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    My HeadFi system as of February 2014
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    Current System as of 2013 Dec. HD800, Naim DAC-V1 and Schiit Vali just for fun!
  3. LFF

    NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

    Well...the cat is out of the bag!!   Quote from Purrin:   The initial review is that it's "the best amp under $1650.00!!!" from another old member I really trust.  The best thing's only $120.00!!!!   It's definitely nice to see a company push the envelope in terms of performance...
  4. chimmycham

    HD598s.. Magni2Uber vs Vali

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) > Audirvana Plus > Sennheiser HD-598 phones.   I'm deciding between: >Magni2 Uber / Modi2 Uber >Vali / Modi2 Uber >O2 / ODAC >Magni2 Uber / ODAC etc..   Which would pair best with my HD598s?   Right now the Magni2 Uber / Modi2 Uber seems like...
  5. chimmycham

    Schiit Magni2 Uber/Modi2 Uber vs Vali/Loki

    I'm going to purchase a modestly priced Amp/DAC for my Sennheiser 598s      Current setup: I've got a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) > Audirvana Plus > HD598   Of the 4 options, what do you guys suggest would give me the best sound?   Amps: Magni2 Uber Vali   DACS: Modi2...
  6. mikek200

    Beyrdynamic DT 880{600ohm} vs AD 900x-differences

    I  would like to know,for those who have both of the above headphones,the major likes,dislikes,of these two headphones. Recently,I bought the DT880,s,and am using them with a Schiit modi/vali setup. The AD900x are coming in ,in about a week. What is your opinions,personnel likes,dislikes,and...
  7. LEntless

    Amp/Dac for Sennheiser HD598

    So I got hd598s recently. I am currently using on-board sound -alc 898. Should I look at upgrading to a Dac and/or amp? Would there be any difference?
  8. rptlead

    Is it worth buying more than one pseudo-portable headphone amp setup?

    I have complete Ifi-stack, does it still make sense to buy a really good priced JDS O2 amp or Schiit Vali amp?  Are the sound signatures from those two other amps that much different that I will want to buy and keep them anyway?     Saving up already for a better amp to match the Hd800...
  9. qkrzazzang

    HD 650 + Vali + Xonar Essense STX

    I currently have HD 650 AND Xonar Essence STX, I was wondering if getting Vali would be a good choice. I heard STX is good for DAC, so what I have in mind is: Hd 650 -> Vali -> STX.
  10. nolossaudioguy

    Little Bear p-2 chinese tube amp with new IRF510 mosfets sounds good but...

    This amp is like the Bravo v-2 except it has a switch for 6 or 12 series tubes so it should have a greater choice in tube rolling.  Mine has a GE 5814 tube but I don't know how good(or bad) this tube is vs other options out there for a reasonable price.  The new mosfets fix the rolled off highs...
  11. Nihalnoufel

    Schitt Vali and JDS lavs O2

    Hello,   Im looking for a new headphone amp around $150.   Im looking at schitt Vali and JDS labs O2   Which would be better for pairing with a sennhiser hd600 ?
  12. Talai

    I have a $300 budget for a new pair of headphones, can I get some help deciding on a pair?

    Hello Head-Fi, I recently purchased the Sennheiser HD 598's but after some use I found that the open back design of the headphones was simply leaking too much sound for my liking (and for the others around me), so I returned them. Now I have a budget of $300, and I need the best pair of...
  13. Kbman

    Schiit Vali vs. Aune T1

    Okay so I just recently purchased some Q701's after a few months of deciding what to get and now I need an amp. I had been looking at the Schiit Vali for a while, but then found the Aune T1 for a very good price. My question is, what is the better quality amp? Don't even worry about the pricing...
  14. BoneDaddy

    First Amp Recommendations Bellari HA-540 Schiit Vali or Creek OBH11

    I am new to the headphone game but very much enjoy my music. I have a pair of Grado SR60i's and would like to pair them with a nice amp and I like the thought of the warm tube sound with my Grado's. I listen to mostly digital music at the moment but plan to move to Vinyl in the future. At this...
  15. invrlose

    Vali vs Magni

    Anyone else have both of them? Which is better? I have both and I often switch between the two, but my ears aren't as keen as some of the people on this forum. So I'm wondering what you like and dislike about both.   It seems to me like the Magni is more bright than the Vali.
  16. Brizzl

    DAC/Amp for AKG K702?

    I plan on getting a pair of these cans in the next couple of months. I know that they need an amp/DAC to perform well, and I just wanted to see my option. My first choice would be a Schiit Modi/Magni combo, but honestly that costs more than I would like. Would it even be worth it to just buy a...
  17. terrapin13

    Over Ear Closed Headphones with Schiit Vahalla/Bifrost

    I listen to music all day at work - CD player via optical, Fiio X3 coax FLAC.  Currently I love listening with Sennheiser HD650 with a Schiit Vahalla with Bifrost Uber Analog.  I do not listen to the music at very high volumes - more interested in clarity and soundstage of the music.     Early...
  18. SpartanX58

    HiFiMAN EF-2A vs Schiit Vali

    Hi guys, I've recently bought an AKG K612 PRO and I'm looking for an Amp to drive it. I want to know the differences and similarities between the HiFiMAN EF-2A and the Schiit Vali, their pros and cons and wich one best synergyses with my K612. Metal and Industrial are my musical tastes.
  19. BagelMonster

    Will my Xonar DGX be able to drive 250ohm headphones?

    Hey guys, I currently have an Asus Xonar DGX sound card on my desktop PC. I'm thinking of getting the Beyerdynamic DT880s, but I've heard that the 250ohm version sounds much better than the 32 ohm version when amped. Will my sound card be able to handle the 250ohm version or should I just go for...
  20. abablitz

    I have a Magni, Vali, and a Emotiva Mini

    I find it inconvenience to continously pull out the RCA cable to swap between amps, is there a way I can purchase a splitter that would allow my magni to be connected to both my Emotiva and Vali?
  21. BrianPeppers

    Tube amp for DT990 Pro in the $100 range?

    I'm looking for a tube amp in the $100-$150 range. I'm currently using a Schiit Magni and am finding that the pairing is not very good. The bright DT990 sounds too mechanical with the Magni. I would really like something warmer. I think that with the pairing the sound is distant and recessed.The...
  22. tehsprayer

    AMP/DAC for DT 990

    Right now I am using the Fiio e10 which is fairly new and it is nice although I am getting some static issues only through my macbook air. Not sure what is up there but it works fine on my computer. It can drive my DT 990-250 well and not going past 30% volume on it (Approx 2.5/8 on volume). But...
  23. Airwolf

    Should I turn off my Schiit Vali when I am not using it?

    Wasting electricity aside, is it bad to leave the Schiit Vali turned on all the time?  Will this makes the tubes wear out significantly faster or do they only wear out when they are actually outputting music to the headphones?  It is hooked up to my computer and for purposes of convenience, I...
  24. ryant

    Schiit Vali: impressions and reviews (no microphonics discussion)

    Ok, this idea was kicked around several times on the Vali thread so I decided to run with it.    This thread IS a place to post your reviews or impressions of the Vali and how it pairs or compares with you headphones, DACs, amps, etc.   This thread is NOT a place to talk about...
  25. ruleof72

    Schiit Vali to replace/upgrade from Magni with Mad Dog Headphones

    I've had the Schiit Magni for about a year paired with my Mad Dogs and have been very happy with the setup. But, I'm interested in the Vali as a possible replacement/upgrade for the Magni. I've always to try a tube amp and the Vali seems like a good way to dip the toes in the pool and see if its...