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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. yangmanning
    I checked out Jaben and the cables were way out of my price range. Monoprice has 22AWG cables for about $4.00USD; I'll keep looking around. Thanks!
  2. smaragd

    If you want ready made cheap cables you can also try Ap Liu Street in Sham Shui Po on Kowloon side.
    I usually make my own cables. Ap Liu Street has plenty of DIY shops selling electronics and stuff too...
    What cable are you looking for? 
  3. yangmanning
    Pretty Simple Stuff. One Rca to rca and one rca to 3.5mm. Both less than 1 meter lenth. Even half meter would work.



  4. smaragd

    any computer arcade will sell these for cheap.
  5. yangmanning
    Ok! I'll try 298 later this week. Thanks!
  6. thehuangracia
    Hi guys,
    New to the thread and hoping you can help me out.  
    I'll be in Hong Kong for a couple of days next week and I want to try and pick up a CEntrance HiFi-M8 DAC.  I've had a look around and cant find anyone who stocks it.  I'll be time poor so if you can direct me to who sells it I can make a quick trip there before i fly out.
    Thanks in advance.
  7. Rayzilla
    If you are on the island side, have you tried the electronics shopping mall in Wan Chai? Not 298 or the employee behind it bit the one right by the mtr exit. It has a few headphone shops in it, such as Mingo, Let's Go!, Kingsound , and DMA. Those are the major headphone shops in Hong Kong. Look up any of those shops to get the exact address.

    Good luck!
  8. thehuangracia
    Thanks Rayzilla, I appreciate the response.
    I'll be on the Kowloon side but I'll try Wan Chai.  Thanks again!
  9. NLNH
    King sound probably have it... at sim city, Mong Kok. do check out 添置大廈 (271, Sai Yeung Choi Street South) for hifi/audio stores, Sino Centre, Mong Kok nearby for cds, Tung Choi street as well (couples of cd stores around) ... Jaben is also near by sim city so you may check that out as well
  10. thehuangracia
    Thanks NLNH.
  11. the fool
    subscribed, I plan going to Hong Kong in a few months, maybe I can find some help from this thread in the future.
  12. muah
    Anyone can advise which shop in HK sells Lotoo Paw Gold? Any indicative street price?
    Many thanks
  13. undersys
    There site l
    There site lists Jaben :
    Jaben HK
    Add: Room 24,2/F,Wing Wah Building,14-24 Sai Yeung Choi Street South,
            Mongkok,Kowloon,Hong Kong
    No other clue's thou
  14. chinook9
    I am planning a trip to Hong Kong in a few months.  Does anyone know the going price for Audio Technica Audio ATH AD2000X in Hong Kong.  I believe that is one headphone that I can get in HK for much less than in US.
  15. smaragd
    Here's a reliable source for audio technica headphones...

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