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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. purrin
    Ahhh, that felt good.
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  2. tdockweiler
    Well, I hope a lot more people get the Vali in on Monday and can post impressions. This way I can be sure i'm not hearing things.
    I swear that i'm sitting here and the Vali is not really there. Sounds crazy, but yeah I can't complain about this.
    I haven't used my Modi with it since day 1 but I guess I'll try that again now.
    Normal people on a budget should still consider the Modi to pair up with it. Nothing wrong with it or an ODAC.
    I don't consider a $400 DAC a budget item!
    I think for the Q701 a Vali + Modi/ODAC would be perfect.
    Modded Q701 on the Vali has gotten the most use so far.
    Now to figure out why my DJ100 sounds a bit weird on it..
  3. purrin
    Let me photoshop an illustration for you with other amps for reference. Give me a about 30 minutes. I'm trying to make the most of double XP weekend in SWTOR right now by killing some Imperial scum.
    On the flip side of this are the people on headfi who swear that unless you're spending hundreds of dollars on a cable you just aren't getting the right experience. There's truth in there somewhere between the two extremes, but many of us are trying to sort through the crap to make intelligent decisions that don't break the bank uselessly. 
  5. Currawong Contributor
    A fact is only true in the context which it is presented. 
  6. NinjaHamster
    Your tale of woe is not uncommon - It is a "rite of passage".  We learn to trust our ears too late it would seem - at least in most cases - amongst the various reviews and ("they must know better than me") opinions ... ultimately only we know what we want, and we all all different ... Purrin might love the Vali and I might go "why"? (this was not a real example - I haven't heard it).  Ultimately, the people who make the most progress are those who consider other opinions but also know themselves and their own preferences ... this is hard in a lot of cases (how do you try a lot of gear to DETERMINE your own preferences in the first place?).  In the USA, this might be easy, otherwise you have to spend a lot of money and "thinking time" to work out who you are and what you believe.  Once you do, WOW.  You can often ignore the high prices, and go with something cheap, but which "does it" for you with a little research.  It really is a tale of growing up and becoming independent, but we each have to do it for ourselves - I can't tell you what you might like and visa versa.  The main ingredients are inclination and  time - unfortunate as we have so little time ... but still, I choose to view this as a message of hope rather than doom (but ask me tomorrow, it might be different) ... [​IMG]
  7. M-13

    We all are man. Nobody likes wasting money. There are lots of smart people on here. It takes brains and an education to make money to spend on audio gear. You don't make money by making bad deicsions and being dumb. I think it's important to not dismiss the experience of others unless you've given them a fair evaluation. And yeah cables can make a difference, a small or big difference depending on how you view it.
    These days with so many places offering no hassle returns and trial periods for dacs, it's very easy to go hear for youself without taking a hit to the wallet. Or like I mentioned going used is also great because you can sell it back to the community for almost no loss or no loss at all in most cases.
    Snake oil is everywhere, not just in audio. But you have to understand most people on this forum don't have any secret agendas or motivations. We're all here to enjoy music and share our experiences. Yeah there are some bad eggs, but they kind of reveal themselves in an obvious manner in due time.
  8. sfwalcer
    +1 [​IMG]
    void0-9.gif a talkin' birdie.......
  9. JeremyR
    I am going to start this with I know nothing, so forgive me. I am new to the high end audio game.
    Is there any equipment that can measure the analog signal coming out of a DAC, so it can be objectively compared? I would think the delta in DAC's could be easily quantified if such a tool existed.
  10. M-13

    Honestly I wish some genius would come up with an objective way to quantify headphones, amps, and dacs, so that we can stop arguing. I can just say, hey look the ODAC achieved a 87 out a 100 and the Perfect Wave Dac II achieved 91, so it's objectively 4 points better.
    I somehow doubt this is going to happen though... and thus the human race continues to argue and rage about nothing. Even if we had measurements people who disagree about the methology used and thus we have scientists and petty squabling in peer-reviewed journals. LOL.[​IMG]
  11. waynes world
    Are you trying to tell me that my $50 HifimeDIY Sabre dac is NOT the BEST dac ever???
  12. Deni5
    'Preference' always plays a role as well so even if it would be measurable it wouldn't say that much. Finding a like-minded would give some clues though.
  13. tdockweiler
    Nope, i'm really loving the Vali. When I bought it my returns were all used up with Schiit (1 per year) so I would keep it or sell it. Definitely a keeper. I actually bought it as a bedroom amp for my CD player and Xbox 360. It's actually close enough to my favorite sound in an amp and that's why I like it.
    So far I'd say the Vali is tied with the O2 as the 2nd best amp i've heard. In total i've only heard less than 10 desktop amps though. O2 isn't perfect, but I loved it when I had it.
    Right now i'm testing the Modi with the Vali and HD-650. It seems like it sounds a bit more blurry/muffled than it normally does. Like almost a slightly double whammy in warmth, but why?! I don't even find the Modi warm. Confusing. Still not too bad.
    The Modi ALWAYS sounds crystal clear with the Micro and O2 with the HD-650 so this is a bit weird.
    Vali + HD-650 sounds amazing with the Micro DAC which has the CS4398 chipset. Same with the modded Q701.
    Maybe next year i'll try the Bifrost but it's a bit out of my price range though.
  14. NinjaHamster
    Yep ... like most of the female porn stars ... they like men, and I like the porn stars, and I'm a man ... almost  ... that gave me a clue that I should be dating a porn star ... It hasn't worked very well so far, but I'm still hoping ...
  15. Anavel0
    Maybe Tyll Hertsens can come up with something like his headphone measurements but for DACs.
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