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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. Xymordos
    The Chinese headphone forums are...rather empty.
  2. zeppu08
    Maybe we guys here can have a mini meets just to test equipments out.. ^_^
  3. Nicolas L
    If we actually manage to get a meet going, I'll actually have gear this time round :3
  4. Viper2005
    Will they have any good headphone stuff at the upcoming HK High End AV show this weekend?
  5. kkcc
    They should have most everything you can see in stores... ECT/DMA is having a big booth with all the brands they represent, will also have manufacturers like the AKG, ATH, Senns, Beyer, Philips, Denon, etc.  
    But don't think we get any new stuffs that isn't commercially available so don't expect to find news there.
  6. zeppu08
    BTW, where will be the AV show located? Can someone give me info on this?
  7. Xymordos
    Wanchai Convention Center, it is there every year :p There's very little headphone stuff there though
  8. fhuang
  9. fhuang
    no, it had everything.  from he6, hd800 to t1 to ed8/10/12.  even stax 009 with wes. 
  10. Nicolas L
    Is it quiet enough to listen to these critically though?
  11. Xymordos
    Certainly not. Some exhibitions provide quiet rooms, but most of them you'll only be able to hear the sound signature of the headphone.
    And yes, there are a decent amount of headphones, but compared to the speaker section the headphone section is quite small. I'd like to see more custom IEMs, headphone amps and DACs being put on display. 
  12. Xymordos
    The Dynaudio speakers in the AV show this year was my favorite out of all the rooms! 
  13. Rayzilla
    I would have liked to check that out. I have a pair of their entry level speakers and I can only imagine how their higher level speakers must sound. Do they provide pricing at the show?
  14. raymondlin
    I am quite amazed that there are that many people from Hong Kong here, I visit there once a year ! 
  15. Xymordos
    The only two I liked were the uber MBL ones and the Dynaudio ones. I think they're active speakers? It wasn't even their flagship but instead was a pair of small speakers that looked like the Xeo 5. They said it will only be announced in November o.O
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