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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. Rayzilla
    Which shops in Hong Kong carry STAX?
  2. Verloren
    Haven't seen any locally (Mingo and Kingsound have it listed on their websites but it's probably for advance orders). You can also give the AV Show in HKCEC this weekend a shot.
  3. undersys
    Pretty sure  i've seen SR-009 at Kingsounds flagship store in MK.
    If I recall i demo'ed a set... but that was a few years a go too.
  4. Verloren
    Sr 007mkII, 009 @ DMA stand at the AV fair.
  5. Rayzilla
    Which one is the flagship store? Is it the one on the 12th floor of the building or something like that? That store didn't even have the HD 800 for testing, so I would be surprised if they had the 007 or 009 for testing.

    Is the AV Fair open to the public? Is there an admission fee? Do they offer show special prices?

  6. Verloren
    80HKD admission fee, open to public.
    I'm not sure if they have special prices available. Some of the booths did show a price higher than what would normally be available in Mongkok or SSP. There also were some pretty good deals available on lower end equipment.
    In terms of getting to demo equipment, DMA was probably the best one with the most high end headphone + amp/DAC combos. Kingosound would be 2nd for me. ECT's booth was a mix of headphones with AK DAPs. I think Senn's was mostly full of Momentums, ThinkingGroup for Westone + Noble lineup. Beyer, AKG, Onkyo, Oppo, Fiio, and ATH also were there. There was a listening room for some Marantz/Q Acoustics gear (X16-X21 area).
    IMO, paying 80HKD to be able to demo a bunch of high end gear (even if in less than ideal conditions) is worth it. IIRC, DMA had a ATH-W1000 with AT-HA5000ANV hooked up, Stax, and a HD800 w/ HDVD800. I can't remember any others off the top of my head. I think was HiFiMan was showing some of their headphones off in the same booth.
  7. Viper2005

    The admission fee also includes a very good reference sampler cd/sacd hybrid called The Perfect Sound which is different every year.
    I went to HK AV show quite a few times and it was definitely nice to be able to try out all of the high end gear as well as seeing latest projectors and theater surround systems .
  8. Verloren
     This is the track list for this year:
    I tried the Stax 009 in the AV Show. Very neutral, but nothing special. Driven by a Stax SRM-007 (I think). I wonder what would be the sound quality if BHSE amp is used? 
    Does any one have this amp in HK?
  10. Rayzilla
    I need a step-down transformer for a Japanese 100v amp that I will be receiving in a few days. Are there any recommendations for any particular brand or model that I can pick up locally here in Hong Kong? That would be a 220v down to 100v, right?
    I plan to go Mong Kok today, so if you know of any particular shops I should go to, please let me know ASAP. Thanks.
  11. smaragd

    You'll have more choice I think in Ap Liu Street, Sham Shui Po...
  12. Rayzilla

    That is where I ended up. I got a transformer that steps from 220v down to 117v or 110v and can handle up to 200 watts at 50 ohms.
  13. forbigger
    can anyone enlighten me on where to buy diy parts at HK? looking to get some trrs 2.5" plug fr balanced iem. preferably mongkok or TTT or Sham sui po area thanks in advance fr any infos
  14. smaragd

    Ap Liu Street in Sham Shui Po is your best bet...
  15. forbigger
    thanks. is that on the street or shop houses along the street or any specific building i need to go?
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