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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. painted klown
    Is the general consensus that the Vali will not work well with low impedance/easy to drive 'phones?
    I currently have Senn HD-598, Grado Sr80i, and Skullcandy Aviators. My next planned HP purchase is the Senn HD-650. I do not plan to buy much/any other cans beyond that.
    Would the Vali be a wise purchase for me, or should I look elsewhere?
    BTW, whatever I get will be paired with an Emotiva DC-1 DAC.
  2. jaywillin

    the grado's sound really good with the vali, is just it picks up the ringing a little longer than audeze or hifiman headphones i have
  3. purrin
    HD598 and HD650 - should be no issues.
    SR80 - possible low level hiss.
    Skullcandy - I don't know.
  4. Eee Pee
    None heard with RS2 or Bushmills Grados.  I didn't crank it with nothing playing though...
  5. K.T.
    In case you all missed the other positive comments about this, the Vali pairs wonderfully with the AKG Q701.
    It also sounded great with my old AKG K401's as well.
    I think the Q701's have a more balanced and modern sound. K401 sound really good, too, but somewhat weaker in the bass and slightly drier. Boy, the sense of space on the K401 is breathtaking, though.
  6. olor1n
    Apparently the tubes ring. Can we talk about that more?
  7. cakebreaker

    "On Tubes
    Just getting into tubes? Be aware of microphonics. Many small tubes, including the ones in Vali, are microphonic. When you plug in headphones, you'll hear a little "tiiinnnnggg...." noise that takes quite a while to go away. If you rap the chassis, it will do the same thing."

  8. kcdecker
    I had no problem using the Vali with the HD555 and Alessandro MS-1, both quite easy to drive 'phones.  There was indeed some low-level hiss but not as bad as I expected, and very tolerable.  I had first listened to the Q701s on the Vali, and it was a few days before I plugged in the MS-1s.  At first I hated the MS-1s on the Vali.  I tried again the next day and then A/B tested it against my original setup of the MS-1 and Fiio E10, and realized I wasn't losing anything through the Vali as opposed to the Fiio, at least in regards to the MS-1s.  
  9. jaywillin
    and i had no problem with any hiss, i just noticed the ringing just lasted a little longer, but it still went away fairly quickly
  10. jimmers
    Yeah, only 229 posts so far.
  11. Misterrogers
    Wait.... the tubes ring???
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  12. tomb

    Yeah, someone said something about that once or twice, I think. [​IMG][​IMG] 
  13. CJs06
    You sir, are trolling. So I give you your face lol
  14. BenEnglish

    I think the problem is that there's both too little and too much to talk about. 
    The basics are easy to cover.
      -  It rings, a little or a lot, depending on your particular sample, your particular equipment, and your particular perceptions.
      -  It sounds great in lots of systems.  Others, not so much.
      -  It costs pocket change.
      -  It seems well-built.
      -  The company is cool, for an annoying large number of definitions of "cool".
    The particulars could keep this topic going for a few million more posts.
      -  What headphones work?  Why?
      -  What headphones don't?  Why?
      -  Describe your system and how it sounds/works with the Vali.
    Since the combinations of system configs and individual perceptions are effectively infinite, that last bullet could inspire a few million new posts with people describing exactly how it sounds in their system to their ears. 
    Mixed in with all that, I reckon a few people are going to occasionally pop up who mention that it rings.  Even the manufacturer does. 
    Personally, I consider this thing to be a high water mark of value for money, fully as satisfying to my sense of "I love it when I do something smart" as the NAD 3120 I bought about 3 decades ago.
    As for me, if someone comes up with a tweak, I'm liable to test it and report results.  Beyond that, well, I don't have much.
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  15. leesure

    Pro-Ject Debut III turntable with OM5e cartridge > Hafler IRIS preamp acting as phono stage > Vali > LCD-X.

    Sounds fantastic!
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