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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. PeterCheng
    I'll see if I can~
  2. NLNH
    Probably will meet next thurs/fri [​IMG] Bringing a k10
  3. BucketInABucket
    I won't be able to make it unfortunately, you guys have fun though :)
  4. OneSec
    Hey I am here in Hong Kong, but catch a plan on next Thursday. Too bad I'm missing it. Enjoy.
  5. NLNH
    probably free this weds (after lunch till 6/in the morning) if anyone fancy a meet[​IMG] 
  6. BucketInABucket
    I'm in England until February the 14th and then I'll only be in HK for a week after that, student woes :p
  7. raymondlin
    When you guys meet up, what language do you communicate in? 
  8. undersys
    Last meet I went to, was mostly canto. A few of us how ever did use English. Most of the guys can speak English and canto how ever :)
  9. NLNH
    This is Hong Kong anyways [​IMG] Probably should do either English only/Canto only meets later on....
    lol so nice...
  10. NLNH
    ouch wrong post (deleted)
  11. PeterCheng
    Im not sure if I will attend, but I am a Chinese so... you know, Cantonese would be preferred if you ask me :p

    As we didnt communicate b4, idk what language should we use either
  12. undersys
    I don't mind Canto, I just can't say much :) After all I would be there to listen.  Just like last time [​IMG]

    How ever I feel you should let everyone know up front the preferred language.
  13. NLNH
    Yes ..... haha..... it is a problem in HK [​IMG]  
    Next time may be a meet plus a nice meal? Can be a mini meet for English speakers only ( if you guys don't mind my terrible Chinglish haha)
    Will be getting more fun stuff to poison everyone soon [​IMG]
  14. PeterCheng
    o.O I dont have much $$ haha you cant poison me
  15. NLNH
    [​IMG] lets see... no need to be expensive items anyways.... 
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