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NEW XDUOO X serie DAP-X20, X10+ & X3+. XDUOO Are on FIRE!!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by NymPHONOmaniac, Dec 14, 2017.

What would be an interesting feature to have in a TOTL Xduoo DAP?

  1. Dual hifi DAC

  2. More internal memory

  3. changeable battery

  4. more DAC filter for soundsignature

  5. changeable amps

  6. android touchscreen

  7. wifi & bluetooth

  8. USB DAC

  9. radio

  10. xlr balanced output

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  1. Tatagiba
    Thank you !
  2. kundatra
    Does anyone (thanks a lot, XVortex)) know what is a difference between rockbox 4447a3e-190819 for xDuoo X3ii based on stock 1.20 and f9ff417-190204 also based on stock 1.20?
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  3. XVortex
    Holypal and hakuzen like this.
  4. flamesofarctica
    Ok I'm a bit late to the X20 party, but I'm loving the sound quality of this DAP. Less warm than my other main players, so a nice contrast as it brings out a lot of details, and manages to do that without any harshness. I'm impressed.
    hakuzen likes this.
  5. Pewterlocks
    Will the x20 push full sized headphones?
  6. hakuzen
    in balanced output it manages to drive HiFiMAN Ananda and HE400i here, so go figure. high gain, volume 65-85/100
    trellus likes this.
  7. flamesofarctica
    Mostly I've used with on ears (Koss, Grado) and earbuds, but have tried with some full sized (my JVC's for example) and no issue driving them to sound great
  8. funkymartyn
    Does anybody know if and what sort of prices the xduoo audio would cost from Japan . As got a friend going over there from the uk soon.. And wouldn't mind a decent priced xduoo.. Thanks.
  9. counterclockwise
    xduoo doesn't actually seem to have much of a presence here. even the big go-to audio gear stores i've used (e-earphone and soundhouse) list only a few and no xduoo items, respectively.

    won't rule out that you might get lucky and stumble upon a nice deal somewhere, but generally speaking i find that the cheapest way to obtain xduoo products here is to just order them from aliexpress. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. Tatagiba
    Hello folks.

    I have the X20, but I find it a bit cold. I wanted more low end and warmth ...

    Recently I received the Ibasso DC01 wich is very good to my taste.

    Turns out that I pluged the CD01 on the USB C of the X20 and it was recognized and works playing music ! I imediately was excited to try the combination. But looks like that the X20 is set to only output through usb-c at maximun volune. The X20 volume control just does not work, and the level is ear bleeding.
    So, someone have any idea of how it could be solved ? Or is it impossible ?
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
  11. hakuzen
    try settings "Output mode" (set to LO) and "LO Volume" (set to Activated), in Music Settings
  12. Tatagiba
    It did not worked.
  13. Charente
    I only use full-size headphones and find HD580 Jubilee works well for me with the X20 ... also a wired Bose QC35 (with NC on) sometimes, as it's more compact for travel and has the BT option.
  14. fmdlnt
    I posted this question on a separate thread, but maybe I will have better luck here. What is the difference in sound quality between X10T/X10Tii and X20? I know the sound of the original X3, which I used with Rockbox, and liked it.

    Thanks in advance.
  15. Charente
    @fmdlnt ... I only have experience with the X20, ... so, can't be of any help to you
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