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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. 0UKIM
    Hello People of "Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 (Uber) Thread!"
    I'm new to Head-Fi, though I have read many reviews which helped me along my hifi life.
    And this is my first post, so I'd like to introduce myself first. 
    I'm a college student who found an interest in audio. I got no "golden ears," but I do enjoy some good sounding stuff.
    My only audio source is my laptop and the PC I built. Which you can check out here: http://pcpartpicker.com/b/24f8TW
    Obviously I have some Schiit goodies. I have Modi 2 Uber and Magni 2 Uber. 
    Modi 2 U recieves SPDIF from my PC and USB from my laptop.
    Magni 2 U serves as headphone amplifier paired with AKG K7XX and as a preamp connected to my 2.1.
    My speakers are CEntrance Masterclass 2504, which I tell you are a great pair of speakers. And I have Jamo Sub210 hooked up for some bass when I need it.
    For stereo amp, I recently got Emotiva Mini X A100 on sale replacing SMSL SA36A Pro. 
    Overall I'm very satisfied with my setup that only costed me under 1000USD :)
    I came across this thread looking for a solution to an issue on my Magni 2U.
    The issue being a buzzing when adjusting the volume knob, which looking back couple pages seems pretty common.
    I found out that I have to ground myself to get rid of that buzz.
    I was wondering if there is a quick fix for this?
  2. Oklahoma

    No they won't they are too short. They are about 1 in long and need to be about 3 in long to work.
  3. pastafarello
    Yes, there is. Supplied by Jason Stoddard, one of Schiit's founders. And it's so brilliant in its elegant simplicity that it borders on sheer genius. Are you ready for it? Here it comes... <drum roll /> ...
    If you're not completely happy with this solution (though I can't imagine why you wouldn't)... well, if my experience is anything to judge by, there's no quick fix for you.
    The solution is to ground the ground (shield or sleeve, as the case may be) wire of the signal IC or headphone cable. For most devices, that would be synonymous with grounding the chassis, but not so for the Magni. Consequently, it's easiest to ground the source.
    But in your case you probably don't have a convenient way of grounding the laptop and you don't have an electrical connection to the desktop PC. You could swap them (assuming the laptop has an optical out), but then you run the risk of getting PC electrical noise in.
    Perhaps the easiest thing to do is to replace the Magni's volume knob with a non-coductive plastic one, or just cover the knob with a suitable piece of heat shrink tubing. Or get another head amp.
  4. gopanthersgo1
    I saw someone put rubber band things around his asgard 2 volume knob because the warmth, and the same thing would fix your issues.
  5. bikerboy94
    Thank you so much for the fast shipping. The connector was well received at the NY meet. Many viewers and comments all positive.Several people were aware of it and enjoyed hearing and seeing it. Many others with no knowledge of it were quit impressed. I hear no sonic difference when compared with cables and I use or did use custom made cables. I really like how It stabilizes the stack. It's a awesome product which I highly recommend.
  6. theintroprose
    That's awesome to hear! Thank you so much for showing it to folks!
  7. lazerbeam
    Ok dumb question guys. Right now using my M&M with my laptop. I tried it with my android phone and it works (5.0). Is there a way to have my phone charge while outputting digital signal to M&M?
  8. vnmslsrbms
    Indeed the pain with feeding your schiit stack with portable devices.  I know for my OPPO HA-1 it actually charges my iPhone, but that's cuz it's made for i.  But I don't know if it works since it's OTG for charging.  That said there are portable DAC/AMPs that work as a charger too so it's doable.  I just don't think the M&M stack does it.  
  9. Ali-Pacha
    Didn't find any answers out there, so a litte question about Modi2uber / Linux / Ubuntu
    I want to use my Modi2uber with a Live ubuntu session (15.10 BTW). The device is seen in sound parameters, I can select / highlight it...but it's not chosen as default output device eventually, and sound still comes from built-in sound chip.
    HP 430 G1 laptop, default player (rythmbox) or firefox / chromium with youtube / spotify / whatever.
    Any idea to fix this (and no, I unfrotunately can't have a full ubuntu install) ?
    Thanks [​IMG]

  10. pastafarello
    Have you tried a powered USB hub?
  11. oreobang
    Hi everyone,  I am a newbie in the whole head-fi world. I recently got a Magni 2 Uber to go with a pair of newly acquired SennHD650. The HD650 actually sounded pretty decent directly plugged into the iPhone 6s headphone jack to be honest, but I was intrigued by all the threads recommending a standalone headphone amp. I mostly listen to classical music at a relatively comfortable level (3/4 of the way on the iPhone volume control with the HD650). With the Magni 2U, the area of the biggest improvement is clarity. With the iPhone, different instrument sections sound mushed together, almost with a faint echo (I always thought it had to do with source quality). With Magni 2U however, each instrument plays "tighter", and with better separation. This is especially evident in Carmen Act III, where the French horn does not sound canny, and the background violin doesn't get mushed in with the soprano. I also tried some pop, but the difference is relatively subtle. The only noticeable improvement is a slightly more forward vocal. I wonder if it has something to do with recordings.
    Question: shall I pair the Magni 2U with a Modi 2U? Would I notice further improvement in the sound quality? I read that iPhone 6 and 6s use very high quality DAC already. I am currently using a Y-spliter out of iPhone 6s headphone jack directly into the Magni 2U. Any suggestions would be welcome. Cheers.
  12. Krutsch

    Welcome to Head-Fi and sorry about your wallet.
    You heard correctly: the iPhone 6s has a really nice sounding DAC section and you have everything you need. Enjoy your Magni + HD-650.
    By the way, why are you using a Y-splitter out of the iPhone 6s? You can just use a standard analog cable.
  13. vnmslsrbms
    I wanted a cheap small setup for my work and this really fits the bill.  The sound quality is very nice for such a small setup.  I mainly use it with IEMs anyway so it works great.  Sound quality beats any of my portable DAC/AMPs that I was using.  Pissed me off that I had to run out of juice from time to time, so this is a added plus since these are plugged in.  There is a certain stunning "largeness" about these two little blocks that impresses me.  Who says you can't achieve greatness with little money?     
  14. bixby
    The iphone dac is decent and better than lots of budget dacs, but many aftermarket dacs that are not too expensive will bring improvements in my opinion.  What you need to remember is that if you are running headphone out into the Magni, you are hearing the Iphone dac and it's rather cheap headphone amp.  Bypassing the iphone amp will require an external dac and camera connection kit to device the digital signal (minus iphone amp).  This will give the Magni a better signal and will result in better sound.  How much better is a gauge you can decide.
    As for a Modi running from an iphone, I do not think so.  Not sure if the iphone has the 5 volt out on the lightning cable to trigger the handshake with the Modi, but a quick search of the Schiit product page should confirm or deny.
    Good luck with your 650s.
  15. oreobang
    Hi Krutsch, I thought I can only use a Y-splitter out of the iPhone 6s headphone jack into the RCA (red/white) analog in on the back of Magni 2U. Is that another way I can hook this up? Thanks.
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