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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. mvvRAZ
    I just looked them up and that triangle split looks so awesome haha.

    Is it the Silvergarde SX that you have?
  2. Wes S
    That splitter is a signature trademark of Norne, and looks even better in person. I have a Therium, which came out before the Silvergarde SX, and has been discontinued. The Silvergarde SX, is definitely high on my want list.
  3. mvvRAZ
    Honestly I might’ve gotten one on the spot if it wasn’t for the two prestige treatments that are about to flush me out once again....
  4. Wes S
    There is one in the classifieds, that I would have jumped on, but it has a 4.4mm balanced connection, and I need 2.5mm.
  5. mvvRAZ
    I only really run 3.5, not a big fan of balanced
  6. Wes S
    I use 3.5mm the most, as well, but do use the 2.5mm sometimes. Just depends. . .if I am using my phone or amp.
  7. mvvRAZ
    I’m not familiar with phone tech personally so I might sound like an idiot but I think AK or one of those major DAP companies should try and make a phone...

    Just basic phone functions + music (or the dumbed down version of android)

    Idk, I’d buy that and replace my phone in an instant
    Wes S likes this.
  8. Watagump

    They couldn't compete with the companies like Samsung etc, they are too big compared to AK.
  9. Dvl Kubo
    the rnd just to do all that cost too much
  10. mvvRAZ
    Of course but they’re in a completely different market imo - DAP first phone second

    The RND would probably be the main limiting factor though I agree
  11. holsen
    I auditioned them at Headphone Bar and quite literally was instantly blown away by them. I got a bout a 30 minute session them and they have all the clarity, resolution and seperation of a Planar, with the depth of the best DD I ever heard and Super easy to drive. I have Xelentos, SE846, oB Cupid, Tin P1, IMR R1 Zenith, IE800 and bar none... I haven't heard anything like them. I'm just deciding what to sell so I can afford a d justify getting these M3s. They're stunning IMO
    Owludio and ayang02 like this.
  12. Wes S
    Those M3 will be my next iem, for sure.
  13. SBranson
    That’s very interesting. I’ve been eyeing them waiting for more reviews and didn’t have the money to jump on that used set that popped up. I’m looking for a replacement for my long loved Savants just for something different. (Still love my Savants and listening to them right now)

    Hmm... once some $ clears from a sale maybe I’ll order a set.

    If I may ask, what kind of music did you audition them with?
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2019
  14. ayang02
    The M3 is definitely impressive. The thing that stood out for me is its dynamic range: simply magnificent. I think it kind of ruined some pure BA IEMs for me and makes me wonder what my future hybrid flagship purchase should be, possibly an estat/piezoelectric + planar + DD IEM.

    On another note, I’m seeing $600 K10s on Massdrop, what a steal for that price!
    Wes S and Deezel177 like this.
  15. SBranson
    Hmmm... maybe that would be a nice upgrade from my Savants.

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