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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Fearless1

    I love Halfer gear!  I bet that combo is fantastic.
  2. CJs06
  3. x838nwy
    I strapped mine to the back of a ferret and tapped it constantly with a screwdriver. It rings a bit, yeah. Sitting on the amp and the ferret helped. But then I couldn't tap it with a screwdriver. And I kindda got a ferret up my butt. Which is probably not very good for my butt. The ferret didn't seem to have had a very good time either - although he didn't seem to mind before to whole sitting episode. Did wonders for sq though. I think it's best to leave out the whole strapping it to ferrets altogether. May be the tapping too.
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  4. Mshenay
    Yeap, I do like the Vali with my W1000x, which benifits from the same smoothness and bass boosting :3 I'm uber excited to hear a Beyer T90 with the Vali :D 
  5. benjaminhuypham
    Has anyone ever tried Dt880 600ohms with Vali? I'm probably buying vali for dt880 600, but I have no idea how they sound like. Don't guess if you have not heard a combo :yum:.
  6. thegunner100

    Mshenay has. Do a search for his posts in the thread.
  7. leesure

    Search is your friend

  8. Mshenay
    Can I chime in and say the combo sounds super duper awesome sauce!
  9. CJs06
    Just got my Vali+Modi... wow, just wow. This is my first experience with any Hi-Fi amplifier + DAC, let alone it being a tube amplifier and I am well pleased. I immediately recognized the creamy, rich tube sound and love it. The bass, dear Lord the bass was like, "Oh hey, I know we've just met but we're gonna have a really, really good time." It also introduced me to its friend named staging; layers of instrument separation. Fantastic at presenting me with the subtle nuances in my music.

    I paired it with a Philips Fidelio X1 and SOL Republic Master Tracks. I listen to all kinds of EDM from progressive house, club house, drum/bass and dubstep. I will say its never sounded this good before and the Analog Synths and Bass sound great. Rich and dynamic is the words. I do however prefer the Philips Fidelio X1 over the Master Tracks. Gonna get back to listening :)
    Oh, and I'm not going to say a **** word about the microphonics :p
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  10. 00Dan
    Got my Vali and Modi yesterday, and just got notification my DT880 600 ohm is out for delivery. The waiting and anticipation to try this combo is killing me!
  11. thegunner100

    But... everyone talks about the microphonics! How dare you!
  12. painted klown


    Awesome! That's good news to hear. Thanks for the input guys. :)
  13. lost&confused
    Hi guys thought I'd say I'm still loving my amp.. I use it connected to my computer using a creative Zxr sound card and HD650 headphones and sounds good ... much better than soundcards amp.......more of that analogue sound I like,  The sound card amp sounds terrible now going back to it.
    My amp rings a bit when changing the volume touching it but goes away in seconds (maybe 20seconds  max)  ......its so faint you hardly hear it anyway and you can't hear it when the musics playing.
    plus I use my winamps  volume mostly so it hardly affects me..... the more you use wear the volume knob in by turning it a lot  the loser it gets making it eaiser smoother. My amps had a few hundred hours now and sounds great well happy for the money
    Vali number 000145 :)
  14. Xyzygy
    As of last week I now have two Vali setups, on for work, one for home.
    Work: iFi iDAC => Vali => DT770 250
    Home: Modi => Vali => DT880 250
    I used to love the iDAC's built-in amp. Now I can't stand it. Compared to the Vali, it has no stage width or clarity. It's still a great DAC, with an edge on detail compared to the Modi. Maybe I'll try strapping it to a ferret.
  15. Spiral Out
    I received my Vali yesterday and am super pleased. I have almost no ringing in my unit. The only time I noticed any ringing was when I first plugged in my headphones. I'm using it to power my 250 ohm DT 880's with a Music Streamer II for a dac. The more music I listen to the better it sounds! I couldn't be happier!  I do have to turn the volume up to around 1 o clock which was a little surprising to me given I am using 250 0hm cans with it. Most of the threads I had read before I purchased lead me to believe that 9 or 10 o clock would be loud on a medium resistance headphone. It really doesn't matter though as the amp sounds awesome!
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