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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. PeterCheng
    Haaa that sounds great, but Im just a 16-year-old student, dont know much about audio stuff lol
    Im currently using Pfe112, E5 and an ipt 4gen :p
  2. NLNH
    I'm using 122 sometimes ....
    as long as you are interested, y not come out, grab a drink, and let us poison you hahaah[​IMG] 
  3. BucketInABucket
    My parents won't be very happy about that, they think I already have more than enough...all the more reason to come [​IMG]
  4. NLNH
    Yah you got the Vk-1[​IMG]
  5. BucketInABucket
    And a beautiful pair of headphones, both in looks and especially sound quality, it is!
  6. NLNH
    wanna get a black one so badly... lol so tempted...the build is so nice [​IMG] 
  7. PeterCheng
    Just picturing myself sitting in between big boys and talk about stuff that i have absolutely no idea of xD anyway yea maybe~ again, Im really a newbie lol
    veyrongatti likes this.
  8. BucketInABucket
    Do it, why not, you probably won't regret it :D (unless your head is gigantic, its range of adjustment isn't that great). 
  9. NLNH
    still thinking about it.....[​IMG] got too much headphones at home atm....
    haha that's alrite.....I'm not much more than a newbie haha
  10. PeterCheng
    Ha! You dont have to be that humble :p
  11. NLNH
    There's always much to learn anyways...
    Audio is all about science and physics plus history....a great mix of experience and knowledge behind the price tags.[​IMG]
  12. PeterCheng
    Anddd also commercialization and HALO EFFECT lol xd
  13. NLNH
    hoho .... well everything in the world is....[​IMG]
  14. PeterCheng
    now the so-called 'audiophile' depends on their geers, not their enthusiasm towards music... anyway lets end here or we'll go forever :p
  15. NLNH
    Well....    anyways......holding a meet next week, see if anyone is interested[​IMG]
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