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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. smaragd

    Hk$4,390 seems the best offer... That's USD 566
  2. chinook9
    smaragd thank you for the information.  I'll check prices as I get closer to my trip date.
  3. b0ssMax
    Check out dma and jaben as well in mongkok, kowloon.
    Very friendly folks.
  4. RothkoRed
    My brother is going to Hong Kong in a week and I would like him to buy me a decent tube amp for my DT880 headphones (I'm from South Africa). Max $300 US dollars. Do any of you know of any excellent stores with cheap prices, close to the Marco Polo hotel, next to Kowloon Park, in Kowloon, that will have amps for sale? Also, do you perhaps know of any amps that might be available there? I will also try to email the store.

    Also any recommendations would be helpful!

  5. BucketInABucket
    Mong Kok have many audio stores such as Jaben, DMA and Kingsound that have nice amps for sale. 
  6. RothkoRed
    Do any of you perhaps know if I'll be able to buy the Matrix M-Stage headphone amp in Hong Kong and for how much? I went to amp the store website links on the first page of this thread but I can't seem to find one selling the m-stage.

    Matrix seems to be a Chinese brand if I'm correct so there should be a store that stocks it?
  7. yangmanning

    Hi, in my experience, to buy Chinese made products such as those from Matrix, the best deal is to order from a Shenzhen trading company and have them deliver it to you in Hong Kong. PM me if you want to try this route.

    If you choose to buy in store, I believe DMA carries most Matrix products.

  8. RothkoRed
    Hi, thanks for the help.

    Unfortunately my brother is currently in Hong Kong for only a few days so I doubt there is enough time to get something sent from China. But I will contact you now via PM to find out about this for future reference. Thanks!
  9. RothkoRed
    I have a quick question for users from Hong Kong. Is the Mingo store a reputable store? My brother is going to buy a little dot MKIII from them for me but I would like to avoid getting a counterfeit version. So I would like to find out if you guys would recommend that store and what I can do to avoid getting a counterfeit version. I've read on the internet that there are a few counterfeit little dot amps on the market?

    Also, do you perhaps know how to identify a real / counterfeit LD MKIII?

  10. undersys
    Mingo is a reputable store, 100%.
    Can't say anything for the LD MKIII.
  11. RothkoRed

    Thanks, I'm relieved to hear Mingo is a reputable store
  12. balmung2
    Is there any store in Hong Kong that is selling the Dunu Titan 1 or Vsonic gr-07? I know that a few online sellers have them, but it's too late for me to order from them.
  13. kerrys30
    Can someone help with which DMA audio store has the 380 demo unit?
  14. NLNH
    The one at 21/F., Mongkok Metro, 
    594-596 Nathan Road, Kowloon 
  15. kerrys30

    Brilliant. Thanks.
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