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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Mshenay
    wonderful thank you :3
    seriously, guys new topic please or make a thread for trouble shooting the noise. 
  2. ssrock64
    I didn't really read back into that context much; I had skipped over a couple pages leading up to this. I apologize if I missed his own rudeness.
  3. jaywillin
    I'm not sure it was rude, the comments, were more condescending, "audiophile" Attitude kind if thing,
    Now getting back to the vali, it is sound killer with the gs1000i, the lcd2, and even the hifiman he-5le , which needs a good bit of power
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  4. ssrock64
    I wasn't aware you had a GS1000i. There's not very many of those out there. I've always preferred the PS1000, but what about the combo with the GS1000i makes you like them?
  5. jaywillin

    yeah, they were delivered friday, got them from another head-fi'er
    i had just been hearing how you didn't hear much about them , compared to the rest of the grado family
    i started researching them, reading what i could find, so i was curious, and focker said he was going to get rid of
    his, so i took them of his hands.
    the soundstage is bigger than the other grado's i've heard, the bass has more presence , without being overbearing
    it reminds me of the ps500, but maybe more balanced, and more revealing of details, i haven't spent a whole lot of time with them yet, so still
    getting a handle on them.
  6. Fearless1

    I love them and hate them at the same time. I think they are too revealing (if possible), even more so to my ears then the HD800.  I am surprised how much I also enjoy them with a tube amp, other Grados I have owned/tried I like SS with them.
    So you say the Vali has good synergy with them?
  7. jaywillin

    other than them being ,other than them picking up more of the tubes microphonics, the gs1000i sounds great with the vali
  8. Mshenay
    yea, my w1000x is kinda sensitive, the more I listen the more I start to hear the slight bit of tube noise [hum] and ofc the mircophonics but again nothing I consider a deal breaker 
  9. Mshenay
  10. 1llest
    Is there a newer version that doesnt have the ringing? I would like to try this amp but that ringing sound might annoy me! I change the volume pretty often.
  11. Mshenay
    It's not as annoying and finnicky as ppl say it is, I've got an w1000x that is very sensitive and I don't get rining unless I'm pluggin my headphones into the amp 
  12. AladdinSane
    Yes. Chances you'll get an annoying ringing unit are pretty slim in the latest production unit. Schiit is pre-bending tube wires now which seems to have minimized the real serious ringers. 30 day return so have at it!
  13. 1llest

    Thanks for the info. Now to do more research how well it pairs with the Fidelio X1 before I pull the trigger.
  14. zilch0md
    If you gently grasp the volume control, turn it, then let go of it gently, you'll only hear a very brief ringing, if any.
    It's not so bad. 
    I'm finding that my Vali is sounding better and better as it burns in.  I want to avoid getting an amp that allows tube rolling, so I'd been thinking about getting a Violectric V800, as they are said to be a good match with the HD800, but I'm enjoying the Vali so much, I might just deprive myself of spending money on a "better" amp.  
    The Vali is amazing with the HD800 - nothing else solid state in my modest inventory tames the HD800's harsh treble so well, while elevating the bass a tad - all with just a wee bit of detail smoothing - a good thing with the HD800.  
    (WAV from SD cards > Foobar 2000 with WASAPI event > Windows 7 > Moon-Audio Blue Dragon USB cable > Resonessence Concero > AntiCables Level 1 RCA interconnects > Schiit Vali > Sennheiser HD800)
  15. jmttdr
    My Vali is arriving on Wednesday. Im rather excited. 
    Will be running:
    (mac) Itunes>>Audioengine D1>>Vali>> Senn HD 650.
    I will most probably sell my D1 as it is relatively new (under two months) and go for a dedicated amp. Currently I could go for a Cambridge Audio DacMAgic 100...
    Anyone have any experience/thoughts on the set up? 
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