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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. ChesterYonany
    Probably yes, its pretty neutral combo so its hard to go wrong with it.
    but only after trying it you will know for sure :)
  2. mysticstryk

    I like mine quite a bit. What headphones will they be powering?
  3. bigro
    I hope so I own 2 Modi 2 U's.  And a A Magni 2 U.  It is a great Combo. I use the MM stack at home with desktop speakers and sometimes cans. No Complaints here
  4. Pings
    What would be the benefit for the Modi 2 Uber over just the Modi 2? Could I just get the Modi 2 + Magni 2 Uber? or does it have to be Uber with Uber?
  5. bikerboy94

    You can mix them. You get more connection options with Uber. The Ubers also have a better cases and the finishes don't match with Uber and non Uber. The Uber has a little better specs also..
  6. Laitian Zhong
    I got a Modi 1  with Magni 2 Uber. Magni 2 Uber is convenient if you have both headphones and speakers to use. While Modi 1 and Modi 2 seems to have no significant difference.
  7. bigro
    I replaced a Modi 1 with a Modi 2 Uber. Using the Uber with 2 channel speakers I found the sound stage was wider, Improved lows and I found there to be More Detail and clarity in the highs . The Modi is A good dac, The Uber is more refined and in my opinion worth the extra $50
    I have not heard the Non Uber Magni 2. Based on the Schiit website there is an upgraded gain stage on the Uber. But if you can swing the extra $$ the extra power and RCA outputs for the Magni 2 Means you have a lot more flexibility in the range of cans in the future and if you so please desktop speakers. I use the Uber with desktop speakers and it sounds great.
  8. ev666il
    Hello, everyone.
    I've been running a pair of HD650 through my ASRock Z97 Extreme4's integrated audio board for a little over a year now, and I've been toying with the idea of getting the M2U combo. Before I make a decision on what is not a trivial monetary expenditure for me at the moment, however, there are a few questions I'd ask the owners of said combo:
    1) How does it work exactly? I'd connect the Modi to my PC via USB, the Magni to the Modi via RCA interconnects, and plug my HD650 directly into the Magni? Would the volume control in Windows have any impact on this setup, or would volume be regulated exclusively from the Magni?
    2) Would it be possible to do away with the Modi and just pair the Magni 2 Uber with my motherboard's DAC (Realtek ALC1150)? How would that work (definitely don't have RCA outs on my computer and the Magni doesn't seem to accept anything else)?
    3) Would the combo make enough of a difference to justify the purchase even if most of my listening was streaming YouTube while multitasking?
    Thanks in advance to anyone who'll help!
  9. bixby
  10. Meremoth
    Here goes one last desperate attempt on my part to hear some more input on my current dilemma, so here I am to bother you guys in this thread now ([​IMG]), and my dilemma being my indecisiveness on whether to choose an O2 & ODAC (Rev B), a Magni Uber & Modi Uber, or a different combo of those four electronics to be paired with my incoming Fostex TH-0XX's (and my source being Win 7 PC with realtek onboard sound).
    My main concern is getting something "neutral" and "transparent" so I can hear the TH-0XX's natural sound before I decide whether or not I want to add color from external devices to it.  I'm not sure if I should be assuming this, but for the sake of trying to make my decision easier, I'm going to assume that I won't be able to tell an appreciable difference between those different combinations.  With that in mind, it seems like I should go for the Modi Uber + Magni Uber, for the more features they have in comparison to the ODAC and O2, yeah? 
    Edit:  Oh yeah, and what cables do you guys recommend for the modi uber and magni uber?  Should I just get the ones they have listed on their website, or should I order them from somewhere else?  (http://schiit.com/guides/getting-connected)
  11. ChesterYonany
    I think you should get the RCA Bridge for the Schiit Stack.
    it was mentioned here few pages ago.
  12. RickB
    Asking this in a Schiit thread is going to get you biased answers. That said, I've read of problems with clipping on the O2, though I have no personal experience with that amp or the ODAC. Still, my biased answer is going to be that you get the Schiit. [​IMG]
  13. Meremoth
    Is this what you're talking about?  
    I think I might just do that.  I would still need one of these to connect it to my PC, right? 
    Haha, I figured as much, but since I already posted these questions on the O2/ODAC thread, minus the Schiit parts, someone on there actually recommended I get the Schiit stack instead of the O2+ODAC, so that turned into a O2+ODAC vs Magni Uber and Modi Uber discussion, and I thought, well hell, I might as well go ask on this thread too and just try and get a complete sense of both sides of the fan bases.  Every time I think, "nah, I shouldn't post anymore, I'm being too redundant" someone teaches me something I didn't know.   :)  
  14. ChesterYonany
    i never heard the O2ODAC but i know that in terms of sound quality they are the same.
    people couldn't notice a difference between the 2 combos.
  15. Psalmanazar

    I'd figure I'd respond to you here to not pollute the O2 thread with even more competitor talk.Those rigid interconnects look cool but I don't know if I'd like having an exposed PCB on the back.

    That's a 3.5mm headphone jack to RCA cable. You need a USB 2.0 A to B cable (printer cable) like this to connect the Modi DAC to your PC. Basically the DAC converts the digital PCM signal from your computer (you want to use ASIO or WASAPI so Windows doesn't try to mix in audio output from other programs and the OS) to an analog one and the amplifier amplifies it for your headphones.

    http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=103&cp_id=10303&cs_id=1030301&p_id=5437&seq=1&format=2 or the rebranded schiit one.
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