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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Nic Rhodes

     Also there isn't too much at those heater voltages that are worth rolling! It is the ultimate non rolling amp, what you have is what you get. Rather good in my book :)
  2. jaywillin

    mike, you know guys like us don't do anything half-assed! 
    overkill is a good thing !
    yesterday, the vali was in front of the wadia 121
    today, the ifi idac
  3. ryant
    I got my T50rp cans last night and immediately had to give them a run on the Modi/Vali stack without modifications. Boy what a mess!! I could tell there was some potential there since the sound was definitely detailed. I could hear all the little background nuances but it honestly sounded as if I had pillows between my ears and the headphones. It wasn't even worth really evaluating them in that state. I had ordered the supplies to mod them so I somewhat skeptically set to work last evening. It took about two hours to complete the DBV #3 mods. When I plugged them back in and ran my test tracks my jaw hit the floor. I couldn't believe how much the sound changed. All the details were brought back in line. I wont go into much about the T50rp set since that would be more of a review about the cans and not the Vali. I will say however they pair REALLY well in my opinion. They are a bit more sensitive than my HE-300's but that was not an issue. In fact I can't really hear any sound floor at all. It's a bit odd since they are 50 Ohm's just like the HE-300's but are a bit more sensitive. I think it's due to the signature of the t50rp's. Anyway I can confirm (at least to my ears) that they work like a charm on the Vali and I'm one extremely happy camper.
  4. Mshenay
    Nice, good to hear the modded T50Rp works with the vali! 
  5. swannie007
    I have just discovered an unusual combination of headphone with the modi/vali combo. I am listening to this combo with my Pioneer SE-A1000 cans and it sounds GREAT! I am quite surprised as these cans are not very expensive and I use them to watch tv when my wife is sleeping as they have a super long lead. Anyway, they are a very good combo IMO and it just goes to show that synergy between gear often overcomes a modest budget. Just wanted to share this info for those with limited budgets. These cans are a GREAT buy and certainly punch above their weight. Best wishes for the New Year from "Down Under". 
  6. 1llest
    Whats a good Dac with this amp?
  7. PXSS
    Schiit Modi.
  8. jexby
    I have connected it to BiFrost Uber and Concero HD, both sounded superb with zero complaints.
    Daily use I leave Vali connected to Uber with my HD600.
  9. UmustBKidn
    This thought has crossed (what's left of) my mind more than once. Adding sockets would be very possible, of that I am sure. There is not much room on that PCB though - it looks pretty crowded already, from the picture on the Schiit website. There may be some room underneath where the glass is currently laying down, but I'd have to get a visual on the underside of the board to be sure. Personally, it would look way better to me with sockets mounted to the top of the chassis, so the whole schebang is on top for easy access.
    What I don't know and haven't researched, are what kind of direct substitutes there are for the stock tubes ... and if there are any vintage tubes of this size.
    First, I want to mod one of my Bravo V2's to have it handy for comparison. The parts just arrived yesterday. Don't ask me why I keep chasing down that rabbit hole. lol. [​IMG] I'm just stubborn, adventurous, or dumb. Take your pick.
    My train of thought also wondered if the Vali could be converted to use a dual triode tube, a la 12AU7's. I have a whole bunch of those laying around [​IMG] But that would be a lot of guesswork on my part. I'm not an EE after all, I'm just brave with a soldering iron hah. But something in me wants to know what a Vali would sound like with a 50's vintage d-getter Mullard driving it.
  10. UmustBKidn
    The "cheap" cables from amazon are only a few dollars cheaper. The Schiit cables are already cheap lol. If you want to compare with expensive cables, check out the blue jeans cables.
  11. Nic Rhodes
    you will need to build a new power supply for the heaters, the 6088 needs a 'battery' supply of 1.2v and the sort of tubes you are talking about are 6.3 / 12.6v and need vastly different currents. You will need a new high voltage supply to operate these 9 pin tubes as the voltage and bias aren't close for your tube. You will need to add some physical sockets also from the 5 pins the 6088 uses to a nine pin socket for the tube you suggest. You are basically talking a new amp  but if you are going down that route try one of these for a starters.
    it will allow you to mount a socket of your choice and run the flying leads to the Vali and other leads from your separate PSUs. and I thought the LD DIYs had gone weird in their mods :) at least their amp was designed to roll even if some of the tubes rolled now need serious adapters / PSUs / DIY.
  12. BlainD
    I am under 20 hours into burning mine in. Nearly constant ringing. That's bad right? 
  13. kvtaco17

    In the LD tube rolling thread we've been messing around with external power  supplies to run 6V/12V dual triodes, octals and the such. I actually completed my secondary PSU today...
    something like that could work. I did similar BUT I put it in an aluminum enclosure that sits over the old sockets for a much cleaner look.    
    Us LD rollers have lost our minds lol
  14. blasjw
    Yep, that's bad.  On mine didn't notice any until I checked for it by tapping on it.  Even then, it was very faint, only on one channel, and dissipated quickly.
  15. BlainD
    Thank you. Just wanted to make sure before talking to the company. 
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