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NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lff, Oct 9, 2013.
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  1. wje
    If you could share, what is your serial number for your Vali?  Thanks.
    Similar situation with me, but just have the oDAC in the chain.  I've been using the DT-880 a bit more, though. I wanted to write up a bit better impression / comparison between the Vali and my Asgard v.1, though. But with my DT-880, I've found that the 880s respond well to a bit of an EQ cut using Foobar, so I have a preset created for the adjustment.  My Asgard v.1, though, is an amp that doesn't need to have the EQ invoked as with the Vali.  With the Vali, the range is extended a bit further, or at least that is my impression.  As to the bass, both amps are good in that area, but the Vali takes it further buy a notch or two by having the bass appear with a bit more punch.  Interesting signature.
    The Asgard v.1 is an amp that would probably pertain a bit better to someone who is a bit more of an audiophile, but the Vali, appealing to those who want more capabilities from their headphones.  But, I need to indicate that I like them both quite well.
  2. UmustBKidn
    Interesting. Thank you.
    I realize I suffer from a severe shortage of Good Headphones. My Beyer DT770's are the best I own. So that is the best frame of reference that I have. I blame my ex wife and divorce [​IMG]
    I will say that from my brief experiences with the Sennheiser 598's, that I really do prefer the sound signature of the Beyer cans over Sennheisers. Though that probably isn't the best benchmark either.
    Being an Old Guy (tm), I suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss. So it's kind of pointless - for me - to be overly pedantic regarding frequency response. For me, the frequency response of the DT770's is great, because it emphasizes most of the frequency ranges that I need to accentuate anyway (with the exception of the dip around 4 kHz). Yes, I know, frequency response curves aren't the whole story. But I like bassy cans, with at least flat midrange and preferably decent high end response. Even if a set of cans has flat high end response, I can't hear much above 14 kHz anyway. So I prefer to accentuate the stuff I can actually hear, though your point is well taken.
  3. Khragon
    Has anyone pair the vali with LCD2?  Is it "good enough" to drive the LCD2.  I just pull the trigger on getting one of those 20% discounted LCD2, and wonder if I should return my modi/vali (since I'm still in my 15 days window), and get a more power amp, like Woo Audio WA7, it's pretty costly though, so I hope vali could drive LCD2 so I can recover the the pain of getting the headphone first.
  4. K.T.

    Well, we all have our individual preferences. While there were some things about the DT770 that didn't do it for me, there were other things about it that were great. So if they work out for you, you should do what you can to wring the most music from them and really enjoy them.

    I only have limited experience amping the DT770 since I didn't feel I would use them that often. So I have only used them on the Vali and Magni. To my ears, the Vali was more musical. It played to the strengths of the DT770 much better while not highlighting the potential treble roughness.

    If you are choosing between those amps, my vote would go to the Vali by a long mile.

    But other members here probably have better advice about the DT770 and other amps than what I can offer.

    Btw, as long as I've been reading this thread, all references to the Asgard mention the Asgard 1. Does anyone use the Asgard 2? I just received my 2 and am starting to wonder if there's something people are liking more.
  5. jaywillin
    i have the vali and lcd2, and listening to them as we speak
    define "good enough"
    here's my take
    its got more than enough power for me, it has a punchy , snappy bass, gets plenty loud, louder than i listen to
    i don't know given the same output levels, if i could reliably pick either the vali or lyr apart
    i'd suspect, if you paired the little schiit stack with the lcd, the first thing you'd want to upgrade
    would be the modi(i had one before), not the vali
  6. jaywillin
    sure, there are always going to be "current favs" i had the a2 with the lcd2, its very good, factor in the price, its killer. IMHO
  7. Khragon
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I guess good enough for me mean the amp is enough to at least give the headphone a good chance to show what it can do.
    From the sound of it, look like it's enough.  Think I'll just hang on to modi/vali, recover from the expensive headphone cost, then move on from there.  I'm newbie here, and I never thought DAC would make that much of a difference, thanks for the advice.
  8. jaywillin

    you're heading in the right direction i think,
    the biggest difference in sound quality vs $$ spent generally will be in the headphones, vs amps/dacs
    the lcd2 are very high quality cans, and if you like them, my second priority would be to have them properly driven(amp) then dac
    the modi is a great place to start dac wise
  9. bearFNF Contributor
    FWIW - All my references in this thread to "Asgard" are to the Asgard 2.  Asgard 2 is being used as a pre-amp into my other amps and does a great job on it's own the gain switch is a good addition over the asgard 1.
    Schiit actually had the LCDs on the Vali at CanJam as a demo if that tells you anything.  I listened to them for a bit but mostly used my HD800's for demo and now am using the Vali at home witht hem.
  10. MickeyVee
    Yup.. HD800 and Vali are quite nice.  Here's a pic of my latest rig with the Vali..
    post #16287
  11. wje
    Given that you can return the Vali / Modi within 15 days of purchase, keep in mind there is a 15% restocking fee, too.  Add in the cost of shipping both pieces back and you'll see how it might be best to just sell them on the forum here.  When you get away from the Vali, Magni and Modi, the 15-day return window, and 5% satisfaction guarantee applies (from what I've read on the site).
  12. tdockweiler
    Unless i'm mistaken you only get to return one item per year. Kind of lame but understandable.
    I guess it keeps people from buying their stuff just to demo it and then return it.
    I've purchased maybe 4 Schiit products before and returned only one of them. If I ever buy a Bifrost i'll probably get it from a reseller like Audio Advisor since you get 30 days and no restocking fee.
  13. Misterrogers
    Nah, not really lame. We all want a company like Schiit that doesn't mark up product, sells factory direct, and runs with tight margins - passing on great values to us. Unless you're dealing in massive volume such as Costco, there's no way to have all that and not have reasonable restrictions such as return limits and restocking fees. By and large, average customers are rarely if ever inconvenienced by such such policies. Serial 'Costco Rental' types are, but such is life.
  14. Khragon
    I didn't know that.. I couldn't find term like that on their website, only the 15% restocking fee.  I have calculated it if I return I get the 9% tax back, still a better deal than selling on the forum for 15% of the total cost.  I have until end of this week to decide.  Feeling like I'm going to do it and get the Asgard 2 instead.  This way I can upgrade to Woo Audio later, while still keeping a capable solid state amp around for comparative listening :).  If I ended up with Asgard 2 (or any of schiit other products) I'll definitely order it from Audio Advisor, free shipping and no tax.
  15. jpalenzuela
    Should I buy Vali or Magni? For my grados SR80i. I am planning on buying the stack (magni or vali and modi). I hear that tube amps goes with grado headphones
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