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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. SDBiotek
    You can try something like the iFi IEM Match. I've used it with a different DAP where I was getting some hiss with my Katanas. It's basically an inline attenuator.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
  2. Seareach
    Thanks for the suggestion - I've seen it suggested for use with the Hiby R6. I've ordered one from Amazon and will give it a go.
  3. mvvRAZ
    Hi there! I am going to be purchasing a Noble TOTL IEM or two at the canjam London and I'd really love some advice!

    So far I've listened to the Katana and Encore, and I absolutely loved the Katana, while the Encore I found to be a bit too punchy/warm for my taste. I generally like neutral, with large headroom and even slightly recessed bass is appreciated. The A18t is one of my favourite IEMs until now, but since it is acrylic, the durability is generally speaking pretty mediocre.

    I was told the Khan is out of this world, but also that it is more focused on musicality than neutrality, with pretty strong bass - so I'm thinking the Katana might be a better match for me. Also I'm not a huge fan of hybrids, I've always preferred pure BA.]

    The other huge point for me is durability - I use my IEMs all day every day in the office and at home, so occasionally they can fall, knock against the desk etc, keyboard etc, so I need something that lasts - my CA Andromeda for example is built like a tank

    Could someone that has the Khan comment on its durability and how much punishment in terms of drops etc it can endure? Comments on the Katana would also be lovely!

    Thanks for the help!
  4. Rowethren
    At least from my perspective I wouldn't categories the Khans as having strong bass. It is very accurate and hits hard but the quantity isn't particularly elevated, I have actually added around 2dB below 200Hz to give a bit more of a kick and found it much more to my tastes.
  5. mvvRAZ
    Thank you for the quick reply! The way this is going is I might get both the Khan and the Katana haha

    How does the durability feel to you? Metal constructions tend to be a bit more lasting, but I’m really not sure in the case of the Khan
  6. Rowethren
    Not sure you will need both as they are definitely cut from the same cloth but you are trying them out in a couple of weeks so you can decide for yourself. I know I pretty much never use my K10 CIEMs anymore partly for sound and partly because universals are much less hassle to insert assuming you can get a good fit with them, they do isolate a tad less though.

    Regarding durability I don't tend to drop things but they feel pretty sturdy. The nozzle and face plate are both metal, a metal nozzle in particular should boost durability in the most vulnerable area. But then I have had my K10 CIEMs for 3 years and they looks like new still even though they are all acrylic.

    Going back to sound, make sure you try plenty of tips when you demo the Khan as it took quite a while to find ones that fit and sounded best for me (ended up with RHA Dual Density Silicone tips).
  7. mvvRAZ
    I see, sounds like I’ve had some misconceptions about the Khan - both in terms of the construction and the sound signature

    I had a similar experience with my customs - got the A18t and instantly regretted not going universal, they barely leave their box dude to the general inconvenience and care they require

    Looking forward to trying them out either way, thanks bud
  8. Watagump

    You are doing the right thing by attending the show to try them for yourself. Fingers crossed you can get them right on the spot if you decide to buy, you get the best price and no waiting for shipping. If you do like me and drop them from a high enough distance, even the Katana can break, you are dealing with both plastic and metal. But don't worry, its not like a little bump is going break anything.
  9. mvvRAZ
    Fair enough, I agree!

    Yeah I’ve been saving up for a while so I’ll be going there with a huge budget to be able to get stuff on the spot :)
  10. KuroKitsu
    To quote another headfier, once you've heard Khan, everything else sounds not as good in comparison.

    Regarding the bass, I wouldn't call it strong. More like accurate to what exists in the track. And definitely not anemic compared to Zeus.

    For durability purposes, it seems fine with the faceplates and nozzle being metal, those are often the places where failures happen. I think generally if you don't drop them from ear height to the floor, minor bumps are fine.
  11. MadDane
    Oh, and Do NOT sit on them!! :deadhorse: :deadhorse: :deadhorse:
  12. mvvRAZ
    Hahah yeah I haven’t done that to any of my IEMs yet...

    The metal faceplate is actually great news, most of the falls would be either faceplate or nozzle impact anyhow

    You’ve all been so helpful, thank you!
  13. KuroKitsu
    So apparently, I've had my cable plugged into the socket half way of Khan for the last 2 weeks. Might explain the fit issues Ive been having.
    SBranson likes this.
  14. kdphan

    Stunning indeed!
  15. soundperfection
    Im a k10ua owner looking to upgrade. How much of an upgrade would u say khan is

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