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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. leesure
    I long ago ceased trying to impose my vision of 'budget' or 'value' onto others.  $400 may not be  budget item to you, but to many others who expect to spend $1200+ on a DAC, $400 IS a budget price.  
    Just work on what sounds good TO YOU and fits into YOUR budget and stop expecting others to see things through your eyes.
  2. M-13
    No man it PROBABLY IS the best ever! Best dac ever (like that song).  What can be better than something you hand built? The value is just off the charts.[​IMG]
  3. purrin
    Take this with a pinch of salt. It's really not so clear cut and more complex than this.
    Use it as a rough indicator of where things stand.
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  4. kstuart

    This seems to have changed with the new USB Gen 2 board.   This comment by Jason indicating that they feel that USB is a little better than SPDIF with the new board.   (http://www.head-fi.org/t/603219/schiit-gungnir-dac/1215#post_9772462)
    Note that prior to this, many other DAC engineers have insisted that USB is superior (Halverson, Rankin come to mind).  Now that Schiit have had enough time to come out with a competitive USB board, they seem to have changed their mind. [​IMG]
    PS  Darko confirms that the new USB Gen 2 board is as good as Jason claims...
    Note that we are really getting into TINY subtleties with different digital connection methods!  I would not spend money just to find out it makes little difference in your setup.
  5. NinjaHamster
    You mean he could come up with "Stereophile" ?  OK, let's all hope in the DeLorien and enjoy the ride !!
  6. Barry S
    The Modi is neutral, but it does have some congestion and thickness compared to to the Gungnir. The Vali soundstage is smaller than the Mjolnir and the overall sound is more closed in, but it sounds just articulate enough to enjoy with the Gungnir feeding it. Modi/Vali is probably going to be a little thick or veiled.  I'll test it tomorrow with my Modi and HD650 against the Magni. The Gungnir>Vali sounds better than the Modi>Mjolnir, so score one for the DACists. [​IMG]
  7. purrin
    The way I see audio (and cars): it's the equivalent of women's cosmetics / skin-care products / plastic surgery. No doubt there's a luxury / cachet element to it. I got no problem with a successful busy banker, doctor, lawyer, businessman dropping five to six figures on expensive audio gear. They work hard for their money and have little time to waste evaluating gear on a constant basis. They just hear something they like, think it's awesome, and just go for it. Then they can brag to their friends about the cool audio stuff they can easily afford. Not anything different from the OC housewives who compare boob jobs (yes that actually happens around here.)
    Let me get back to one crucial fact: the Vali costs $119.
  8. purrin
    I have an old USB board and a new Gen 2 USB board on hand. I have not had a chance to AB them thoroughly yet, but comparisons between the coax from my PC (what I use in favor of the built-in USB on the PWD2 DAC - actually a very good implementation already) and the USB Gen 2 seem to indicate no difference. This is a score for the USB Gen 2 board because usually USB sucks - like really sucks - compared to coax from a decent source. It is very subtle though. The Uber Analog board is a no-brainer must have upgrade. The USB Gen 2 - that depends on your setup.
  9. olor1n
  10. purrin
    Let's embark on a path of constant side-grades: acquire four amps at about $99 each on average, three DACs at about $149 each, and five headphones at about $300; and then bitch about about the $419 Beef-Roast is too extravagant and high-end for their tastes.
    Moar <> bettar. Unless of course you want to list an extensive headphone CV in your profile to proclaim your awesomeness.
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  11. painted klown
    Purrin, Thanks a lot for that chart. Although I have not really heard many of those amps (have only heard a couple different headroom amps at a local shop), it does put things into an easy to understand chart, and is a great point of reference.
    That fact that it leans toward the "syrupy" side, is good news to my ears, as I feel that it would be a very good indicator of weather or not I will enjoy tubes as a whole.  IMO, it seems to be a low cost way to test the water.
    Thanks again, I haven't really posted/read much on this forum, but you come across as an experienced head-fi'er who is more than willing to help out us noobs. I see that your comments can sometimes be polarizing, but anyone who garners a lot of respect will evoke strong responses to their opinion...as it matters to a lot of people, and clearly holds some sway. [​IMG]
  12. hans030390
    You all are going to love this. This is my current setup I'm toying around with:
    1. USB to JKSPDIF MK3 to DAC
    2. Metrum Quad DAC (Got this with the JKSPDIF for $750 used for everything...couldn't resist trying a NOS DAC - Currently using with XXHighEnd software)
    3. Schiit Vali ($120)
    4. Tascam TH-02 ($30, about $55-60 after mods)
    Mmm, that upside sound cost pyramid sounds good. 
    The ringing scared the crap out of me when I plugged the headphones in. Saw that Schiit directly addressed it on the product page and went about my business.
    It's a great amp, and the price doesn't hurt. It's also got a bit of a noise floor with sensitive headphones, but, eh.

    Yes...you can find DAC measurements all over the internet...frequency response, distortion (of all types), noise, impulse response, sine wave response, etc. You name it. I'm just starting to learn some of the complexities behind it. For example, the measured frequency response of a DAC might tip you off to the type of upsampling or digital filtering is being used, though there's more to be said about how upsampling or digital filters affect the sound outside of just the frequency response (ex: they can also affect pre and post-ringing in the sound...check impulse responses). I'm trying out a NOS DAC (non-oversampling) to see if my ears find the DAC less fatiguing. NOS DACs have their own measurable advantages, but they also have downsides, generally in harmonic and intermodulation distortion. But, a true NOS DAC should have a clean impulse response without ringing. Measurements can show these things but can't always necessarily answer which balance of benefits and compromises your ears will prefer.
  13. purrin
    You are welcome. Don't take me too seriously. I've been laughing my ass off this entire time and still have a smile glued to my face.  I'm just having fun rest day now that I've managed to send my parents back home this morning.
  14. Nic Rhodes

    what phones do you intend to use with it?
  15. tdockweiler
    IMO it's not even remotely like that, but we'll see what others say in the next week. I know Purrin didn't say this.
    Don't forget that it's a hybrid tube amp.

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