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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. Rayzilla
    Speaking of HD800, if you want to keep your wallet happy, don't try them!
    I made a 'next' headphone purchase recently. Originally I had my mind set on the TH900. Then I added the TH600 to the mix. Then I added the HD800 to the mix. Since I knew it was going to be a while before I would get to consider a 'next-next' headphone, I figured I might as well try as many headphones in that class as possible so I added the T1, Edition 10, Edition 12 and HD700 to the mix. In the end, I walked out of the shop with the HD800 and I have been extremely satisfied with my decision.
    Of all the headphones that I have tried, I think the HD800 comes closest to listening through speakers. This is the reason why I warn you to stay away from the HD800 if you want to keep your wallet happy. So I am now expanding my horizons and am now interested in getting a pair of (starter) speakers. This brings me to my question for all of you guys living in Hong Kong:
    Could you guys give suggest some good stores that I can go to audition bookshelf/stand-mount speakers or floor-standers in Hong Kong? I don't mind buying used as well but my budget at this time is only up to about HK$6,000 (the lower-the better).
  2. tinton14
    DMA Audio should have some speakers for audition. It might take some time for them to set it up for you to try depending on what you want. I tried some Genelecs that were "hidden" on a top shelf in the Sham Shui Po store. I've seen them have many on display on their Mong Kok store in Sim City as well. 
  3. zeppu08
    I dont know if this is right but just trying my luck. Were just little here from HK by the way..

    Anyone here who has a cypher labs duet amp and might be planning to sell them? Please try to PM me. ^__^

  4. raidenwolff
    Does anyone know where I could get a Schiit Magni / Modi combo in HK? It's hella expensive here in the UK. 
  5. zeppu08

    AFAIK DMA-Audio sells Schiit products.
  6. raidenwolff
    Yea I think they're the official distributor ... but I sent them an email enquiry and they don't sell it. Thanks for trying to help anyway!
  7. Rayzilla

    Thanks tinton14, I never really thought of them as a speaker store but now that you mention it, there was someone trying out the Ruark wireless speaker when I was demo'ing the HD800. I'll drop by there next time I'm in the area.
  8. zeppu08
    Hi guys! Im new in hong kong and maybe someone can help me..

    Just want to ask if anyone here uses paypal via bank account? I just open a hang seng account and i want to put money on my paypal account. Ive successfully linked it and my question is how to deposit money to reload my paypal?

    Hope anyone can help me.. :)

  9. NLNH
    There should be an account (of Paypal) and you just need to put money in it and follow the instruction on paypal... you should be able to find it somewhere in the paypal menus[​IMG]
    zeppu08 likes this.
  10. seeteeyou
  11. zeppu08

    Hi! Thanks for the feedback! Im interested on this on ebay.. But is this safe and a trusted one? I mean how does the transaction be? Im really worried coz ill be reloading around $2000 USD.. Thanks again!
  12. BucketInABucket
    How do you chose 40mm speaker units on taobao? They all look the same to me, but I'm not sure if they'll sound the same!
    Nvm going to try these.
  13. Mr Samurai
    Just wanted to post this and share just in case anyone is searching for an iPod LOD or Line Out Cable/Converter. I located quite a few at Mingo Headphones in Mong Kok (Sim City) this afternoon. Prices ranged but the one I got was $105HKD. "AW Audio Line Out iPhone White" was the name of it.
  14. Nicolas L
    Not sure if any of you guys were there, but the Westone W60 launch in Shatin the other day was really nice!
  15. Nicolas L
    Do you guys know any good places to put up Chinese reviews for audio gear (like forums)?
    ... and will there be a summer meetup this year?
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