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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. droido256
    Aaaaaah kewl niiice. Hmmmmm aaaaah fk...... Bye bye money >_< ......... Sigh......
  2. BlainD
    Much improvement after pushing the tubes down. After a few hours the ringing came back. Could I have a sensitive tube as well as needed the tubes adjusted?
  3. ravager
    I think this is a unit that really needs to be replaced. a "constant" ringing is not a good thing, and previous thread participants have gotten replacements from Schiit. Make the call and get back in the saddle!
  4. Katun
    Just received mine. Serial #911, and both tubes are lying flat.
    While I've heard they're a great entry pairing for the HD800, has anyone experienced it with the T1?
  5. Xyzygy
    Used to think that the headphone output of my iFi iDAC hit all the superlatives ... Now I can't stand it. Just sounds dense and cluttered. The DAC sure works well with the Vali, though.
  6. jaywillin
    I've got the same combo, my"little system" lol
  7. Xyzygy
    And same net result?
  8. jaywillin
    Its amazing how good it sounds
  9. ryant
    In regards to the ringing. If I use my sennheiser hd439's I hear constant ringing. It's low but there. With my fisted t50rp and he-300 cans, there is nothing even if I two the case, etc. It could be your cans and not the amp (unless they are cans that others have used without issue)
  10. hmorneau
    I have the Vali and the T1, and I don't think they pair well. The Vali is not resolving enough and it's bass are too slow to get the most of your T1. By too slow, I mean the damping factor is probably lower, not sure how you call that in hifi terms. Not a bad amp, but you won't get everything from the T1 with that amp. Also, I feel that everything is less detailed with the Vali, I try to get used to it's sound signature, but I always end up replugin my T1 in my auditor.
    I have the DT880 600ohms as well and I think they pair better with the Vali, even if the T1 sound better. Basically the DT880 are slower than the T1, so you don't feel that the Vali is slower, because the DT880 are already maxed out in terms of speed with it. The sound stage is also as large as it can get with the DT880 on the Vali. The T1 have a larger soundstage then the DT880 on the Vali, but it's not as large then what I get with the auditor.
    Basically after reading all the comments on how good the Vali is, and how better it is to way more expensive amps, I came to the conclusion that the T1 is not a good match with it or that I simply don't like the "tube" sound and I'm more a SS guy. (or that some people get rip off by some company who sell more expensive amp...) Who knows, it's so subjective.
  11. Transformatron

    Yep. Good stuff.
  12. UmustBKidn
    An excellent question. Your Aunt's TV was probably harder on the tubes, and the tubes probably ran hotter, than a Schiit Vali (or a preamp that uses a Triode)... Triode's used as preamp tubes just don't run that hot (and heat is the enemy - simply put, a hotter circuit drives the tube harder and shortens its life). You can buy Triode tubes made in the 1950's on eBay that still work just fine (and will probably out-live me).
    Yes, I grew up with TV's that had tubes in them too. Curiously, they did not need to be replaced that often. I remember making the trip to Thrifty Drug Store and Radio Shack with my Dad to replace a tube now and then, but it didn't happen very often. By the time Color TV's came out, we got rid of most of the Black and White units hah. When solid state came out, we got rid of the Color tube TV's. So technology was really the end of the tube - the longevity of tube devices rarely came into play.
    I still have a couple working solid state TV's built in the 80's, that are totally unusable now, because the transmission of TV signals has changed to Digital. Once again, technology put an end to their usable life. No, I'm not going to buy a converter box. It's not worth it to me - the TV's are too expensive to run. I may eventually replace one with a new LED model (because they draw soooo much less electricity).
    Schiit rates the Vali's tube life at 10k to 20k hours. I'd bet that is a conservative estimate. They probably last longer than that, but obviously they haven't had the ability to test that (unless they've been secretly life-testing a Vali for the last 2 or 3 years and running it 24/7). Remember, 50 year old tubes on eBay still work lol. As another data point, the tube devices that go into commercial communications satellites are rated for 15 years (thats over 130,000 hours). They also run very cool, and are insanely efficient (which helps extend their life). Yeah, they are different kinds of tubes, but they're still tubes. Heat is the enemy. A tube that by design runs cool, is a tube that will last a long time (all other factors being equal).
  13. TooPoor
     I have been trying to follow this thread from the beginning... and I've done quite well up until now. That being said, anyone have experience with the Vali and the Fidelio X1's? These headphones don't seem to need much in the way of amplification, but I'm looking for something to replace my E09k...
  14. Katun
    Err, nevermind.
  15. tomb

    I think we know what you really meant, but perhaps the wording would've been clearer if it had been more precise.[​IMG]  Whether or not "It could be your cans ...", one must recognize that the HD439's are not going to create a sound if it doesn't exist.  The situation is similar to many tube amps and even solid state amps: hum and hiss may be present, but perhaps it is minimal enough that only a few headphone combinations will pick it up.  Regardless, it's still there.
    That doesn't mean it's not enjoyable with many other headphone combinations, however. [​IMG]
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