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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. burnspbesq
    Someday I will do a detailed comparo between the Vali and the amp section of my Hilo.
    Today will not be that day.  I'm just going to enjoy the Vali with a selection of familiar reference recordings (right now I'm listening to the Baltimore Symphony/Alsop recording of the Dvorak "New World" symphony). 
  2. FLguy
    Interesting, thanks for mentioning that. Is anyone else hearing - or not hearing - hiss with low impedance headphones?
    I'm in the market for an amp for use with low impedance phones now, higher impedance, later. So I'm interested to know...
    (Yeah, I realize that at the price of the Vali, I could replace and repurpose it later if needed when changing phones. I'd like to understand what to expect, and whether that's likely to be necessary.)
  3. vipervick
    I just bought the Modi/Magni combo. Maybe I can get a Vali next Christmas...
  4. jexby
    what tubes are in your Lyr?
    I don't find the Vali more detailed for ALL instruments (seems it does like to put some emphasis on guitar strings), and this might be dependent on music genres.
    I get plenty more overall detail (bass and drums) in most songs from the Lyr, including a wider soundstage.
    Vali seems to center the music more "in your face".  (not bad, just different.)
  5. kstuart
    I am in a process of dealing with that myself.  Head-fi has one of the broadest memberships, many different cultures, both national and demographic.
    I find that I write the sentences that explain exactly what I am thinking about the subject under discussion, but when I look at the result, it is very often a TL;DNR post for 99% of people.  So that is not communicating.   Conversely, I may not have the time to condense it to a perfect three sentence post.  Yes, it's a dilemma...
  6. kstuart
    When I stated exactly that, a few monts ago, various people ridiculed it (incl TMRaven [​IMG] ).
    I am using a $350 DAC, the HRT MSTwoPlus, and I know exactly how it compares to the $150 HRT MSTwo.   My peception is that I would rather have the $200 spent in the DAC than after the DAC in the chain.
    Why? Because once your DAC is missing information, even a $1600 amp and HD-800s cannot put back the missing information.  In fact, the quality amp and super-analytical headphones will clearly show you that your DAC is not reproducing what is on the recording.
    Let's see - $350 DAC, $120 Vali and $180 MA900s - I would rather have that than $100 DAC and $550 worth of amp & headphones.
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  7. MattTCG
    ^^ Glad to see the ma900 getting some love. It's a lot of hp for the money. [​IMG]
  8. kstuart
    What I hear is "congestion".  When I try the Vali with the Alpha Dog, if you have one vocalist with a guitar, it sounds great.   But if you have a lot of stuff going on at once, you will hear some congestion.   Conversely, when I use the Vali with the (dynamic driver) MA900s, no congestion.
  9. SMG52
    Reminds me of 'back in the day' of high end audio, when Linn Sondek of Britain campaigned about the importance of the turntable/arm/cartridge in the chain......feeling it to be THE most important link. If you don't get it off the record, you can't recover it down the line. Others eventually caught on and many high end turntables began to hit the market (and are still being produced today, including the venerable Linn Sondek). Sorry for the ramble.....[​IMG]
  10. kstuart
    Short 90 hour burn-in report:
    BIggest difference is that out of the box, my Vali was slightly shy on top end, low on "air".   Burn-in removed this entirely, now there is plenty of "air".
    At this point, I think this is a good value for $120, but that may vary depending on headphone.  I would definitely prefer this to Magni, with the same possible exceptions.
    More on Monday at this time...
  11. SMG52
  12. MattTCG
    It would be nice if they OP/someone would compile a list of hp's that are a good/bad match for the Vali. If this already exist then my apologies. 
  13. TMRaven
    I don't remember ridiculing anybody recommending a 400 dollar dac with the 120 dollar Vali, it might've been some other amplifier. You're gonna have to pull that one up for me.
  14. jexby
    I concur with this, not a big deal with my Vali either.
    funny enough, I sort of like to hear the ringing fade away as my headphones are on.... reminds me of leaving a 1988 Flaming Lips concert and not being able to hear for days.
  15. M-13
    Not sure why people hate spending money on DACs. It's like people don't mind pairing $400 headphones to budget $100 dacs but pairing $400 dollar DACs to mid-fi cans is seen as ridiculous? After hearing what good sounding DACs can do for your musical enjoyment it's hard to go back. I have no problem with someone saying Bifrost Uber is the minimum required for me to properly enjoy the Vali.
    People are so ready to stretch their budget and spend big money on cans and sometimes amps but dacs get no love. If your source isn't all that great, what's the point of amplifying that source and sending the signal along to a transducer stuck to your ears? You buy amps and headphones to better hear your source basically.
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