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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. fb24601
    I am not ready to pick katana over my k10u if the katana just gives better treble but less bass hit
  2. warrior1975

    Wata strikes again!!

    Agreed, although I haven't heard the K10 yet.
  3. audionewbi
    As a quiet and happy owner of first generation Savant, is there any different in the new generation savant?
    I did use the search option but nothing came up, thanks :D
  4. ScottFree

    Besides the shell and faceplate, no.

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  5. Rowethren
    This is my K10, Mojo and OTG cable (under the flap in the lid) storage box. Good fit, sturdy and water resistant.

  6. FullCircle
    Ok folks
    I spent the day watching people demo the Katana at the Tokyo show.   The comments were positive, but that could be because I was standing over their shoulder....
    But the comments were essentially this.
    1) "The Katana gave me goose bumps"       Not sure if that is a good thing, but I'll take that as a good thing
    2) "I own the K10's and I prefer the K10s over the Katanas"
    3) "I prefer the Katanas over the K10's"
    4) "Sound so realistic and open"
    5) "Was considering another brand, but now I want the Katanas"
    6) "The Katanas are not as heavy as the K10"
    That about sums things up
    Again, I was there shaking hands, meeting folks, etc etc.   They could have been just being very polite, so all I can do, is repeat what was said
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  7. audionewbi
    ^I am happy to do the hard work of testing those claims, for free :D 
  8. longbowbbs
    I am anxious to hear the Katana's at RMAF this fall. The K10's continue to be my primary reference CIEM's. 
  9. LikeABell
    Or maybe the katanas could be less expensive?
  10. warrior1975
    Nope, doesn't work that way, prices must always increase!! :wink:
  11. ScottFree

    Plus the Katana uses proprietary drivers. That means that the drivers in the Katana have been specced by and are built for Noble exclusively, which probably means smaller production runs and a higher cost per driver than other mix and match BA drivers which are built in larger quantities.
    LikeABell likes this.
  12. dulty
    Thanks John. Can't wait to try them against my faves... Must... fly... to... LA...
  13. Saraguie

    Would you or Brannan please say what the sound difference is vs the K-10?
  14. warrior1975

    What does that mean driver wise? Are they different sizes? Unique? Different ohms? Only Noble can use these specific drivers?
  15. Verloren
    Will the Katana be available to demo at the HK AV Show?

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