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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. FraGGleR
    He hasn't said the Vali is outright better.  He says he prefers it to those amps, and gives examples of what it does better and what the other amps do better.  Not sure why people are so up at arms about him stating his preferences.  Some other posters have corroborated what he posted and some have posted opposing views.  
    The crazy thing is that the people who haven't heard the Vali yet are the ones calling him a fraud.
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  2. Nic Rhodes
  3. painted klown
    Thank you for the input.
    Can you please elaborate on the differences between these two amps?
    I own neither one (I currently have no HP amp) but was seriously looking at one of the Little Dot offerings to get a tube amp on the cheap.
    Since tube rolling can be costly (therefore making it something I would end up doing very little anyway), I figured I would see how this little amp compares.
    Save $$$ and get a taste of tube flavor. I have never really had the opportunity to listen to any tube playback gear, so I am always wanting to try some. With the low cost of entry for the Vali, it's almost worth taking a chance on one "just to do it". However, if I would be better off skipping it and moving to a Little Dot, then I would rather save the time/money of buying multiple amps. Hope that reasoning makes sense.
  4. MattTCG
    What's even more amazing is the you'd add the word fraud to my post which is ironically fraudulent on your part. I have nothing but respect for Purrin which I stated in my post. Uncool...very. 
    I do in fact find it suspect that this amp can compete and quality tried and true amps costing 4-10x times as much. If in fact it does compete with those amps that have been mentioned, I would think that schiit would charge 4-10x the price for it. Do I question the claims being made...absolutely. Lot's of gear around here gets overhyped. Call it flavor of the month syndrome or what have you. 
    I'll have mine in a few days and will formulate and share my own opinions. If Purrin's claims are on the money, I'll be happy to say so. 
  5. kstuart
    I have spent more on tubes for my Bellari hybrid than on the amp. [​IMG]  I did that because I have never done the tube rolling thing, and the Bellari has one tube instead of two, so it was easy to get single tubes for cheap (which usually means $30-$40).  I enjoyed the whole journey back to 1961 - sort of like watching MadMen.
    But, most tube amps use more than one tube, so the whole experience can be quite costly.
    Since the Vali tube is hard-wired, that automatically makes it the cheapest tube amp. [​IMG] 
  6. kstuart
    I think these things end up being different for head-fi fanatics who have 5 DACs, 8 amps and 12 headphones, as compared to the guy who wants to find just one DAC, one amp and one headphones.
    The Vali has some things it does very well and some things it can't do as well as more expensive amps (such as my Kenwood or your Pioneer).
    As you surmise, the latter is why it is $119, rather than $419.
  7. eke2k6
    Or maybe Schiit is just charging the cost of materials, plus a set profit margin?
  8. FraGGleR
    You aren't the only one questioning him or his motives, just the last one to post and the one I quoted.  Suspect is a negative word that implies some sort of falsehood, which is similar to fraud.  Fraud may be stronger, but it was used intentionally to point out the ridiculousness of how strong the negative reactions are to what Purrin and others have stated in favor of the amp.  If I have learned anything in this hobby, it is that the price or topology of a device doesn't always equate to its absolute performance or its relative value.  I am less defending Purrin and more defending the notion that some things truly can punch several times above its weight (as this definitely does) without people who say so being called full of BS (my words not anyone else's) until proven otherwise.
  9. cebuboy
    Can anybody compare the Modi/Vali to the Alo Audio Pan Am with the stock tubes of course? I know its not the same class, just want to know peoples impressions. :)
  10. Why are people fighting over 'motives' and other weird crap on an audio forum? 
    The question is does this little amp make people happy for $120 and the consensus so far is yes. Leave it at that. 
  11. elwappo99
    Unfortunately I think people got stuck when Purrin said he prefers it to the Mjolnir or when he referenced someone preferring it to amplifiers under $1k. They immediately took it to mean "completely superior". If you're buying this amplifier expecting the latter you may be disappointed. I read the reviews carefully and had a good idea of the pros and cons and was pleasantly happy with this amp so far. I wish the noise floor was just a tad lower because it's really a good mix with my Sony SA5000 on a quick listen.
    With that said, I think I may end up leaving the volume control on this thing alone and just having a SS preamp running to it. Would be nice to have one with a similar form factor. 
  12. Eric_C
    Purrin's comments about the Bifrost make me sad. So, my iPod and PC sound card are holding back the Vali by a wide margin? =(
  13. elwappo99
    I think you should look at those comments the other way around. If you later on want to get a better sound you can always upgrade your DAC/source and you wouldn't find the Vali is limiting the sound you'll get. 
  14. Eric_C

    Haha, thanks, that's a great way to look at it.
  15. tdockweiler
    Do you guys think this really has any warmth at all? Really when I listen to it it reminds me more of the O2 than anything else in it's price range. Isn't that absolutely nuts? The mids sound natural and not thick/thin or whatever to me.
    Now, I love the sound so far! It's clear and natural sounding. It's like it changes it's sound depending on the track. I like how music that's bright/harsh is not touched (for me).
    Sort of chameleon like, same as my other amp. Huh? I'm trying hard to pick out any emphasis coming from the amp, but having trouble. The bass seems well controlled on my open headphones, but less so on my 38ohm DJ100.
    I have no clue how one could dislike the O2 and like the Vali. The Vali sounds dead accurate to me. I'm using it with a CS4398 DAC, which is definitely not warm.
    Everytime I play my tracks my reaction is like "Yep, that's exactly how it's supposed to sound". Right now i'm using it with the modded Q701 and loving it.
    I'm going to start calling it the O2 KILLER just to annoy people!! Ok, I already had one but this is another!
    Well, sorry I know Vali and O2 probably shouldn't be used in the same sentence, but I had to do it.
    BTW even the E9 sounded warmer to me, but more colored. For me the Vali is sort of like an O2 that's slightly more natural sounding and just as clear. WEIRD. Not possible.
    Also..if you're describing the sound of your new Vali make sure you're not accidentally describing your DAC's sound signature or recordings [​IMG]
    It's actually easier than you think.
    There is really a tube in there right? [​IMG] I think it went on vacation.
    So IMO this is the best Schiit amp i've heard so far. Oh and on day two it's sound didn't change! Still sounds good. Mine sounded fine out of the box. No point in me trying to burn it it.
    Maybe i'll be off the general consensus, but if you want to add something to your headphone's natural sound signature I don't think this will work for you (I like that).
    I'd be interesting in knowing what other amps this sounds similar to. To my ears it's very close in sound to the O2, Micro Amp. My Magni had some similarities, but that's brighter/thinner.
    FYI the Asgard 1/2 was definitely warmer to me. I bet i'd like that with a Beyerdynamic headphone.
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