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Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. jmwreck
    My cards were shown in my computer but I agree with you about the battery, it drains really fast.
  2. BadBanana
    To be honest, I have never had any issues with my PC seeing both cards. However, transfer to the cards when inserted in the player is slow. For anything except small updates I prefer to unmount the cards (in the settings) and then update using an external card reader with a tool such as FreeFileSync. Battery life for me is fine.
  3. Soundguyrob
    I have the XDP-30r set to "Normal" gain, which I presume is closest to unity gain for a line out device. The amp itself (Valhalla 2) is set for High Gain, as the headphones are 300 ohm. I have not had any problems navigating the screen and in fact find it quite responsive. At this point I have only one card in slot one, so I don't know if there is an issue with the second card. I should test that! Lack of Mac OSX support is the only negative I can think of at the moment.
  4. Soundguyrob
    OK, I had a 32 gig microSD card kicking around, so I popped it into slot 2, formatted it and the Mac shows both cards and the internal storage on the desktop.
  5. MrSlim
    The XDP-30R is my first real Hi Def player, and I'm enjoying it so far as well. I was excited about the possibility of using the Wifi capability for Tidal(no account yet..), and I am loving the ability to listen to CBC Radio 2 via TuneIn @16Bit/44.1K, while on our winter getaway in Costa Rica. The Wifi was a bit doggy at home, but I put that down to the crowded Wifi spectrum where I live, since it is solid here (on 5Ghz I think). I want to try balanced out, and will order a set of "budget" chinese IEMS with mcx connectors since there are plenty of deals on balanced cables terminated with mcx. I want someone to make some reasonably priced 2 pin balanced cable that I can try with the KZ iems I currently have, but so far they are all stupid expensive (I'm not paying $100 for cables for a pair of $30 IEMS..)
  6. Bart R
    Don't waste your money on a test! Balanced output is nicer and worth paying for. Get some nice IEMs (2 pin or MMCX) and buy FIIO balanced cable or wait for another drop at Massdrop. Highly recommended!
  7. petert210
    I bought Fiio's RC-MMCX2B (http://www.fiio.net/en/products/78) from Fiio store thru Taobao. It costs ~US$14 (shipped) and much cheaper than RC-SE1B. Build quality is decent. The wire is rather thin and flexible, with ear hook, and almost no microphonics. I had it for two weeks, so far so good. It should give you an entry to the balanced world. .
  8. fish1050
    My understanding both slots not showing up was reported very early on so it may have been addressed. I only saw comments in reference to connecting to a PC not sure it was ever an issue with MAC.
  9. fish1050
    I have ear issues and can't use iem's and I haven't found any headphones with balanced output in my price range that are comfortable to wear. My go to headphones are B&W P5S2's and they are the best sounding and most comfortable headphones I have owned. I have investigated getting a balanced setup for my P5S2's but not willing to pay the high price quoted to me. I will stick with SE headphones and get the best DAP match for my headphones.
  10. shane55
    Have had both slots filled the entire time I've owned my DP-S1. Different sizes... 64, 128, 256 GB. Never had an issue with either slot.
  11. Soundguyrob
    Have any Mac users successfully imported playlists onto this device? According to the manual I should be able to import M3U and M3U8 (which I can create with Itunes and JRiver) files that will work and although the player sees them and starts to import them I get "an error occurred" message and the import stops.
  12. shane55
    In JRiver... are you saving the M3u to the root directory?
    I use a PC for this, and it's flawless. There is a checkbox (in the PC version) immediately under the 'save-to' line that asks to preserve the destinations (something... this is from memory, and mine is bad). Is that box selected?

    Good luck.
  13. pakrush
    anyone here got their 3.5 jack loose? mine did that after two weeks
  14. dacari
    Still on sale and going down...I'm also decided the only issue, is the lack of DLNA streaming. Is there any hope they add the feature? A year ago and some firmwares, if not add I'm afraid these feature will be only for android models. What do you think?
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
  15. BadBanana
    I see no chance that DLNA would be added. It's not trivial to add, espcially if it includes a DLNA controller as well as a renderer (which it really would need to have), and it places extra demands on the WiFi reliabilty which is already not as good as it really should be. If you need DLNA I would look elswhere.
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