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*Official Schiit Magni/Modi 2 ( Uber ) Thread*

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  1. bikerboy94

    IMO better specs nicer case and better volume control worth $50 iet alone speaker connection.
  2. DCofficehack
    Pulled the trigger on the uber. $50 really isn't all that much in the scheme of things...damn this hobby. And it's only just begun.
  3. bikerboy94

    Won't be long before your selling blood. [​IMG]
  4. StanD
    You're right in the scheme of things the 50 bucks are just peanuts. Some chumps will drop much more on just a power cord, now that's a waste.
    You're gonna like it.
  5. Krutsch
    I've dropped 5x that on a vacuum tube.
  6. Koolpep

    You will love it, am sure.
  7. cyclops214
    The non-Uber is only 300 Ohms your headphones are 600 so I say by the Uber so you can Drive your headphones properly.
  8. DjBobby

    Where did you get that non-ubers are only up to 300 Ohms?
    In the specs it says: Magni2 - 600 ohms: 130mW RMS per channel / Magni2Uber - 600 ohms: 160mW RMS per channel. Both up there, with 30mW difference.
  9. StanD
    That's supply and demand, complicated by what the market will bear. I hope it met with your satisfaction.
  10. cyclops214
    I thought it was only 300 I could've swore I read it a while back but maybe I was wrong.
  11. DCofficehack
    So check this out: I asked Schiit about the 300/600 issue described above. "Nick" at Schiit said that the regular Magni 2 should be just fine with the 600 ohm cans and said he really only recommends the Uber if I'm keen on the pre-amping business. So then he changed my order to the non-Uber.
    I'm damn impressed by any business that says, "no, you don't need the more expensive thing, get the cheaper one."
  12. ChesterYonany
    yea, i really like theire approach.
    they dont do sales either, not even on MASSDROP.
  13. StanD
    The prices on the Magni/Modi line are pretty low for what they are, I wouldn't want to cut their margins any lower as to cause them any pain.
  14. DCofficehack
    Price seems pretty good to me.
  15. ChesterYonany
    i meant that they dont do sales because of their approach.
    this is from the website:
65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74
76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85

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