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Official Hong Kong Thread (Shops, Meets, Events and more-)

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  1. Nicolas L
    Generally fine if you're purchasing parts, but if you see something for an abnormally low price, probably a fake. I spotted some fake goods when I was there last time. 
  2. undersys
    Care to share some links?
    I spent around around 30mins down there I've not say over priced and he  was helpful.
    Don't get me wrong i could be wrong :) 
    I can't comment on the quality, but he did let me demo a lot of stuff.
    Any other places you know of that can do custom sockets and cables ?
  3. seeteeyou
  4. NLNH
    May offer doing a headphone cable at a cup of coffee [​IMG] (just interested in testing that cable)
  5. seeteeyou
  6. NLNH
    fancy a 3.5-3.5 [​IMG] anyhow need to make sure that the cables are genuine...that is way too pricey.... risky risky....
  7. nax0rz
    I meant for repair service
  8. undersys
    Have you brought cable from this place?
    If so what was it like ?
  9. raulcf77
    any experience with the authorized dealer of stax there in Hong Kong?
  10. nax0rz

    i don't think its that one. the store im talking about is owned by an old man and he only does custom/ repair work.
  11. Rayzilla
    I just came across this thread now. I have the green light and am in the market to make my next purchase. I've usually bought used in the past but given the HPs that I am considering for my next purchase, I think new this time will make more sense. Currently thinking about the TH900, TH600 or Hd800. If the latter two, I may be able to add a desktop dac/amp (maybe something like the Audio GD 11.32).

    Any recommendations for a shop that carries all three (to sit comfortably and try) and will agree to a good discount?
  12. Nicolas L
    Jaben does carry all three models, but not sure if they're up for demo-ing. You could call them and ask :) (I recall the HD800 being locked inside a beautiful glass display cupboard)
  13. seeteeyou
  14. Rayzilla
    Thanks seeteeyou, that looks exactly like what I am looking for. Looks like they have everything that I could possibly want to try. Hopefully they will be negotiable as well.
  15. Rayzilla
    Any of you shopped around for these three headphones recently? I would appreciate it if you could PM me to share the prices that you have been quoted. Thanks.
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