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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. Mshenay Contributor
    I'm listening to my NFB 10es2 Vali and W1000x combo! WORTH IT, the vali just does EVERYTHING I wanted it to do with my w1000x and NFB 10ES2 [acting as a fixed line out dac] 
    :D listening to some dub step atm and that SUB BASS... me gusta! Sadly I've found the w1000x is the one headphone I DO NOT like to EQ... I can never settle on a good eq setting, that said though the color teh Vali adds is very complimentary to the w1000x :D
    But again the NFB10ES2 is a very cold and clean dac, it combined with the Vali... is very good! 
  2. rwitt
    Newbie here...
    Love this forum-I just joined. I am wondering about the Vali and Grado SR-80i's.
    Will this be a good match?
  3. mikemercer
    I think that would be a great match for my ears sure!
    Love the Vali - got mine on-the-way (but heard plenty of it).
    You own Grado SR-80i's??
  4. jim723
    I have tried SR80 with Vali and they worked very well together. SR80 seemed to be slightly more punchier on Vali than on the other solid state amp I have (i.e. E9). Although I can't comment on Magni.
  5. mikemercer
    I was blown away by the Magni driving my LCD-3's when I heard it - how well the system performed musically!! For that price, WOW
    However - the Vali, IMO, took that experience and wiped it from my memory when I heard that w/ my LCD-3's at CanJam this year!!
    I actually mixed my first underground tech house record using Grado SR-80's!!
    It was pressed to vinyl when it got signed, and I thought the mix would be way off,
    but it wasn't!!
    I just passed my 80's along to my nephew actually - 
    but they're a staple.  Hell I even love my SRr-125i's!!
  6. sling5s
    With Grado's I would go with the Little Dot +.  Especially for SR80's.  Vali doesn't really tame the highs. 
  7. wje
    I think your explanation is just about right on this one.  However, if one has the capability to EQ the sound a bit to tame the Vali a bit, then I'd indicate the Vali would be a good choice.  I've had 2 Little Dot I+ amps and getting into the tube rolling, Op-Amp rolling, etc. seems like one could spend more time focusing on the tweaking and less time on listening to the music.  Or, given the availability of the Asgard (v.1) amps that pop up every now in then at the $150 - $160 range, that option might be a strong consideration too.
  8. atoff
    Any opinion on how the Vali compares to the Little Dot I+?  I'll be using Sennheiser HD 598's.
  9. sun31
    I already have the asgard 2, is this vali amp worth buying as well? Or is the asgard 2 slightly better?
    I read in 1 post someone using the asgard 2 as a preamp and connecting the vali to it. Is that a good idea?
    I am currently using the HD700's
    Can anyone give me their opinions on this? Thanks
  10. UmustBKidn
    So I guess this means no more Bravo or Indeed for you, bro? [​IMG]
  11. rwitt

    Yes I have the Grado SR-80i's. I was wondering about the Vali because the 80's are 34 ohm as are all Grado phones. The Vali output is 8 ohms and I read the rule of thumb was 4 ohms or less as being optimal for an amp used with Grado phones.

    Can someone help me get my head around this? Should I give Schiitt a call to be sure? I have never used an external amp with the 80's and like what I'm hearing of the Vali....

    Thanks fellas-

  12. jim723
    I like SR80 better with an amp. I know the usual impedance rule doesn't seem to work here. SR80 sounds much better with Vali. So do Denon D600 (25 Ohm) and Fidelio X1 (30 Ohm). Vali seems to be able to accommodate a very wide range of impedance. I am using Vali with the iBasso D42 as DAC connected to a laptop via USB.
  13. rwitt

    Thank you for your help. I am going to connect the line out of an FM HD tuner directly to the Vali on the nightstand just to try something different. The line out should be enough level for the Vali would you think? Does this sound like a nice setup? I would think any component line out should work...

    I love my SR-80i's but I may upgrade higher up the Grado line don't know yet. I've never done this before...
  14. Mshenay Contributor
    Actually, I'm going to be learning how to sodder here soon... I might wind up getting a Bravo and trying my hand at some of the Mods... once I get more comfortable with my soddering skills. Started working at a PC repair shop, and my boss needs another person who can Sodder so Figured I'd try to pick it up :D
    But sound wise, the Vali is hands down better than every sub $150 hybrid tube I've heard! 
  15. tdockweiler
    You should try to make some nice new cables with Mogami W2893 or Belden wire. I learned how to solder a few years ago from Google and random Youtube videos. Mostly because I sliced my DJ100s internal wires and had to fix it. My skill level is still average, but it's kind of nice being able to make your own cables. None of them ever look very professional, but I don't care. It saves a few dollars and they usually have good shielding. Bulk wire is also only $1.25 or so per foot.
    Toughest soldering job i've done is making an AKG Q701 cable. Soldering those tiny Mini-XLR plugs is nearly impossible to me due to the size.
    I think my mistake is not getting a good soldering iron and a small Vise. "Helping Hands" and a Vise are a good investment.

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