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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Katun
    Not sure why the ringing is such a big deal.
  2. deltasun

    Just better without it or less of it.
  3. zilch0md
    I can't even adjust the volume without taking off my headphones first to avoid the squealing in my ears.  It's much worse when plugging in the headphones. Turning off the amp first doesn't help, because throwing the toggle switch to turn the amp on sends it squealing just as loudly as inserting the plug into the jack.
    At least with the Blu-Tack, the ringing only lasts about 15 to 20 seconds, instead of a minute or more.
  4. ssrock64

    It's worse for some than it is for others. Most don't have issues and only get minor ringing, but some of the units have more extreme effects.
  5. zilch0md
    I can live with it, as is, but it's annoying to know that somehow, others aren't suffering this problem.
  6. deltasun

    Yeah, that's more annoying than the ringing itself. :p
  7. zilch0md
    Good one!  I feel much better now!  Thank you!  [​IMG]
  8. Katun
    Hmm, alright. I must have gotten a pretty good one then. 
    At first, I didn't hear anything. I tapped on the unit, twisted the volume knob... nothing. Only when I unplug and plug the headphone (swapping headphones for comparisons) do I hear a faint ringing that will fade after around 15-20 seconds. As of now, my biggest problem is the noise floor which is extremely audible. Then again, I'm running off the outputs of my CD player's DAC (until my Modi arrives for my PC). I'm guessing The noise floor won't be a problem once I can control the volume on the PC.
    Guess my #911 is lucky. I wonder who got the 666? [​IMG]
  9. eccom
    The noise floor is the same regardless of volume on my unit. Using a dac w/ volume control won't really help with that issue.

    I use the volume control one computer to avoid touching it and triggering the microphonics.
  10. darinf
    Yes. Mine rings a LOT. When I plug in my HD800's, I can hear the ringing LOUD when the headphones are just sitting on a stand and not on my head. It takes about 60 seconds or longer until the ringing subsides if I have the headphones on.
    Then, if I just barely touch the volume knob and don't even turn it, I will get ringing again for another 30 seconds.
    I did have to push down the tubes to the sticky pads, but that may have helped a little. The ringing I am describing is after I pushed the tubes down.
    The noise floor for sensitive cans is the same regardless of the input level or the volume knob. I have had good luck using an Etymotic ER4P to ER4S 75 ohm adapter for my IEM's and CIEM's. The adapter reduces the noise floor. I can't hear any noise with the adapter using sensitive IEM's (30 ohm).
  11. Katun
    Wouldn't it be less if I cranked the volume up on the Vali, but kept the volume low in foobar? If the noise floor always remained the same, how on earth does everyone stand it? Mine is loud enough that I can hear a constant fuzz on nearly every part of the song unless I crank up the volume to levels I don't usually listen to. It makes listening to quiet parts/songs extremely distracting.
  12. eccom

    It's fine for me as my hd650 is insensitive enough to make the noise go below my hearing threshold. Using any other of my headphones the noise is making the amp unusable.

    Cranking the amp high won't help in any way with to your issue. Which headphones are you using?
  13. Katun
    I've got then HD600 and HD650 enroute. I was debating picking up the Q701 too, but I'm worried about this issue.
    My HD700 and PX100-II are basically not usable. I've got the Magni on the way as well, in case all else fails.
  14. Rem0o
    If your source ain't plugged into the amp while it's on, do you still hear noise?
  15. Katun
    Yup, just went and tested that out. It's a white fuzz noise.
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