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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. Rayzilla
    Interesting. I never knew Dynaudio made active speakers, although I really do not know a lot about audio hifi. I only started into that side of the hobby a few months ago and unfortunately, with a limited budget too so I need to look out for deals. Any chance you know where to go to find deals on turn-tables in Hong Kong? Just want to give it a try. Let me know if you have any tips.
  2. Xymordos
    I'm not familiar with speakers, but I saw that each speaker was plugged in separately, so I guessed they were active. Also I never used LP :p
  3. kerrys30
    Does Anyone know a place in Hong Kong I can take my HPL cable and get the connector changed from Shure to Fitear? (hoping to save time/postage sending back to US or UK). Thanks.
  4. Nicolas L
    Haven't been there before, but R-Studio (https://www.facebook.com/rstudiohpshop?ref=ts&fref=ts) seems to be rather well regarded in the local audio community. 
  5. kerrys30
    Cool. Thanks. I managed to get it done in local jaben. :)
  6. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Anyone coming to meet us in Hong Kong? :D

  7. kkcc

    Any insights on what you guys will be showcasing at the show?
  8. Rayzilla
    Is this open to the public?
  9. bonbonq
    With money or a nice smile, anything can be :)
  10. ajra
    Hi Guys,
    I recently bought a Shure SE 846 in a fit of Audiophile nirvana on moving to HK.
    Nothing agianst these in ears, but for financial reasons, I need to sell them.
    They were purchased  A WEEK AGO FROM JABEN(Bill with date included), so practically brand new.( if anything , I just burned them in).
    Even the tips are new. The one i used, I have already replaced with a new one.
    Bought at 7200, looking for 6500, please let me know if interested.
    Serous buyers only please.
  11. yangmanning
    Hi Everyone!

    I recently moved to HK! I'm a headphone newbie, so thank you in advance for your patience.

    Can someone tell me where I can get rca and 3.5 to rca cables similar to those on monoprice in both quality and cost?

    I live on HKside so It'd be preferable if I didn't need to go to Kowloon, but I can if absolutely needed.

  12. kerrys30
    I go to Jaben in mong kok for all my needs.   there are a few other shops around there...DMA for one.
  13. yangmanning
    Awesome. Thanks!
  14. farisq
    Yes Mongkok area. U may want to check Sim City...
  15. smaragd

    If you're in HK side you can also check out Wanchai Computer Center (next to Wanchai MTR), on the top floor (only 2 floors) in the back are a couple of shops too.
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