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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. kstuart
    Are there any functional advantages other than overall rigidity (i.e. headphone cord less likely to move one item of the stack relative to the other) ?
  2. theintroprose
    Space saving and rigidity as you stated, that's it. There should be no functional difference compared to a pair of RCA cables.
  3. Jason Stoddard

    Oh come on, let's argue about the sonic impact of the solder mask color, copper thickness, and underlying PCB material...which will probably lead us to a $1000, naked Teflon board design with 4 oz silver traces...
    (Just kidding, of course.)
    This is a great product, and it takes up a lot less space than PYST. 
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  4. kstuart

    Yes, a search brought up this picture indicating that perhaps the PYST cables should have been shorter ?  (The original page with the picture has the caption: "The ones in the picture are the Pyst")
  5. bikerboy94

    Very cool thank you MUCH. It will be interesting to see how they are received at the meet. Personally I thank it's a very cool idea. [​IMG]
  6. nokialover
    I got a question for you guys.  I have a sony uda-1 which I like except for the fact I hear this hissing in the background.  I am wondering if the schiit modi 2u and magni 2u will be an upgrade in terms of sound quality?  I am considering to go in the range of hifiman he-400i and potentially even an Audeze LCD-3.  Could this dac/amp combo be able to get quality sound out of those headphones? 
  7. kstuart

    Is the hissing in the background in all recordings ?
  8. Krutsch

    I wonder if the AudioQuest preamp jumpers would fit... would be short and very neat/space saving.
  9. bgentry
    Sometimes you've got to not be afraid to do little tiny mods and tweaks.

    What the RCAs in those pictures need is one good zip tie. You don't have to crank the zip tie down super tight. Just compress the bend in the cables enough to flatten them out some, so there's no pressure on the RCA jacks, and then the stack will sit flat.

    Do you sometimes drag one component off of the other because of the headphone cord? Then you need some blue tack, poster putty, or mounting putty. It's like clay (or a gel) that's tacky, and can be molded into shape. I've found a lot of uses for it. I'm just about to put a few small balls of it in between my Modi and Magni so it will be much harder to drag one off of the other.

    I probably shouldn't give too many details on my Magni volume knob mod... but I'm pretty happy with it too. :)

  10. pastafarello
    I purchased a Magni 2 in early September for a pair of Grado SR80s. The source had a 'hot' signal, and, even in low gain mode, I had to keep the volume fairly low. Recently I decided I wanted finer control over the volume, and added an in-line attenuator. This made me very aware of the hum issue. Here are my observations.
    1 With the inputs open (nothing connected -- except the power source, of course) there's a fairly strong buzz at max volume.
    1a The buzz varies with the volume, and it's strongest in the max volume position. The dominant frequency seems to be around 60Hz.
    1b The buzz increases noticeably if I touch the volume knob or the chassis, particularly the screws.
    1c Grounding (earthing) the chassis or the knob does NOT eliminate the buzz; on the contrary, it intensifies it. By contrast, grounding the headphone connector sleeve (ground), does reduce the intensity of the buzz, without eliminating it.
    2 When Magni 2 is connected to the source, the intensity of the buzz is significantly diminished.
    2a The intensity of the buzz increases with the volume, up to approximately the 2 o'clock position; thereafter, it decreases as the volume increases.
    2b As 1b above.
    2c As 1c above, except that grounding the headphone connector sleeve or input cable shield eliminates the buzz almost completely.
    2d The intensity of the buzz seems to decrease in time if the Magni 2 is left powered on.
    If this is the normal behaviour, then I surmise that the cause of the buzz is an AC component within the Magni 2's DC power. (The Magni 2 power supply delivers 16V AC, which is rectified within the Magni 2.)
  11. nokialover

    The hissing can be heard right as the unit is powered on.  Volume increase or decrease does not make it any better or worse, but I can clearly hear it.  Some tracks its more noticeable, while on others it gets masked by the music. 
  12. pastafarello
    I appreciate, like everyone else, the fact that someone from Schiit takes the time and trouble to read these messages and post here. However, I'm sorry to have to say that I do not find this message particularly accurate or helpful.
    1 The problem also occurs with the Magni 2.
    2 I'm either very ignorant, or the "conduction of ambient noise through the (very small) Alps potentiometer" is pure science fiction. How could, in this universe, ambient noise (i.e., "the background noise in relation to a particular sound, such as music", according to the Oxford Dictionary of Science, 6th edition) be "conducted" through a small potentiometer?
    3 As to the solution suggested, it seems to be another way of saying, "You're holding it wrong".
  13. chuckwheat
    if i crank up the volume on my magni 2 uber, with nothing playing, and touch the volume knob, I can hear a hum/hiss. If I let go, it goes away and is completely quiet. I don't find it disrupting at all in any way. At normal levels, it's imperceptible. 
  14. nokialover
    So when you let go of the volume knob then you don't hear the slight hum anymore? 
  15. chuckwheat
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