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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. BucketInABucket
    Go look here for a general estimate for the prices. Most shops in HK give a discount for their goods though, keep that in mind.
  2. Rayzilla
    BIAB,thanks for that.

    So I made my way around to visit DMA and Let's Go, in Wan Chai since I was in the area. This was my first time ever listening to the HD800. Very pleasant experience. Then after lunch, I made my way to Mong Kok.

    First stop was King sound but unfortunately they did not have any demos of the three HPs that I wanted to try. But the guy got me to try the T5p and I thought it was not bad but not good enough to add to the mix.

    Second stop was Jaben just because I happened to walk right by it when I was looking for DMA. Tried the TH600 and the HD800 on the Graham Slee SUL.

    Third stop was DMA in SIM City but I didn't stay there because I found out that the Nathan Road store was their flagship store so I quickly went there instead. Got into the elevator to go to the 21st floor. I had my Note2 - El8 - Ed8LE with me and there was another guy in the elevator checking it out. We did a little chatting and then when we both got out of the elevator, he said "going for an upgrade?" I said that I wanted to try the HD800 and he said "sure, just follow me". He turned out to be the Assistant Shop Manager, Stanley. Very nice and friendly guy. To make it short, I couldn't make up my mind although I am leaning towards the HD800. I'll be going back again soon. :)
  3. Rayzilla
    Does anyone know if these places still operate?
    I'll be going to Jaben and DMA (in Mong Kok) tomorrow to demo some of their equipment but I wouldn't mind dropping by these places first. DMA doesn't open until 1pm.
  4. NLNH
    They are opening for sure[​IMG]
  5. Rayzilla
    I was just there. I saw two stores selling used portable amps. Were there more before?

    I'm at Jaben now trying out the Dark voice 3322.
  6. NLNH
    Nah those are the only ones.....
    should seriously go to Japan one day for more used goodies.. nearly everything there is in mint condition and cheap[​IMG] 
  7. Rayzilla
    Well.... my wife did mention that she wants to go to Japan for a vacation. :wink: But that will have to wait a little now that I am making this current purchase.
  8. Rayzilla
    I'm sitting here in DMA waiting for the HD800 to be delivered to this store from their other store. I want to go back and try them with the Line Magnetic equipment but it's getting late and the family will be home from their day at Disney land. I should have known that I wouldn't be able to get home before them. :/
  9. NLNH
    Enjoy the stay, and the cans [​IMG] 
  10. veyrongatti
    Or..... Go to Japan and get it second hand XD Your wife wont want to kill you and you get your gear XD
  11. PeterCheng
    Hongkongers ^^ Great thread~
  12. NLNH
    Another one located in HK bumped into the thread! [​IMG]
    Should really do a meet this year, should we?
  13. BucketInABucket
    I say why not, during the holidays maybe.
  14. NLNH
    Should do.... will have collected a lot of poisonous items by that time ლ(`∀´ლ)  
  15. BucketInABucket
    I'm going at a relatively slow pace for an audiophile so I won't have that many gears [​IMG]
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