got mine this morning and have limited time on it but so far so good. Using primarily as a DAC and occasionally as a headphone amp. With my limited time with it I don't find it lacking at all compared to my Schiit Gungnir/Asgard 2 combo. I've got HT bypassed on the MacMini and Denon feeds and have the gain set to normal for my AKG K712s to make use of the volume. 12 o'clock is damn near perfect for most recordings so far. Doesn't get any hotter than the Asgard either.

    So far so good.



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  7. Badas

    Really nice pic and gear.

    A really good idea getting a lava lamp rather than tubes. :D
  8. wgb113
    Thx! Lava lamps are mandatory with HiFis.

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  9. wgb113
    Thx! Lava lamps are mandatory with HiFis.

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  10. aamefford

    You can say that again!
  11. wgb113
    HA!  Not sure what happened there.
  12. holzohr
    Hello, I received my HA stand today. I agree, a really beautiful stand. Thanks to Badas for mentioning about it, Hastur and the Oppo customer service. Now I just have to decide if I use the stand for the HA-1 or rather the Auralic Aries? [​IMG]
    Thanks again,
  13. Badas
    Very nice. That silver Oppo is begging to go on that stand.
    I don't know if this has been mentioned about cooling.
    I have found the Oppo benefits a whole lot by raising it up higher to let more cool airflow come up from under it (there is a grill underneath).
    Here is some pics of what I'm talking about.
    I just stuck these little feet underneath and the heat is almost halved. I ran for many many hours last night and it was only warm.[​IMG]
    I noticed in the pic it looks like I have a scratch on the front display. I hope not. [​IMG]
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  14. rambotan
    Did you remove the plastic film on the display?
  15. Umeshdhingra
    yes , I did remove the plastic film on the display.
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