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Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones Part II

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bearfnf, Feb 8, 2013.
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  1. bearFNF Contributor
    Choo Choo is way off the track now.  Lets get it back on track.[​IMG]
    So I was checking on my order for the Schiit Asgard on my work computer (slightly against the rules, but I had to know) and a buddy walked over and said, "What kind a schiit is that your looking at? That is not work appropriate!"  I think all he saw was what it sounded like and not the actual spelling.  Thought I was going to have an HR event, until I explained what it was, and then he said, "Why on earth would you need an amplifier for a pair of headphones?"[​IMG]  Tried in vain to explain it to him but he just shook his head and walked away.  On better note another co-worker had been listening and I saw a spark of interest, so I let him listen to my rig and he actually seemed to get it. It may be a low flame but I will fan it till the audiophile fire gets a good hold on him.[​IMG]
    [Mod Edit: I've started a new thread as the previous one was continuously derailed.]
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  2. devhen
    Once I bought my grandma a Stax setup and she pooped her pants.
    Phew. Back on topic.
  3. bearFNF Contributor
    [​IMG] Now that was funny, thank you for the laugh.
    I just told my mom I was thinking about spending $380 on cables for my headphones and she just about reached through the phone to smack me in the back of the head (I could tell by the tone) "That's rediculous, that's as much as the headphones cost by themselves.  It can't make THAT much difference, blah blah blah...etc etc"  She final stopped and said "whatever, it's your money..."  I could see her rolling her eyes thinking where did I go wrong with this one?  His sisters didn't turn out like this.
  4. ev13wt
    Oh boy, I sleep for one day and don't check this thread and need to go through 10 pages of digital format nonsense to catch up.

    I am gonna chime in right about now on this subject.

    I can easily tell the difference between my volume knob settings, the left and right panning knob settings and on good days I also detect the subtle differences between a broken cable and a working one.

    That said, I'lll now pour another whiskey, flip the record, sit back, close this ipad and relax and listen to the medium with really crappy specs compared to all of this flac lossless lossy lost cause discussion. I will enjoy the crackles and pops and pretend I have a fire place while I enter complete sonic bliss with each sip of whiskey and each revolution of the record.

    I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.
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  5. chewy4
    Heh, that reminds me of the intro to this song, I think its sampled from some PBS thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4juN6Od3Mw
    Excellent dub/reggae song.
  6. linglingjr
    Let my idiot friend listen to my HD600s and E9/E7 combo at first he was tempted to go on youtube and listen to music from there.... When he finally found some music from my flac library that he liked he turned the volume knob on the e9 up way past 12 o' clock ( I never listen to it past 9 o' clock)  thankfully it was only that extremely loud for a few seconds before I turned it down. He listened to them for a few seconds at a decent volume and then said "they sound like ****" He had just bought some $20 sonys and asked "wheres the bass? These are terrible" 
    I know my set up isn't high end but his reaction was too pathetic to keep to myself.
  7. devhen
    I hope those Sony's he got are an XB model or he'll probably think they're terrible as well. :wink:
  8. linglingjr
    Nope, these things lol 
  9. Tus-Chan
  10. Satellite_6
    My friend had a similar reaction to the HD 580's. "meh."
  11. thoughtcriminal
  12. PastaChief
    Not many people I know are supportive of my headphone purchasing, but so far everyone who's listened to my HE-500 is convinced that they're worth the money. I'm actually quite surprised at the positive reactions people give.
  13. pichu
    , i know the Ultrasone 580s are the low end of hifi, but when i showed them to a beats owner, and he listened to some kanye and imagine dragons, i asked him how much they costs, and he replied with $30. I couldnt believe it, when he only owns Solos. Sigh* he said the bass wasnt there, and considering the ultrasones are known for bass really disturbs me that he said that.
  14. ssrock64
    I lent my FA-003 (which gets absolutely zero head-time nowadays) to a friend so he could consider buying them from me (he's a guy who does his research, has only high-quality MP3s on his iPod, and cares about music, but has never really gotten into the hardware side of things before). I would ask him what he thinks, but I think I know: I haven't seen the Fischers in weeks [​IMG]
  15. TTNK
    Alright! Story time!!!

    So I Got a roommate who, when I first met him, called himself an audiophile. He has: Bose computer speakers, on ear souls republics, some turtle beach headset and skullcandy aviators. While the aviators are actually quite good, the others...yeah. So anyway I had him try my dt 770's and he was blown away. He was just stunned. So from that time on, I've introduced him to real audio companies, head fi and the like. Long story short, he is buying my dt 770's :). He's wantIng to eventually upgrade to something like the m100's and such (He's sort of a bass head) he's also looking to getting a portable amp.. I've converted someone! Hurray! Sucks for his wallet though.
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