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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. paradoxper
    How dare you.
  2. NinjaHamster
    Ah, well you know that this ... on this site anyway ... mitigates against anything you have previously said ... [​IMG]
  3. elwappo99
    Well in that respect I did get a chuckle, but I just meant for some people there's no point in discussing. 
  4. sfwalcer
    ^ Says most headphones are a rip off then goes and buy an Abyss. [​IMG]
  5. NinjaHamster
    Which cost $12,000 in Kamaloo ... wait, they ARE stereo ... maybe it's $6,000 per "ear-speaker" ...
  6. JeremyR
    I equate this to video. Remember when DVD's first came out? When you first saw a DVD, you could tell it was better then VHS, but it was not THAT much better. Then after watching DVD's for months, if you looked at a video on VHS, it looked like absolute crap. The difference was huge.
    Same thing happened when HD Video came out. When you first saw it, it was not a massive advantage over DVD. Once you got used to it, it became worlds better. Same thing is happening right now with 4K TV. Sure it looked a little better, but no big deal. I bet in a few years if you look at a 1080p TV, you're going to think it looks like crap.
    Right now I am in the VHS stage of the audio world. Maybe I should just stop here. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss. I don't find myself enjoying movies any more today, then I did when all I had was a VCR. I might want to preserve that ignorance.
  7. M-13
    Just to be clear guys. Evaluating dacs comes more easily after you get used to a few nice quality dacs. Once you know what to look for and where it really doesn't take that long to hear a difference. Like 10 seconds of a passage of song that is super complex with lots of things happening will literally reveal almost everything about that dac. A lesser dac will smear the details and the attacks will sound blunted and messy at the end or the tonality will be off, bloated or recessed somewhere. There is also resolution, the ability to extract micro-details. etc. I mean seriously once you hear the difference it's startling and hard to go back to $100 dacs. The reason it takes so long to figure out the difference initally is just a lack of experience. Once you have the experience the differences are very in your face hard to miss even after just a few second of listening. It doesn't take weeks or months everytime you get a new dac. I'm just saying your very first one might take that long.
    And no need to jump into $10k territory. Just try the $600 Concero, or if you can swing a get a X-Sabre, DA8, Anedio D2. Or buy any of these used if you want them cheaper. They're all near $1000 or under. You can probably resell them at the exact price you bought them for. People spend $1000 on headphones all the time, LCD-2/T1/HD800, hell even the HD700 went for a $1000. Try a dac in that range if you already have a phone of this caliber and get ready to smile big and eat crow.
  8. TMRaven
    Man I dunno I tell you what's a drastic difference is going from Composite to S-video or component 480p.  That color bleed and dot crawl is so bad.
  9. NinjaHamster
    Or like those people who thought early 14 bit CD was better than Vinyl as it didn't crack or pop and the specs (channel separation, DR) were great and then ... Oh, wait ...
    If you have to sacrifice a chicken, go into a trance and communicate with the Old Ones to hear a difference, that's the same as there being no difference, because even IF some nuance exists, you won't hear it 99.9% of the time. 
    People spending that extra thousand dollars or whatever for that .1% really need to step back and take a self inventory imo. 
  11. M-13

    This is a great analogy. I'm waiting for 8K TVs that are 3D without glasses and are curved like a movie theater screen so that the edges are equidistant from the center. Oh, and of course it must be 100 inches +. LOL.
  12. JeremyR
    version 3 of this should do the trick :)
  13. paradoxper
    People should really stop judging other's. Whether or not a $1k+ DAC or uber amp is worth it, is up to the individual.
    What matters is what kind of enjoyment you get out of whatever it is you're into.
    The same should be said for telling people they need x to realize x potential. Ignorance is bliss, so let it be.
    Most of us do get curious enough to explore on our own as is. 
    As has been said before pricing is no indicator of performance, etc. And as long as you're enjoying yourself
    that's all that matters, be it with $100 gear, car radio, $1kgear or Beats. [​IMG]
    leesure and painted klown like this.
  14. M-13
    Just an observation from spending some time on Head-Fi...
    It seems like this "dacs don't make much of a difference" theme always repeats itself in threads that are budget item oriented.
    For example, this line of argument flies well in the HE-400 thread and is generally well received by many there; but try saying the same thing in the HE-6 or HD800 thread and people will smack you around and call you a fool. I think the difference is that people on these budget threads don't have a lot of money and spend a majority of their money on cans and perhaps even a semi-decent amp like the O2 or Asgard/Magni. This leaves them with just a soundcard or a budget dac and they have to convince themselves expensive dacs don't makea difference. Their ears are open to any and all arguments that dacs are unimportant.
    I've never seen a post where some guy says, "Hey guys so I've been living with this $1000 dac for a few weeks now and I hear no difference from my ODAC, so I'm gong to send it back. Looks like you guys were wrong so F U."
    It's always more like: "I tried some $10,000,000 dac briefly at a audio shop or a meet and I heard no difference." or "Science tells me there is no difference humans can hear."
    This pattern seems to rehash itself on a lot of threads on Head-Fi. LOL.
    When you guys on college budgets start splashing around with more expensive dacs you will all come to the darkside...[​IMG]
    manbear likes this.
  15. painted klown

    I agree 100%.
    I bought my main speakers (Bowers & Wilkins 684) based on inexperience and cost. After living with them for several years now, I lament the fact I made such a hasty decision. Replacing speakers isn't cheap to do (IMO). After owning them for a while, I find the aluminum tweeters to be extremely sibilant and fatiguing at high volumes for long listening sessions. 
    To the uninitiated/inexperienced listener (me, when I bought them) they sounded good at low  to medium volume levels. They sound "impressive" to the new audiophile (having never really heard hi-fi speakers before) as they sounded "full and engaging" with good bass and decent detail in the top end. I now feel that their "detailed top end" is nothing more than exaggerated highs. I think they are fine for movies, no complaints there. However, for 2 channel critical music listening, I crave something more.
    If I were to buy new speakers today, I would (most likely) get something that sounds considerably different than what I currently own. Definitely something that leans toward a "darker" sound, and no more metal tweeters (I am thinking ribbon, or silk dome tweeters may fit the bill).
    All of this is IMO, and I mean no offense to owners of B&W speakers (heck, I own them myself). If you love yours, that is great, I just wish I loved mine. Then again, I do have their lowest cost towers. LOL!
    But I am way off topic now...
    On Topic: I understand that some tube lovers are generally attracted to tubes because of the color the tubes add to the signal. This is sometimes described as "Tube-iness" (that's the technical term [​IMG]). Some people like a lot of this "tube sound" while others seem to like just enough for a little smoothing of the highs and a bit of mid-range thickening.
    For those with tube experience, how would you rate the "Tube-iness" of the Vali? Does it add a lot of that tube sound, or a little bit of "tube flavor" to the signal?
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