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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

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  1. bflat

    To keep the thread on track - I love my K10s!
    Actually, I chose ALAC for lossless ripping via iTunes. I use Audirvana on both home and office Macs. I sync with my iPhone and set to auto compress to AAC since I don't have enough storage space for lossless. I don't really listen to my music via iPhone much. For portable I manually copy all of my lossless files to my AK240 and then use a utility to convert iTunes playlists to M3U files and copy them over to the AK240 root directory. I do the same manual sync for my office laptop since I no longer use Double Twist. Thanks for the info, I should just get off iTunes and convert everything to FLAC.
  2. Saraguie
    All that I can cross is: I will recieve my remade right side in about 4 hours. I went to Santa Barbara to have Brannan take my impressions to up my odds of it being done right. Stay tuned. [​IMG] 
  3. Watagump

    How long was the drive from Honolulu? [​IMG]
  4. Saraguie

    With the new underwater rail, it was only 4 days [​IMG]
  5. M Coupe
    Mine arrive back next week.  I can hardly wait!   I had the 3003 AKG and 215LTD to keep me company but they don't nearly measure up to my K10s.  Fingers crossed!
  6. bangkokkid
    We had a great time at T.H.E. Show Newport, a big thanks to everyone who came out to listen and show support!​
    Now back to our regular scheduled programming...​
    JohnPaulPagtalunan4-1copy.jpg JohnPaulPagtalunan4-2copy.jpg JohnPaulPagtalunan4-3.jpg
  7. mscott58
    I suddenly have an urge for cinnamon candy!
    Glad to hear T.H.E. Show went well. Sorry you had to put up with Wata. [​IMG]
  8. Watagump

    I am glad you were smart enough not to drive.
  9. Watagump

    Now you done it.
  10. mscott58
    I accidentally plugged an address into MapQuest or Google Maps once that mistranslated to being in Australia. The system then actually gave me directions to get there! It was driving directions from the East coast to California, then it said to paddle to Hawaii, then it gave me driving directions across Hawaii, then said to paddle again to Japan, then more road directions and then the last paddling leg before it gave me the road directions in Australia. I kid you not. Totally cracked me up. 
    VisceriousZERO likes this.
  11. M Coupe
    Water ski takes only 5 days.  Wouldn't that be more fun?
  12. mscott58
    Ha! I'll watch out for burning barrels rolling towards me as I climb up the ladders...
  13. Cagin
    Totally! Atomic Fireballs! [​IMG]
  14. cuiter23
    Not sure if anyone on here who owns the BTS can do me a favor - 
    Can it work as a wireless streamer in your car? I would greatly appreciate anyone that can help me out with this. My local Noble reseller doesn't have them in yet.
    Thanks in advance!
  15. BensonTT
    Hey guys.. If you were going to buy the K10.. Would you buy the universal or custom? I was about to buy the universal but maybe I should ask on here first...
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