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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. nabwong

    Really easy to check. 4 screws. Cover comes off easily. Just ensure the tubes are pressed down. Use your fingers. I also had a capacitor that was bent. Don't know why. So I straightened it.
  2. BlainD
    Thanks to all for the support! I have been in contact with Schiit and so far have had excellent customer service. I thi k I will unscrew my case and peep inside real fast to see what is in there. They said this would not violate the warranty so what do I really have to lose?
  3. BlainD
    I opened it and it didn't seem like the tubes were sticking up. I pushed them down some just the same. Problem gone! For now. Will report later. :beyersmile:
  4. wje
    In my case, not really.  My desk is a couple of hundred pounds and doesn't move.  However, I think it would work good for those who have a keyboard close to their amp or other such situations.  
    I'm going to buy up some more of these when I do the full heat pump swap in the attic coming up.   We could probably market these as high-end sound stoppers, too.  A buck a piece ... probably some die hard audiophiles willing to pay $50 or more each to have better isolation.
    There are times when I like the Vali, yet with the DT-888, it needs a bit EQ adjustment to bring the upper frequencies down a bit.  The Matrix M-Stage seems a bit closer to neutral in that regard.  But, I still can't get over the quality of bass from the Vali.  Applying some EQ based on the headphones I use with the Vali isn't too much of a hassle as Foobar permits one to save pre-sets.
  5. thegunner100

    Indeed... I use a little bit of PEQ to bring down the area around 6khz, even with the anax 2.0 mod. The Vali is on the bright side after all.
  6. geogga
    What do you mean when you say, "I still can't get over the quality of bass from the Vali?" Is it a good thing or bad thing?
  7. wje
    Yes.  A good thing.  Quite a good thing.
  8. vaibhavp

    is it sibilant on bright headphones ? (its a tube amp after all)
  9. wje
    A bent cap isn't a deal breaker.  That can happen virtually in any piece of electronics.  I'd be more worried about cold solder joints than a slightly bent cap.
    It can depend on your headphones.  I wouldn't use the word sibilant.  Sibiliance tends to be more of an issue with female vocals and I've really never had an amp or DAC that made the issue worse.  If it's the headphone, even using the EQ to correct that issue can be hard to fully resolve.
    The Vali has a nice frequency range to it.  Most people tend to think tubes are a warmer sounding device.  Yet, there are many variables involved - including op-amps, etc. if they are present.
  10. karlsonklam
    Schiit is a small company with big ideas - I'd love to see them make a great 2-channel A-D converter aimed at the vinyl ripper.
  11. thegunner100

    Like Wje said, it mainly depends on the headphones used. The vali doesn't do anything to make it better or worse. 
  12. nabwong

    It wasn't slight. It was bent all the way down to the board but I do not notice any particular problems with the amp so no harm no foul.
  13. geogga
    mmmm...that's great to hear. So suprisingly the mad dogs are being delivered today, and I ordered on the 27th with the lowest shipping option. *dances happily inside*
    But I have canceled my Schiit modi/magni order because I want to get more research done; I hate returning and the 15% restocking fee+shipping ehhh. I want to listen to the mad dogs for a good amount, and will try to go from there...
    I have my DAC choice (modi) but my amp choices are still the magni vali and o2...Some say that since the Dogs are warm and got good "synergy"( I guess good pairing?) with the said-to-be bright magni. but I'm coming off the bass heavy Beats Studios so I would like to gain a bit more bass with the dogs.
    Oh boy...Gotta make up my mind..
  14. droido256
    Question how long do triodes last? I remember a old tube tv my aunt had that required frequent changes of the tubes.  Also comparing this to say the magni for a 20 buck difference is it worth it? Im kinda stuck between the magni, and the vali. for say nightwish, kamelot, edenbridge, etc as my main music type being fed to tp50rp's, beyer dt 990 pros and akg k701, which might be better overall?
  15. Nic Rhodes
    They should be good for upto 15,000 hrs and are pennies to replace currently. If you use it 1 hr a day, it should last you 40 years :wink: The tube is likely to last longer however...
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