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Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by steve80, Mar 8, 2017.
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  1. Xellos
    Is there anything right now that I can get for around 200-220€ that is better or similar to the DP-S1/XDP-30R (WiFi, Touchscreen)?
  2. Luvdac
    Don' think so. The dps1 is killer at 200usd. You can import it into Europe from Amazon.com for a few bucks more import taxes.
  3. Xellos

    I am from Europe and the DP-S1 from Amazon would have cost 270$ to ship to here. I bought the XDP-30R for 170€ from somewhere elese.
  4. davidcotton
    Cayin n5II perhaps?
  5. Luvdac
    Wow. Good deal. I can only see onkyo dps1 listed at 449Euros and the pioneer at 288 euros on amazon.de
    Care to share where you got yours from?
  6. Xellos
    I bought it from eGlobal Central. My LG G6 is also from there and it was 350€ back then I think.
  7. Luvdac
    Thanks! I see they are a lot cheaper there.
  8. Bart R
    I got mine from here in UK .
  9. MrSlim
    Nice unit, if it fits within your budget, since it is more than 50% more expensive than the DP-S1 at the moment. Being android based, it can be customized, and I noticed a mention of streaming from a local NAS, which I think would be a welcome option on the XDP-30/DP-S1.

    Does anyone know how receptive Onkyo/Pioneer are to improvement suggestions?
    Beinng Linux based, it wouldn't be as plug and play compared to android, but being open source does make things interesting.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2018
  10. SatanX
    Just purchased the DP-S1 off of Amazon (US Store) from the re-seller Electronics Expo for $199. I thought it was going to be the Japanese version, but it is the US one (Tidal installed).
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  11. NetMorin
    Did a couple of searches, and didn't see an answer to this question: If you enable line out mode, and you turn the device off, then turn the device back on, is it still in line out mode? Or does it revert to headphone out? Thanks!
  12. Fysty
    It reverts back to headphone level.
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  13. fish1050
    Yeah being a fellow Canadian I understand your frustration as I sold high end audio for 15 years. Problem is most products get shipped to US first then trucked to the Port of Vancouver and then shipped across Canada. So the product gets cleared twice in the US and then Canada, then add the extra shipping to Vancouver and distribution across Canada and it really adds up quick. The 30R is selling for $249.00 CDN at avgearshop but all other Canadian dealers have it on sale for $549.00. The higher price dealers are closer to me so I may demo one there and then buy from avgearshop. I am also interested in the Sony A45 and you can special order it in store now from Canada Computers or the gentec.ca site but no eta for actual availability. I am hoping the price on the 30R stays at $249.00 long enough for me to be able to demo both before buying one or the other

    You can save money ordering from places like bhphotovideo but then there is no warranty coverage in Canada.
  14. Soundguyrob
    I'm a Canadian as well, and one of the reasons I jumped on the XDP-30R from avgearshop (via Amazon) was that for once the exchange rate adjusted price of $249 CAN was just about right in comparison to the US price. Having worked in pro audio for many years, I have seen how outrageous some of the markups are for certain products once they cross the border. BTW, I'm quite pleased with the player. I'm using it as a transport for a tube amp/ headphone setup and It sounds noticeably better than the Ipod Classic I was using. The only negative I would give is the more or less non-existent Mac/ itunes support.
  15. fish1050
    I lived in the Us for 10 years and the hardest part about moving back to Canada was adjusting to higher prices again.

    So with your tube amp setup are you going LO or HO out to the amp?

    I guess the only reasons I am reluctant to get the 30R over the A45 are reduced battery life and the fact it has features I don't need and no AptX support. I have no interest in wifi for streaming audio and I don't have any balanced headphones. I do have a couple of AptX capable bluetooth speakers so it would be nice to have that support.

    Pluses for the 30R for me
    - Dual microsd card slots
    - more power

    Pluses for the A45
    - roughly double the battery life
    - Support for AptX and AptX HD
    - larger higher resolution touchscreen

    I have big hands and I am concerned also that the small touchscreen on the 30R will be a hassle to use. I found the touchscreen on the A35/A45 just big enough to be usable at 3.1 inches so the 2.4 inch screen on the 30R might not suit me not to mention the lower resolution. I am hoping to demo the 30R this weekend. I have read in this forum that some people have trouble getting both microsd card slots to show up when connected to a computer. Has this issue been fixed? Also 15 hours battery life is decent but I have read the battery drains really fast.
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