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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. ssrock64
    That's a bit over-harsh, don't you think? He was just voicing his opinion, and you could've expressed your criticism in a less antagonistic fashion.
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  2. leesure

    But his dismissal of my comments because of his assumption that I had less experience on HiFi than him was ok? I expressed my opinion is a respectful manner and had it intimated that I didn't have any idea what I was talking about. I have been tied to the HiFi industry in one way or another since 1990. I'm no newbie without a clue.

    But it's Ok. Feel free to defend the guy who is making assumptions and gripe at the guys who actually have the device in question. That's your right.

    I'm going to go back to enjoying done music through my Vali.
  3. Nic Rhodes
    I had a similar negative result, microphonics for me are about when I use the volume and when I channge headphones. I don't normally tap my case with a screwdriver as part of my listening!. Luckily my microphonics aren't too bad. Mass loding certainly has an effect though not always positive, I have many devices nowdays that are supported by light material (eg Torlyte) and even foam. The latter a tip I picked up from pro audio guys.
  4. Mshenay
    There's nothing wrong with being obbessed, but don't be offended when some one brushes you off. I'm sure you've heard, it's not what but how you say it... and your a little brash... not brash so much as almost a little "holier than thou" however, I feel on the obession and squeezing every LITTLE bit of extra out of your headphones or speakers! 
    And I've got a Furman Power Conditioner in my set up and I found it to improve the clarity of my rig overall. As far as cables though, I think they come in at the bottom of many people's list of gear to get. I still run MonoPrice cables my self and will be for a good bit of time! 
    Point being, appreciate that there are different levels of obession. Don't go around throwing the term "real audiophiles" around so lightly. Passion has a variety of ways of manifesting it self. As you know, some of us do not have thousands of dollars to experiment with cables. 
    That said, to you who's whinning about the mircophonics... it's a $119 Sub miniture Tube Amp, they aren't marketing it to what you consider to be "real audiophiles" how ever many "real audiophiles" are enjoying it. For the price, it's a heck of an amp and you really should give it a try! 
  5. jaywillin
    i've been that "obsessive audiophile" listening to music stopped being just that, i wasn't listening to music, i was listening to equipment,
    not the same for me
    i'm here to have fun, listening to music !
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  6. Mshenay
    Yea, I can do and enjoy both. I thankfully have a nice crappy Car Stero I use to the full :3, keeps me grounded and makes me home gear sound epic always.
    But I can dig both ideals... heck I'm going through the trouble of balancing ALL of my headphones atm, and I plan on getting a nice $600 dollar RSA portable q.q, that would be the obbessive side of me... then there's me listening and LOVING my little Vali <3, I have a 4pin to SE adapter that I may keep around just for my lil Vali ^^ 
  7. jaywillin

    oh i still love getting the most sound out of $$$ for sure, you know what i started with, and now i have the LCD2.2,  hifiman HE-5LE(on loan) my rs1i(out on loan) and a gs1000i
    a vali, a lyr, and mjolnir , and the wadia 121, from here, i may make some sideways moves, doubtful i'll go much further "upstream"
  8. x838nwy

    Okay here's the thing about the bags of lead pellets. You'd be effectively adding mass to the case. Now this will reduce the natural frequency and the amplitude of the response of the case to an input (vibration). However, it does nothing to change the natural frequency of the parts in tubes themselves. If you plug in your headphones, tap the volume knob, or rub your headphone cable, that energy goes pretty much straight to your pcb and on to all the components thereon. Some of this goes to the case (and thus the bags of shot also) but all the shots are going to do is make sure the case vibrates less. As the case vibrates less, it absorbs less energy from the pcb. As a result the ringing will go on for longer. How much longer depends on a lot of things though.

    For the sake of simplification, we've all had that something in the interior of our car that rattles, right? Putting bags of lead shot on the vali is like putting sacks of potatoes on the roof of your car and hoping the rattle inside the car goes away. (If you think of putting dynamats in your car, you put it where it resonates, right?)

    So no, we're not doubters or worried about how our amps look. The method of just plonking bags of lead on the box does not work. Sorry. You add as much lead as you like to this problem and it won't do a thing.

    With speaker cabinets, the purpose to do kill the resonance of (1) the cabinet itself (its panels and baffles within) and (2) control the resonance of the air mass within the enclosure itself. (1) really should be nonexistent as it will add peak and troughs to the fr. Adding mass to the cabinet helps (1) in a general sort of way. Again, this is to do with the exterior of the cabinet/case. If they want to kill a resonance at some panel inside the cabinet, they'll need to damp that panel itself, not just putting weight on top of the thing.

    With most audio gear (amps, etc.), mass loading things work in general as it stops gear and stands from vibrating from air-borne and ground-borne vibrations. This is different. This is plugging in stuff to the board and turning the volume knob which is unusually close to the tubes plus tubes with what I suspect to be more resonant than your typical audio tubes. Quite a different situation.

    My guess as to how to improve this would be to decouple the headphone jack from the board. Basically connect them together with flexible wires. And also to perhaps use a rubber or some other coupling between the volume knob and shaft. Finally, try to decouple the board from the chassis. Probably with a sheet of neoprene where the two are screwed together. This will stop energy getting to the board. It will also prevent it getting out which is a bit bad. So it's just trial and error mainly... if you're bothered by the microphonics it'sbest just not to use them tubes to start with, I'm afraid.
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  9. zilch0md
    Having considered everyone's input regarding the use of lead shot, I've settled on BenEnglish's post as being the most sensible.  The bag of lead is likely to be effective at suppressing ringing caused by any stimulus against the case, but ineffective against a stimulus that acts against the PCB directly.
  10. jaywillin
    and here's my feeling on "tweaks" perception is 99.999999% reality, if we think it works, then it works
    so much of this hobby, is subjective, what works or i perceive as working, for me, you may not hear
  11. x838nwy

    Yup. I agree.
  12. x838nwy

    This very much depends on whether it's a "tweak" which i'd say is an effort to improve what you hear or a "fix". The Vali's ring I'd call a fix. And you either fix something by reducing it or you just don't. There's no perception involved other than whether or not the degree to which it is reduced is acceptable.
  13. UmustBKidn
    (an attempt at lightening things up...)
    How's this sound on that Vali?

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  14. x838nwy

    May I ask which of the two tubes is for which channel? I'd assume the one closer to the pot and headphone jack will ring a lot more than the other. Are my assumptions correct?


  15. jaywillin

    good point, and with this particular problem, well, i wouldn't really say its a problem , for me anyway, its just an issue i deal with, i've bent the leads, re-attatched the tubes to the pads, very little ringing here
    i keep my touch light, and don't mess with the volume very much,
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