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NEW XDUOO X serie DAP-X20, X10+ & X3+. XDUOO Are on FIRE!!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by NymPHONOmaniac, Dec 14, 2017.

What would be an interesting feature to have in a TOTL Xduoo DAP?

  1. Dual hifi DAC

  2. More internal memory

  3. changeable battery

  4. more DAC filter for soundsignature

  5. changeable amps

  6. android touchscreen

  7. wifi & bluetooth

  8. USB DAC

  9. radio

  10. xlr balanced output

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  1. fredhubbard2
    gapless play is of use if you have an album where songs segue into each other, if there is no 'gapless play' there will be a 'jarring' moment of silence where there should be a seamless blend as it were. doesn't matter if you are listening to an album where individual tracks stand alone.
  2. shikotee
    To follow-up...

    Reverting to Vortex 1.0 did not resolve things. I reinstalled 1.2.

    Since I had been using this microsd with my T6 (with 15000 limit), I had previously staggered my music library so I could transfer just under 15000 songs (to be scanned by hiby), then would transfer the rest onto the card (to be scanned by Rockbox). This gave me greater control of the hiby database contents.

    So, I formatted my card using the x3ii, then transferred 14994 songs onto the card.
    Strangely, when hiby scanned, it completed, but listed 15039 songs found from the scan.
    When I initialized the Rockbox database,15002 songs were found.

    The only things on the card are folders and mp3's (used Total commander to purge all other file types).
    On my T6, both hiby and Rockbox recognize 14994 songs on the card.
    Not sure why this is not the case on x3ii.

    The actual full amount of songs that failed to scan previously was 28879.
    Assuming the glitch continued, it may have for some reason read above 30000, and perhaps this is why it kept rebooting after the initial scan.

    When I get a chance, I'll try to reduce it to 25000, and will see what happens.
  3. funkymartyn
    What's the score with the newer X3 11, What are they like with cards up to only 64gb ? I chacked on the pc and I see my new sandisk 64gb cards are in Exfat32. And the original X3 Plays and reads all OK. ..flac and mp3 , 320 kbs. ... But does this newer version accept these cards the same ?
    As I don't really want to have erase my music , then try to format my cards , then refill them up ...just to play ok
    What do you think..Anybody got X3 11 and been OK
    And I'm not rockboxing.

    I know the cowon plenue D does need fat32 only.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  4. johnbthetenth
    Works fine for me with a Sandisk 128GB in FAT32.
  5. funkymartyn
    Did you have to format the card when you bought it, or was it already in fat32 ?
    As up to now I haven't done anything with any of my cards....and I have heard that windows can not format into Fat32 without using a program.
    Which I have never done yet....BUT you then loose everything on the card... Which I don't want to do.....
    But the X3 works fine with all of my cards so far...some smaller ones already fat32 it's just the 64gb card which arrived in exfat32 already..
  6. Tatagiba
    Man you are worried about something way too simple. Windows can format in fat 32, you just select when formatting. But you are worried about formatting a 64gb card !!! That's very little nowadays and you take just a few minutes to copy the content to your HD, format, and copy back.
  7. funkymartyn
    So what youre saying is if my card is in exfat32 already , I can just stick in the laptop, and change format to fat32... in windows 10.... But the card will be erased clean.. Well I have put each card onto my external drive as back up, each 64gb card took about 45 mins to complete....
    What I was trying to find out really is which audio players can just work from the off.....like my xduoo x3, no formatting to do....
    Does the xduoo x3ii, or even x10, x20, need the cards formatting ?...Just incase…..
  8. funkymartyn
    Anybody remember reading on one of the xduoo threads about a replacement battery for the X3.. I think it was from the Samsung phone ???... Thanks in advance.
  9. Tatagiba
    Hello all.

    I need help with the Xduoo X20 ...
    Recently I received the X20 + CCA C16 IEM. This is my first DAP + IEM set ever.

    Overall the sound is very good, clear and detailed. But I am missing some low end rumble, speacially at some genres ...
    What I noticed is that if I anble any kind of EQ the sound becomes kind of muddy, it loses clarity and impact. Even if I try to custom EQ ... With EQ off it sounds a lot better, but it lacks some low end to my tast ...
    Initially I thought that it was the C16 fault because it is not a bass focused IEM. Very detailed sound, but missing the fun factor ...

    So I decided to try the C16 with my phone. Before I was using the Xiaomi MI8 with the Poweramp app wich have a beta option to anble 24bit/96khz processing. I've always used EQ with my phone and cheap earbuds, I'm not a audiopile and I try to get the best for my tast.
    The result was a big smile in my face ! Some boost at the sub bass gave the C16 a incredidle rumble that I never thought that I could have with a earphone. It became extremly fun and yet very detailed with great instrument separation. Also the output is very strong, I believe that the USB-C out can output a lot of power.
    So the EQ on the phone have the exact oposite effect that I have on the X20. The phone with EQ off sounds muddy and lifeless and when I enable it I have the ability to twic the sound to my tast and the results are amazing.

    The thing is that I would like to be able to have this EQ ability on the X20 and get some rumble fun alongside with the clarity, detail and the very low beckgroud noise ... I'm using the firmware v1.5.

    Have someone experienced something like this ? Any tips ?
  10. counterclockwise
    are you using the stock firmware?
    chances are you could get better results with rockbox' EQ.
  11. Tatagiba
    Is it really woth installing the rockbox ?
  12. ashbash75
    Oh god, yes.

    I've got an Ipod 5.5g custom with custom hardware and rockbox.

    Fiio X1 gen ii (software an absolute mess, no firmware update for over a year).

    xduoo x3 ii (stock firmware, poor. Rockbox port, very buggy).

    I don't understand why FIIO do not make their firmware open source as they do not listen to what their customers want but there are people who have an interest in software and able to tweak the firmware!!
  13. counterclockwise
    rockbox gives you much more options for tuning the sound to your liking, and installing it on the X20 is a matter of copying one file to your sd card and selecting the 'update' option in the system menu.

    you were hoping for something easier?
  14. Tatagiba
    No, I have no problems dealing with firmware. I was referring to the benefits and loosing the Hiby link ...
  15. Tatagiba
    Well, I rockboxed mine. But I get no sound ...

    Edit: Fixed
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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