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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. Argo Duck
    Likely true. My field is social dynamical research, but I did graduate level cognitive science with specific focus on how we hear sounds as speech and how we 'remember'. This was some 16 years ago however and not my specialty. I use cognitive measurement in some of my experiments. That's the limit.

    My point though is that science is complex. Application of scientific 'fact' without understanding its context and especially its literature - the history of theory-building and hypothesis testing behind it - is meaningless. Yet I see science frequently misused in this way to substantiate untested conclusions. Deduction is not the end in science; it is the path to the next experimental test.

    Enuff said. I had hoped to provoke a little thought about how science is actually done. It starts with questioning. Never mind; nothing to see here, move on :beerchug:

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  2. Chris J

    Here is the ultimate goal:
    Your sound system does not sound like a collection of transistors and speakers, it is indistinguishable from the real thing.

    Never underestimate The Ducks understanding of human perception!

    Realism, my friends, realism.
    Everything else is just a trivial sideshow.
    When was the last time you listened to your headphones and said, "that sounds like the real thing"?

    Hey, thanks man!
  3. StanD
    @Chris J I thought I laid out a simple logical concept, we have limits so electronic audio products cannot get markedly better all the time, especially when existing good products have already exceeded our perceptive abilities. Your answer was more like a dismissive hand wave, tell me something that is trully meaningful that addresses my statement.
  4. Argo Duck
    ^ :confused:

    I don't think Chris J was being dismissive at all. As an EE, I think he is quite serious about what he stated as 'the ultimate test'. Not to be fanciful but has a parallel perhaps with the Turing test.
  5. Chris J

    Well it wasn't meant to be!
    Sorry, plain prose can read different than the tone added by a face to face conversation.

    But Andre is correct, my true intention was: does that hi-Fi system over in the corner pass The Turing Test?
    I suspect we tend to forget this in these conversations, but I'm not a mind reader so I can't get into everyone's head.:xf_eek:

    Why do my Classical recordings sound unsatisfying?
    Because they don't sound like the real thing.
    OTOH, the local symphony sometimes sounds rather unsatisfying because my Rach Sym #2 was not conducted by Previn.

    ya can't win, can ya? :xf_eek:

    The Turing Test Argument.....maybe it's really the transducers that hold us back....that seems to be the conventional logic.

    Or maybe I'm just a contrarian!

    Or maybe the test that shall not be named is the wrong test.
  6. bikerboy94

    Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread

    Come on guys lets get back on topic. This has been going on for 3 pages.
  7. Chris J

    Very true.
    This going in cricles....I'l shut up now.
    Enjoy your Magni + Modi!
  8. StanD
    Well, amps aren't getting much better, to sort of get back on topic -> get a Magni 2 Uber.  [​IMG] I'm done for now.
  9. Krutsch
    Any-Hooo... [​IMG]
    Received my Modi 2 Uber today. Connected it to my Mac Mini (2009), using Roon for playback, thru a Wyrd and into my 2-channel speaker system (NAD C 375 BEE integrated amp, into a high-pass filter and then into Miller & Kreisel powered sub and 4 ohm bookshelf speakers). I listen with a near-field speaker arrangement.
    My initial impression: very neutral, which is a good thing. More so, I think, than any DAC I have. My Rega, Arcam, NuForce, DragonFly, NAD MDC and NAD D 1050 DACs are all colored in different ways, speaking anecdotally - some more than others.
    I was impressed with how, well, "un-colored" this DAC seems to be. No accentuated bass, treble or mids - again, speaking anecdotally. But I have learned to trust my initial impressions, relative to my other gear, when I move things around (and I do move things around, a lot).
    I also appreciate the analog output stage - good power levels (greater than 2V Rms?); my system was plenty loud from the Modi 2 Uber analog out and sounded clean.
    Handled switching sample rates with Roon across Redbook all the way to 192/24, instantly, without a click, tick or pop.
    Best $149.00 I've ever spent on audio gear, to be sure.
  10. DCofficehack
    Ok, so DT 880 600 Ohms are now in-bound, and I need to pull the trigger on an amp.
    Please tell me whether or not I'll regret not spending the extra $50 for the Margni 2 Uber over the regular Magni 2?
    FYI, I'll be running my music straight off a MacBook Pro, no DAC. I don't own active speakers and don't intend to buy any, or at least I don't foresee doing it any time. Word is that the Uber has more power...should I care?
  11. bgentry

    I can't comment on Magni2U versus M2. But I'll say this: The internal MBP sound card versus the Modi 2 (not Modi 2U) was a rather large difference for me. I don't want to go back to the MBP's output ever. The Modi 2 is much better. Maybe put that $50 towards the Modi 2 instead.

    No, you shouldn't care about the power. On paper the power difference is too small to make an audible difference. Now the rest of the circuitry? That's up for debate as to whether it sounds different or "better". I haven't heard the Magni2U so I can't comment. It's supposed to have more than just "more power" according to the literature.

  12. DCofficehack
    ^^^ That's the first time anyone's clearly stated that the Mac DAC (on the 2013-215 models) doesn't cut it, or that the Modi would make a significant difference. 
  13. Koolpep

    Good advice. For now. But thinking about the future you should get the more powerful m2u this won't be your last headphone LOL *evilgrin*

    The dac is certainly a must as the next upgrade. I started with the Asgard and a MBP the addition of the Asgard blew me away with my then HD598.
  14. bgentry

    For the record my Mac, which I'm basing this comparison on, is a late 2011 model.

    The Mac's built in line output sounded "good". No obvious flaws or noises or anything that made me think anything was wrong. But the difference when I plugged in the Modi 2 was considerable. The clarity improved markedly. Especially in the high frequencies. Not *more* highs. More clear highs.

  15. DCofficehack
    I've read that the model year for the Mac makes a difference. It's the 2013 and later models with the really good DACs, But I'm not sure. I'd be delighted to hear other opinions. Either way, I'm going to hold off on the DAC. Phones + amp = my current budget limit.
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